3/3/2019 Attempt 2 (Rift Log 4)

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  1. [03:23] Zendrick smiles at the both of them, before turning and placing a mask on his face, fading into mist as he descends down the mountain.
  2. (Zendrick Boreale)
  3. [03:23] Aspen Invidia says, "And then there were two."
  4. [03:23] Vedran Ivanovich says, "Mm.. "
  5. [03:23] Vedran Ivanovich says, "It'll be interestin' if Zendrick succeeds where Hatsu is clearly failing."
  6. [03:24] Aspen Invidia says, "Agreed, then again Hatsu is nothing but a failure. Lady Priscilla holds no trust for him."
  7. [03:24] Aspen Invidia says, "A man who can't hold to his word doesn't deserve the trust."
  8. [03:25] Vedran Ivanovich says, "Ha! What a fate."
  9. [03:26] Aspen Invidia says, "It concerns me for why she bothers to bless him when he's undeserving of it.."
  10. [03:30] Vedran Ivanovich says, "Cause it can't be taken back.."
  11. [03:31] Aspen Invidia says, "He is only a ghoul. Starvin' him long enough.."
  12. [03:34] Vedran Ivanovich says, "Will kill 'im or drive him to insanity.."
  13. [03:34] Vedran Ivanovich says, "He'd get weaker and weaker."
  14. [03:34] Aspen Invidia says, "Either work for me."
  15. [03:41] Apathy purely enshroud Aspen's words about Hatsu. From the information learned from Priscilla, Aspen considered him absolutely an enemy. A man who couldn't stick to his words of promise wasn't one Aspen considered an ally.
  17. No, it wasn't just pertaining to their failure relationship, but plenty of more.
  19. The Yano stepped away from Vedran's side. In silence, her footsteps crunched in the snow below where she made her way towards the left side of the man, wielding the frozen blade of her ichor towards the air over the cliff. The point wasn't at anything specific that Vedran could view, but the intangible wall of the lifestream to peek into the boundaries of it.
  21. Beyond, through, within. To the void? Or wherever the rift she focused for would showcase for the thrall.
  23. "He's no concern for me right now anyways. Not many people like him and his actions only further that disgust," she stated in a now calm tone.
  25. "I've better practices than letting my hatred for him fester, so.."
  27. The gaze of hers focus, locking on to an object that wasn't palpable.
  29. "I'm going to try again and create a rift."
  30. (Aspen Invidia)
  31. [03:58] Troublesome-... From Zendrick's odd turn-around and life as a fugitive, to the ever-present rift between Hatsu and Aspen; along with the world's fate hanging within the balance.. the Ivanovich stood silent.
  33. Brooding.
  35. While the Yano goes further away, ignored by the Cainite until the sanguine-blade tore through the air; slicing through the intangible life-stream itself.. the Cainite's pupils going wide! So she could manifest rifts! Or.. the rough template for one.
  37. "Remarkable!"
  39. Leaning over a bit to peer into it, the rift that went nowhere.. "I'm guessin' I shouldn't jump in?" With her inexperience? It could've amounted to a leap of faith.
  41. To his possible doom..
  43. "He isn't worth your time, nor Priscilla's or Malentine's.. that man is beneath you! Do not forget!" Had to keep her spirits up..
  45. "Just throw arandom person through.."
  46. (Vedran Ivanovich)
  47. [04:09] A single breath outward. Aspen's absolute focus came into play, mustering up remaining mana within her circuity. Like a battery, they had a limit. So far? That maximum hadn't been reached, causing her first attempt to be something only minor.
  49. The woman's full potential had yet to be revealed in this practice. Albeit Aspen tried again, concentrating her mana with an immense amount of focus at the intangible lifestream before them, and plunging her blade through it slowly again, cutting downward centimeter by centimeter.
  51. Beads of sweat drew out along her forehead, trickling down her face the longer she kept up the focus. It was intense, extensive beyond her own hold. Through gritted teeth, the woman spoke.
  53. "Step back, don't go in it. Too.. unstable..!"
  55. The woman's voice rose, but with her divided attention then, the rift broke through, shattering away her weapon for a second time. This time she'd been quick to cover her eyes, but the larger rift's force sent the woman back into the tree she stood before.
  57. Where the cold, ominous sensation of her creation poured through, Eternia began to fix, slowly sealing up the torn reality.
  59. Aspen knelt on the ground, coughing and working to catch her breath.
  61. "Th-Thanks.. I need to.. expel more mana. I don't think I'm using all of what I've got in me."
  63. (Aspen Invidia)
  64. [04:10] Zendrick Boreale says, "Woah there, Aspen. "
  65. [04:10] Zendrick Boreale says, "You broke your concentration. "
  66. [04:11] Aspen Invidia says, "I'm.. I'm aware.."
  67. [04:12] Zendrick Boreale says, "Come on, enough for today."
  68. [04:12] Zendrick extends a hand, willing to carry his sister back to the cottage for her to rest.
  69. (Zendrick Boreale)
  70. [04:13] Aspen takes the hand without hesitation, forcing herself to stand regardless of her fatigue.
  71. (Aspen Invidia)
  72. [04:13] Aspen Invidia says, "Mm.. I should report to Lady Priscilla. It's time I get a feeding anyways."
  73. [04:14] Zendrick Boreale says, "My scouting went well. Managed to find Khada Nihl and force him to send a message to Fethi."
  74. [04:14] Aspen Invidia asks, "Oh? What message would that be?"
  75. [04:15] Zendrick Boreale says, "That I'm coming to kill him."
  76. [04:15] Zendrick Boreale says, "Or, at the very least, I'm coming after him."
  77. [04:15] Aspen Invidia says, "Aye.. Let's hope they don't bother to question me about you."
  78. [04:16] Aspen Invidia says, "Still.. I have to replenish your supply. I never had a chance with Lady Donovan and Ramsey entering my home to deliver a letter from Ume Kimyona."
  79. [04:16] Zendrick Boreale says, "Don't feel a need to rush. I can manage with what I have here. "
  80. [04:16] Zendrick Boreale says, "Also, just lie and say you've been looking, but haven't seen me."
  81. [04:17] Aspen Invidia says, "Aye, I wouldn't bother to tell them that I've seen you."
  82. [04:17] Aspen Invidia says, "I'm going to head home now."
  83. [04:17] Zendrick Boreale says, "Stay safe, Aspen."
  84. [04:17] Aspen Invidia says, "You too, brother."
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