Namekian Hate crimes

TribliTribli May 21st, 2019 87 Never
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  1. During Azoo's class a band of misfit youths should come onto the scene in Namekian village. At first, they could be making trouble such as spraypainting buildings with "Down with Green" slogans or other general aims of violence. However, once they see the class, most notably Azoo who is the elder there should be a sort of desire to go confront the group and start trouble. Perhaps namecalling and harassing the group in hopes of stirring violence while putting the blame on Namekians.
  3. Berate Namekians for causing the rift, rigging the election of Oasis City which led to its downfall and causing the Ant kidnappings among other random strings of DramaAlert tier injustices.
  5. Should fighting break out, violently target on the Namekians while trying to get the non-namekians who may be participating in the class involved upon their side.
  7. Due to the Down with Green slogan, people who make should be Humans. We'll look for what sort of enablement we can get you guys but overall should be low powered since you are not exactly trained fighters but roughneck youths who just blame Namekians.
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