The Desolation of Mishakal.

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  1. D&D Munchycord 1 Shot recap: **The Desolation of Mishakal**
  2. -While travelling on the road the party came across a distressed priest. The priest told the party that their temple was recently beset upon by goblins and that there are still innocents that haven't been able to get out. The party sets off to save the trapped villagers.
  4. Upon arrival the party sees that the door has been knocked off it's hinges and there are several strings of web leading inside. Adele Reinhardt (Demogorgon) marches in to save the trapped innocents with Mor-Decai (Appi), and Magnolium (Ryan) following close behind.
  6. Inside they're meet with the grim fate of a man that was slain earlier. feebly reaching out to a crate in his last moments. The party steels their resolve and marches deeper into the temple. Now over-run with spider webs the chop and pull to move on.
  8. Upon travelling further in they find a box, further investigation of the box reveals that there's a small boy hiding behind it in an attempt to conceal himself from the attackers. Adele offers the boy a hand and personally escorts him outside so that he can run back to the nearby village. After that the party delves deeper into the dungeon.
  10. Deeper inside they encounter a Giant Wolf Spider that didn't take too fondly of them attacking and tearing down the webs from which it was nestled. after dispatching of that spider they're met with 2 more Giant Wolf Spiders that they dispose of as well before moving on.
  12. (Now using fire magic to burn down the webs) The players reach the middle of the dungeon where they find two boxes and spot a goblin that sees them in return. The goblin makes a mad dash away from them and the party gives chase. cutting the corner the party finds the goblin clawing through the webs of spiders in order to escape the adventurers; to which the party then sets on fire revealing two more spiders clinging to the ceiling.
  14. Combat breaks out between the spiders and the adventurers and the Goblin starts running further in; setting off a distressed call for aid. The party quickly down a spider but the other one relents long enough to bite into Morde-Cai and damaged Magnolium before going down. deeper in they can hear the Goblins closing in.
  16. Mognolium first walks up to the Goblins in a gesture of good will, speaking to them in their own language while putting his weapons down; Adele follows-suit, while Morde-Cai keeps his guard up. The Goblins use the opportunity to strike at the party, one of them cutting into Magnolium, the other throwing a ceramic jar at Morde-Cai releasing 3 angry tiny spiders, all trying to bite into Morde-Cai who is now very damaged.
  18. Magnolium attempts to cure his wounds with a potion of healing and breaks away from the goblin in front of him however the goblin leaves him with a parting slice down his back that knocks him out.
  20. Adele picks up Magnolium's unconscious body and brings it over to the crates, giving them a gentle kick and hearing the clinking of glass bottles inside, Morde covers the party's flank while Adele opens the box.
  22. The Goblins chase after the players thinking they have them routed, one of them landing what would have been a deadly blow against Morde but his tenacity deflected the attack with Stone's Endurance.
  24. Adele kicks open a box and applies a potion of healing to revive Magnolium, while Morde enters his rage and curshes the tile in front of a Goblin; to which the goblin discerns that only death awaits any one that stands against that Goliath and flees.
  26. The other Goblin however turns the corner and didn't realize the danger makes an attack against Morde missing. As Magnolium fires an arrow into the Goblin's throat. It spits out blood out of it's mouth and runs to the south.
  28. Exploring a little more the party finds a frightened mother and daughter and they escort them outside after which the mother asks the party to save her husband who ran to the north as a diversion. The party hurries to the North wing and finds the father paralyzed by a very potent venom. His airway is swollen and medicine can't be administered by normal means so Magnolium expertly created a small incision in the base of the fathers neck and applied through the incision. And escorted the man to the entrance before entering the final room.
  30. Entering the final room the party is very enamored by a giant statue that they were not aware of the **GIANT SPIDER** standing behind them who proceeded to throw a very large swathe of webs at Magnolium.
  32. Morde brandishes his battle axe and digs it into the spider cutting off one of it's fangs, while Adele takes the opportunity to stab at one of its eyes. With her dagger giving Magnolium enough time to break free from his webs.
  34. The Giant Spider retaliates against Morde by digging its remaining fang into him and bringing him to near death.
  36. Magnolium skillfully juggles a Vial of Oil to Adele, and a Potion of Healing to Morde while stabbing the spider with his dagger. Adele Grabs the oil from the air and drenches the spider in it, while Morde uncorks the potion of healing splashes it over his face; entering a rage.
  38. The Spider not appreciating the oil bath Adele was giving it pounces on her; the venom knocking her out.
  40. Swings his mighty battle axe at the spider again cutting off two of its legs and bringing it to death's door, while Magnolium tries to light the spider on fire but gets knocked off balance by one of its remaining legs.
  42. The spider, in a last ditch effort to survive bites into Morde, his rage keeping him up for a brief few more seconds but wasn't able to resist the venom that came with it and falls to the ground unconscious. Leaving only Magnolium and the spider.
  44. Magnolium takes one more attempt at lighting the spider on fire. He lunges forward but the spider leaps to the side before pouncing onto Magnolium. The venom taking its course. But before he falls completely unconscious he reaches his hand out to Morde and mutters a few magically charged words. Healing energies channeling through the contact as the venom expels itself from Morde-Cai's wounds, He wakes up and grabs his fallen companion's dagger, standing up in a last ditch effort to defeat the beast.
  46. They stared eachother down for a moment… The spider's venom dripping from it's blood covered fang. Morde makes the first move and charges down the Giant Spider digging the dagger into the spider's head. It let out powerful death rattle of a cry as Mordecai pulls out his own dagger and starts tearing into the fallen spider.
  48. After some time passes the remaining party members awake. They successfully drove back the goblin invaders and exterminated the spiders that they brought with them.
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