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Debunking Project Kleinrock as a second Internet

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Aug 22nd, 2010
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  1. Project Kleinock debunked: Kleinrock has been tested on small scales (neighbourhood level, small town level). Due to the constraints of current home-based wireless technology, a decentralised internet based on such a technology would be impossible by the following convention:
  3. Every wireless router is part of the same network as defined by SSID. The bandwidth of the network is limited on all parts by the slowest router that the connection passes through. The highest speed that one will get through an 802.11n router (which is about 70 mbps) will have an actual effective speed of about 50mbps.
  5. This means that the bandwidth of the entire route from client to server will be limited to approximately 50mbps or even slower. Because the entire route is affected by this, it means an entire service is forced to adhere to this.
  7. A service with the popularity of any mainstream or even modestly popular website would require several hundred thousand mbps, even millions of mbps in bandwidth. This essentially renders the idea of using Kleinrock as an autonomous second-layer internet as impossible, as the bandwidth limitations would bring it to a grinding halt.
  9. If you are not satisfied by the missing technological capabilities, then perhaps the following will sate your need for proof that Project Kleinrock will not work: First of all, the distance between most cities and towns extends well beyond the top WiFi range of 150 feet.
  11. On top of the inter-city dead zones, it's impossible to extend this network globally like the internet, as no router will ever possibly have a range extending across the ocean.
  13. TL;DR:
  14. Kleinrock globally: IMPOSSIBLE
  15. Kleinrock continentally: HIGHLY IMPLAUSIBLE
  16. Kleinrock nationally: HIGHLY IMPLAUSIBLE
  17. Kleinrock state/provincewide: HIGHLY IMPLAUSIBLE
  18. Kleinrock town/citywide: POSSIBLE
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