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  1. Map: Ruha
  3. Assets: Armed AN-2 with an arsenal
  5. Restrictions: 120 rounds max 400 rounds max for AR  3 respawn waves available on HQ request
  7. Objectives: Find and disarm Nuclear Scud, recapture Informant to get intel on Scud location.
  9. Briefing: We've been given intel that a rebel group have come into possession of a Scud - B armed with a nuclear warhead, and plan to launch it. Our informant told us that the rebels had made some modifications to the Scud before he was captured however we do not know what they were.
  11. You are a US special forces group that will be parachuted into Ruha to recover the informant and deactivate the Scud. local forces have sent one of their AN-2s with a pilot and additional ammo to assist, no other US forces can be deployed for several days.
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