Sir Pryce Etac

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  1. Name: Sir Pryce Etac the Just
  2. Race: Alicorn
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Cutiemark: Upside down top hat with a question mark coming out (Can use anything as a weapon, non-Hat Magic spells can summon their object in any shape)
  5. H/W: 10/6 [4 EP into hits, 2 EP into wounds]
  6. Unspent BP: 0
  7. Unspent EP: 1
  8. Unspent Skill Point: 0
  9. Class: Battle Magician (Battlemage), Summoner [Prophet]
  10. Skills: Telekinesis, Posh (His bracelet, +1 Conjure Weapon), Pegasus Flight, Conjure Weapon, Smite [+2 from 3 BP], Elementalist (Fire), Hat Magic, Homing Magic, Orbital Strike [+1 to main roll from 1 BP], Enhancement [+1 from 1 BP]
  11. Emblem of the King: Passive; Weapons created by Conjure Weapon get a second weapon tag. Weapons are +1 by default, and +2 on a critical conjuring roll. Landing a critical hit with a Conjured weapon grants that weapon another +1 (does not stack).
  13. Sphere of Life - Aspect of Balance
  14. Mantra of Purity: Recharge 1; Instant; Breaks all (if any) status effects on the target and makes them immune to status effects for
  15.      three turns.
  16. Prayer for Deliverance: Instant; Recharge 2; Restore the target’s Hits to full, and give them +1 extra temporary Hit until the end of
  17.      combat. [+1 from 1 BP]
  18. Commandment of Balance: Twice per combat; Automatic; Brings up all Helpless allies, cures all status conditions on the party, and
  19.      restores full hits and 3 Wounds to each.
  22. Sphere of Death - Aspect of Judgment
  23. Palisade: Recharge 3 after effect ends; Create an anti-magic barrier around you which protects you and one other who is close enough to
  24.      touch. Completely nullifies all Spell-tagged effects and attacks which contact the barrier, except those of you and your chosen
  25.      ally. Non-spells and physical attacks are unaffected, but any modifiers which they get from Spell-tagged effects are removed when
  26.      calculating their effect against you. Lasts 3 turns.
  29. Sphere of Dark - Aspect of Space
  30. Elemental Current: Passive; Gain two Elementalist effects [Flare & Cauterize]
  31.     Flare [Fire]: Bright flashes and loud bangs disorient the target, adding one stack of Flare when hit. When a target reaches 4      
  32.         stacks, they are stunned that turn.
  33.     Cauterize [Fire]: Intense heat that can seal wounds and rejuvenate those it burns. Spells with this element will heal half the
  34.         damage it normally would have done.
  36. Elemental Fusion: Recharge 6 after effect ends; Automatic; Fuse your body with any 1 Elementalist effect you know. You are immune to
  37.     attacks of your chosen element, and apply your element to any attack you make. Traversing within your chosen element will be a free
  38.     action. Lasts for 3 turns.
  41. SongSpinning
  43. Limerick of Desert Mist: The Watercolor Tribe uses this hymn to worship the many oases of the Southern Basin, which they revere as
  44.     burial grounds of gods. It functions as both a prayer and a navigation aid, as the lyrics indicate the optimal travel route for
  45.     reaching the oases without being deceived by mirages.
  46. >Effect: Renders you partially invisible for 3 turns; only enemies in your Range will be able to see you. Those outside that Range
  47.     will not be able to see you or target you. Does not break when taking actions, but taking actions will likely suggest your
  48.     location.
  50. Hymn of the Cedar-Tree Shrine: The Country of Red Thunder has been divided for much of its long and fraught history, and many of the
  51.     civil wars and persecutions have been the result of sectarian tensions between the Country's many religious groups. The Country is
  52.     dominated by highly animistic cults collectively referred to as 'Turba', with many region-specific variants. Their differences are
  53.     small, consisting of different names for sacred mountains and lakes, but their sacred territories often overlap, creating conflict
  54.     with other regions' variants of Turba. This Hymn is the story of one such conflict, when a group of pilgrims seeking ablution for
  55.     past sins were hunted down by zealots of a rival sect, and took refuge in the hollow of an ancient cedar tree. A miracle took
  56.     place, and the bloodthirsty zealots could not set hoof in the hollow to attack the pilgrims without being burned by a supernatural
  57.     fire. When the zealots finally fled in fear of the gods, the pilgrims turned the hollow into a shrine.
  58. >Effect: Instant, Spell, Recharge 3 after effect ends: Massively increases the target's resistance to all forms of damage for a very
  59.     brief period. On success, the target will only take 1 Hit of damage from each applicable source of damage that hits them. This
  60.     lasts for 2 turns, or 3 on a critical hit.
  62. The Scroll of Seneh, the Wildfire Aegis: This Songspinning spell conjures a semiautonomous, fire-imbued shield, a servitor linked to
  63.     the will of the user. When fighting against extreme odds, as the Sons of God did, one must develop ingenious uses for one's limited
  64.     resources. Exploding shields are just one example of such weapons the Sons developed for this purpose.
