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  1. Tier: Monotype
  2. Rules:
  3. 1. 1 Free BP - You gain one free BP at the start of the battle. If this is your second time battling me, you may not gain this extra BP.
  4. 2. Wager: You must wager somewhere between 1-3 BP in order to battle. If you win, you double your wager, if you lose, you lose your wager. If you have the free BP from Rule 1, you can use that instead.
  5. 3. Matches - It is a BO3 Match. First one to 2 wins, gains the wager.
  6. 4. You can choose to give up before the 2nd or 3rd match if you fear losing your BP, however you won't gain any extra BP, and it does not count as a Professor Win.
  7. Note: If you give up before or during the challenge, you do not gain the BP from rule 1.
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