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  1. There are no special rules, Except:
  2. -Don't be a dick, Be nice…
  3. -And no excessive teamkill, this will result in a tempban or maybe a kick. And finally just show respect to everyone!
  4. -Don't ask for mod/admin.
  6. IF you get kicked and the game says that you probably got banned. Unless you did something stupid its JUST a game bug you can rejoin normaly!
  8. Ip:””
  10. <color=red> <link="">Discord</link> </color> (
  11. Staff list: (Steam name)
  12. -NiceLP (German)
  13. -TheBigPrisoner (Nationality private)
  14. -Mistur_Waffle (Netherlands)
  15. Owner: MRmctratt (Swedish)
  17. Server will restart every Wednesday (00:00 german time) And server will constantly be updated so don't worry when you get kicked!
  19. Remember to (also) check out Yeetserver!
  21. We at The Random Foundation welcomes you!
  22. Have fun...
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