  65. >Effect: Automatic: Summons a floating shield as a minion with 20 HP. It can be assigned to any target, and will take all damage for
  66.     them until it is defeated. After it has been defeated, it has a Recharge of 3 before it can be summoned again. The minion has
  67.     access to the following skills:
  68. -Brushfire: Single target fire element magic attack, +1 to rolls, can Cleave. Recharge 2
  69. -Hunker Down: Automatic: The shield braces itself with fire, halving all damage it takes for the round; any damage it takes is
  70.     inflicted upon all enemies that attacked it as a fire element attack. Recharge 3
  71. -Hakarmell: Automatic: Upon losing all Hits, the shield rolls for an explosion of fire-element damage, targeting all enemies. Always
  72.     succeeds, roll determines intensity.
  75. Inventory: Gem-studded bracelet (Catalyst, Posh, Seeker's Sight Ruby [Relic, DC 5 for weapon conjuring])
  76. Iron Bond (Relic, Turns Pryce into a normal unicorn while worn)
  77. Feather of the Primordial Avian
  78. Sealed Obsidian Case [Containing Ember of Jalandhara]
  79. Breezie Candy [1]
  80. Javelin-sized Angel Arrows [3]
  81. Moonlight Prism (Catalyst, needed to use Songspinning, inlaid in a silver amulet)
  82. Limerick of Desert Mist Scrolls (Written in both Equish and Native Watercolor Goo trive)
  83. Bloater Bonbons (Can eat rotten food with no downsides) [5]
  84. The Lilythrone (Lilypad that is always full of fresh water)
  85. Plain white robe (Emblazed with Emblem of the King), 1 Healing Potion, gray magic-less gem
  86. Formal Red Mage Outfit (
  87. Furniture (Bed, dresser, candles)
  88. Hymn of the Cedar-Tree Shrine Scroll
  89. Hopper, the Frog
  90. Pucchini, the Pukei-Pukei
  91. Catcher, the Kecha Wacha
  92. Lockjaw, the Deviljho
  93. Honor of the Star-Blessed Watch
  94. Compass, Charcoal, Papyrus, Rope
  95. Miracle Grow Pot [Allows the use of the Miracle Grow skill, but only within this pot]
  96. Carving Knife, 25 feet of Rope, Parcels of Wax, Parcels of Oil
  97. 1 Katzbalger
  98. Aquarium with logs
  99. Enchanted Twig Staff (For Hopper)
  100. Frog-sized wizzard outfit
  101. The Beginner's Monster Diary (Grimoire on Beast-Mastery)
  102. Memory Bestiary (Records information on creatures met or heard about. Can summon copies of said animals)
  105. Serpentskin Cloak: A cloak originating in the Onuma region of Circadia. Many swamplanders resisted the efforts of the Dream Crown to integrate them into their dominion, fighting back against Circadia's armies using guerilla tactics and special swamp magic to deter their imperial troops. One such group of these dissident swamplanders were the Serpentskins, a group approximating a rough equivalent of a knightly order for the tribal swamplanders. These Serpentskins formed magic Bounds with trained snakes, undergoing special magic ceremonies that gave their bodies the properties of those snakes, like venomous fangs and heightened ability to sneak. Serpentskins would also collect the shed skin of colossal serpents, fashioning armor and weapons from them that could be enchanted with extremely potent magic.
  106. >Function While worn, the Cloak stores half of all damage and negative effects that the user suffers while worn, and the wearer suffers the other half of all damage and negative effects they would normally receive while worn. As an Instant action, the wearer can roll to inflict ALL stored damage and negative effects onto another target by touching the hem of the cloak to that target. This causes the Cloak to lose all stored damage and negative effects on success, but the Cloak does NOT lose the stored effects on failure, including critical failure.
  108. Bladed Bracelets
  109. Function: Single, Dual: When attacking with this weapon, any and all counterattack damage taken is also inflicted upon the enemy.
  110. Description: A pair of bracelets that extend the length of the forearm, laden with many rings of blades along their length. Used by the civilian and undesirable castes of several kingdoms in the Country of Red Thunder, where only the official members of the warrior and hunter castes may own weapons. Due to a loophole in the country's legal definition of "weapon," these are classified as jewelry, but can cut, wound and kill with proper training.
  114. Appearance: Pryce is an alicorn with an orange (#FF9F1A) coat, a red (#CE1A03) mane, and aqua (#32B49E) eyes. His horn has a black burn on the middle of it.
