True Glitchless%

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  1.                                                        True Glitchless%
  2.                                           Complete the game in the most pure way possible.
  3.                                                     *Must be played on normal*
  4. Allowed Techniques:
  5. Bunny Hoping
  6. Jumping off ladders early to avoid climbing animations.
  7. Wall climb side steps
  8. jumping up stairs
  9. playing on higher FOV
  11. Banned Techniques:
  12. Quitting to main menu to skip cut scenes and loads
  13. Jumping off of a wall that can not be stood on normally
  14. Jumping off of a wall climb sidestep
  15. wall kicking with the intentions to gain speed.
  16. Side jump boosting
  17. Wall boosting
  18. Death abuse
  19. Neutral kicking to avoid rolling animations
  20. Wallclimb sidestep wallrun
  21. Exploiting wallrun kicks / rolls / barbed wire hits to survive falls (cannot be used to go out of bounds / reach unintended areas of the game.
  22. Kickglitching
  23. Slide glitch
  24. Going Out of bounds
  25. Barbed wire launch
  26. Beamer Jump (End of Chapter 2)
  27. Landing Pad Sliding (Jumping and turning before landing on pad to skip landing animation)
  28. Springboard rotation
  29. Zipline launcher glitch  (where you fire into the air off of a zipline)
  30. Reaching checkpoints early (e.g beginning of the boat level with death abuse obtained by hitting a checkpoint through a wall)
  31. Running around barbed wire
  32. Climbing through railings
  33. Hidden springboards which are clearly unintentional (e.g. at the end of the jacknife chase)
  35. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Prologue bans:
  36. Jumping more than once on beams.
  37. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 1 bans:
  38. Wallclimb turn jump on scaffolding to get over barbed wire fence.
  39. RNGuards
  40. Elevator Guards
  41. Going to the streets early
  42. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 2 bans:
  43. Bucket skip
  44. Purposely skipping the middle pipe after the valve
  45. skipping the descend into stormdrains
  46. hidden spring board in storm drains
  47. Jumping on the "shimmy" section after the slide
  48. running past guards before jacknife elevator
  49. last hidden spring board
  51. Chapter 2 allowed techniques:
  52. Most stormdrain cat walk shortcuts
  53. Wall running after sliding on the slide
  54. jumping from the "shimmy" section early to avoid animation.
  55. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 3 bans:
  56. The first wall kick (because this abuses having to to a roll)
  57. Wall climb turn jump on left side of vent
  58. chair springboard in office
  59. jumping over to the higher orange awning before the scaffolding section
  60. skipping the helicopter despawn in any way.
  61. 180 onto red pad.
  63. Chapter 3 allowed techniques:
  64. Running around the fence
  65. Wall climb turn jumping after the zipline during checkpoint C
  66. skipping the gaurds that come out of the empty helicopter skip
  67. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 4 bans:
  68. glitching through the ladder after turning off the steam
  69. skipping the section after blue wall at the end of the train tunnel
  70. hiding on pipes when the trains are passing you.
  72. Chapter 4 allowed techniques:
  73. wall climb turn jump over the electric fence.
  74. doing the very high wallrun-wallclimb-trunjump in the area before the valve room
  75. 180 backwards rolling after turning the valve off
  76. jumping off the falling elevator early
  77. wallrunning on the glass to skip the small section before blue wall
  78. wall climb turn jump to grab the swinging pole in the fan room
  79. getting stopped by the red sign at the end of the chapter
  80. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 5 bans:
  81. death abuse at the begging
  82. high wallclimb over fence after elevator
  83. hidden spring board to wallclimb on vent
  84. death abuse before pipes
  85. jumping on the metal doors in the mall to get to the vent
  87. Chapter 5 allowed techniques:
  88. Jumping onto pipes in elevator shafts early.
  89. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 6 bans:
  90. kicking to get to the orange awning (because it resets your falling)
  91. rolling on light before the pk training facility and the other hanging strat
  92. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 7 bans:
  93. death abuse after the truck
  94. wallrunning through the shimmy section
  95. glitching through vent after the pipe
  96. jumping on railing to do the wall climb turn jump after going through the vent.
  97. during the Celeste chase, you can not wall climb and phase through the railing
  98. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 8 bans:
  99. death abuse after reggaevator
  100. phasing through pipes
  101. death abuse before Connors convoy
  102. rolling to reset your fall damage at the end of chapter 8
  103. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 9 bans:
  104. wall running from pole in golden vent area
  106. Chapter 9 allowed techniques:
  107. falling onto swinging pole after bevervator
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