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  4. Download Diablo 3
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  23. Diablo III is an upcoming dark fantasy/horror-themed action role-playing game in development by Blizzard, making it the third installment in the Diablo franchise. The game, which features elements of the hack and slash and dungeon crawl genres, was first announced on June 28, 2008, at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational in Paris, France,[5] and is slated for release in North America and Europe on May 15, 2012, and in Latin American countries and Russia on June 7, 2012.[2]
  25. The game takes place in Sanctuary, the dark fantasy world of the Diablo series. This world was saved twenty years prior by a handful of unnamed heroes in Diablo II, heroes who, having survived the onslaught brought by the armies of the Burning Hells, have gone mad from their ordeals. It is up to a new generation of heroes to face the forces of evil threatening the world of Sanctuary.
  26. Players will have the opportunity to explore familiar settings such as Tristram.
  27. The only confirmed NPCs are Deckard Cain,[6] who has appeared in both of the previous games, and his niece, Leah, a new character who accompanies the hero in quests from time to time. The plot will revolve around two surviving Lesser Evils, Azmodan and Belial, and an artifact known as the Black Soulstone.[7] Diablo's world map is composed primarily of two main continents with several small islands in the Northwest region.[8] The world of Sanctuary has been dramatically changed by the events of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, for the destruction of the World Stone underneath Mount Arreat has reshaped the world's geography.
  29. The proprietary engine will incorporate Blizzard's custom in-house physics, a change from the original usage of Havok's physics engine,[10] and feature destructible environments with an in-game damage effect. The developers are aiming to make the game run on a wide range of systems, and have stated that DirectX 10 will not be required.[11] Diablo III will use a custom 3D game engine[12] in order to present an overhead view to the player, in a somewhat similar way to the isometric view used in previous games in the series.[11] Enemies will utilize the 3D environment as well, in ways such as crawling up the side of a wall from the depths into the combat area.[6]
  30. As in Diablo II, multiplayer games will be possible using Blizzard's Battle.net service,[13] with many of the new features developed for StarCraft II also available in Diablo III.[11] Players will be able to drop in and out of sessions of co-operative play with others.[14]
  31. An enhanced quest system, a random level generator, and a random encounter generator are slated for use in order to ensure the game provides different experiences when replayed.[5] Overall, the game will include both static and randomly generated levels.[14] Additionally, there will be class-specific quests to go along with the main storyline quests.[15] Blizzard originally planned to have in-game cutscenes,[16] but decided these would divert from the gameplay and decided against them. Three new armor pieces will be available: shoulder plates, arm-guards and leggings.
  32. Unlike previous iterations, gold can be picked up merely by touching it, rather than having to manually pick it up.[16] One of the new features intended to speed gameplay is that health orbs drop from enemies, replacing the need to have a potion bar, which itself is replaced by a skill bar that allows a player to assign quick bar buttons to skills and spells; previously, players could only assign two skills (one for each mouse button) and had to swap skills with the keyboard or mousewheel. Players can still assign specific attacks to mouse buttons.[16]
  33. Skill runes, another new feature, are skill-modifying items that are randomly dropped by monsters and used across all classes. Rather than changing equippable items as in Diablo II, they are instead attached to skills, often completely changing the gameplay of each skill.[17] Skill runes also have the ability to make one particular spell in each class more powerful, and give the player options as to how the rune will enhance a particular spell. For example, investing skill runes on the wizard's "lightning" can allow the players to make the lightning jump onto additional enemies, or, alternatively, adding the runes with explosion effect blows the enemy up and causes damage to the surrounding area.[18]
  34. [edit]Hardcore mode
  35. Diablo III will give players the choice to make hardcore characters, similar to Diablo II.[19] Hardcore characters cannot be resurrected and become permanently unplayable if they are killed, and they do not have access to the real-world money auction house. Hardcore mode is only available after player reach 10th level with any character.[20]
  36. [edit]Artisans
  37. Artisans are NPCs who sell, craft, and enhance equipment. Two types of artisans can be acquired by completing a quest for each: Haedrig Eamon the blacksmith and Covetous Shen the jeweler. The previously announced Mystic Artisan has been pulled, possibly to be released later on.[21] Artisans create items using materials the player can gather by scrapping acquired items and reducing them to their component parts. Unlike Diablo II, rare and magic items can be enhanced, not just basic weaponry and armor. These materials are used to create items which will have random bonuses. Crafting can also be used to train and improve the skills of the artisans rather than create new items. When artisans gain new levels, their shop reflects their higher skill level. The process of salvaging items into materials also makes inventory management easier. Blizzard stated that this crafting system was designed so that it would not slow down the pace of the game.[22][23]
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