  116. Character Info: [Birthday: Lǜdia, 11th of Dawn Reviere]
  117.     Pryce was raised in an orphanage, never knowing who his birth parents were. But, he found his true family at the age of 5. One day, a circus was in town and the caretakers at the orphanage brought all the kids to have a nice day of festivities. Pryce was in awe at the show, the tricks and performances enrapturing the young colt. The next day the only thing you could see at the orphanage were all the kids talking bout the show. Pryce, being so enthralled by the show, tried to re-perform it himself to the entertainment of the others. His attempts were as expected a child's to go, not quite pulling off the card tricks or illusion or other such amazement he saw, but everypony enjoyed it just the same. It was at this time too the ringlead of the circus came to visit after hearing the orphanage made a trip to his show. The caretakers were about to lead him outside and introduce him, but they stopped as they saw young Pryce trying to mimic him. Then came the grand finale, the fireworks display. Pryce took a deep breath, and focused his magic as hard as he could as the other kids watched in suspense. A few sparks and embers popped off, which still gained some applause. The caretakers gave their doting words of support from their watch at a distance, commenting the Pryce was always a determined little colt whenever something new came around to try it out. Just as they made their steps outside, a big bolt then fired off into the sky from Pryce's horn, bursting in a shower of sparkles as he managed to make a firework! The sudden bang scared the living daylights out of the caretakers and all the kids cheered and applauded. Pryce himself was ecstatic at pulling it off. Not just that, but as the excitement from the firework wore off, they all pointed out that his cutiemark appeared on his flank! This only cause more elation, and distress for the caretakers as they tried to get everypony calm for their new guest. The ringleader spoke to all the children, telling them all about the importance of a smile and sharing it, this being the reason he travels around himself, and also did a few more tricks at their behest. The kids were left to chatter about their private show, and all surround Pryce over his new cutiemark, everypony wondering which trick it was for. A few minutes later, Pryce was called inside. At first he thought he was in trouble for the loud explosion, but it was good news to his surprise. The ringleader, seeing Pryce's eagerness to not only try to do the show again for the others but succeed with a grand finish (with both the firework and his cutiemark), had adopted him! Pryce didn't know what to think, not only was he going to have a family, but a family he was so awestruck with! He gave his heartfelt goodbyes to the other orphans and set off with his new dad to meet his new family.
  118.     When they came back to the circus, Pryce was introduced and their excitement blew his out of the water! His new siblings were quick to give him a group hug and start riddling him with questions. First was the youngest right above him, his new brother Curved Cross, a unicorn who was acrobat in the show. Above him was his sister, Feather Flourish, who was a pegasus who did all kinds of card and sleight-of-hand tricks. Then the oldest, Clear Head, an earth pony who did mind reading tricks and even hypnotized a pony for an act! Pryce also learned they were all adopted too, all of them sharing in the same cheer and happiness bringing that their parents did. All three of them were impressed at Pryce's story, hearing that he just got a cutiemark only a few hours earlier and trying out their same tricks too. Stepping in to give the newcomer some space, his parents calmed everypony so they could properly show Pryce around. His mom, Joyous Sight, a unicorn illusionist, and his dad, Hat Trick, also a unicorn, explained how they traveled all over the country to do their show. They never stayed in one place too long, but they always left leaving the folk they met with a smile. And now with Pryce a part of them, they'd have to hold one of their biggest shows ever as a welcome.
  119.     Pryce's life was like an adventure after that. For a while he watched on from backstage during the shows, trying to figure out his own little tricks to do. His parents said anything he wanted to do would be welcome, and his siblings even helped show him some of their own acts, but he was determined to find his own specialty. A night finally came a few months in when he felt ready to do his own show. He was given a grand introduction, and was well received as the crowd saw a little kid come onstage, but at that moment stage fright hit him hard. He panicked, he forgot everything he had planned. In that moment, he did the first thing that came to mind. He fired off a small firework, but this time it had a shape of one of the front row ponies. It was applauded, and the pony even liked it! Pryce tried again, this time making a small glowing figure of another pony, and then even starting making things the crowd shouted out! He found his specialty, he was great at conjuration!
  120.     Their shows went on to only be better and better, always being a hit. But when Pryce reached his preteen years, another calling came to him. They were stopped at a small town, and while they were setting up Pryce ran out to do the grocery shopping. When he was at the market, he was a group of knights there telling stories of their exploits to the villagers. Pryce was pulled in, hearing how they saved ponies from all over, protected the kingdom and country from all kinds of beasts and nastiness. An ideal formed in his head, a protector that could not only make ponies happy but make sure that smile would never have to leave their face! This knight talk became one of the dominant topics for him, enraptured at his idea. And it was obvious to his family too. When his 12th birthday came around, they surprised him with an offer. If he really wanted to, they planned to make a trip near Hearthome where Pryce could join the Church to begin training as a knight. He couldn't find enough words, or enough times, to thank them for an opportunity like that. When they reached their stop and it was the day before Pryce would head up to try to join, they gave him two gifts. A white robe, slightly over-sized to last him as long as possible, plain and blank for Pryce to design, the same as how he found his own spot in the shows. And a bracelet, one they all saved up the bits for to purchase for him to keep a little flourish for his magic and to remember them by. Again he found himself speechless, thanking them deeply.
  121.     When it came time, Pryce managed to be accepted in as a squire for the Church. His magic being a great boon in this decision, his conjuration and practice in show making it quick and versatile. And so Pryce began his new life, training to be a defender of all ponies, keeping the same ideal he had as a child. An unfortunate case came from his family's travelling lifestyle, they were not able to see each other often, but letters were sent very frequently. And once Pryce reached the point where he could venture out, he did his best to line up his routes to his family's. This didn't work too often, but those moments it did were great. And eventually, Pryce finally became a full Knight. With his new title and position, Pryce was ready to finally head and begin his new life and new path.
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