el comandante's reward (oldglimx(you), short, OS, femdom)

Jun 27th, 2018
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  1. >sadness
  2. >despair
  3. >then fear and anxiety at her touch
  4. >why would she ever want to be so close to you
  5. >you must've fucked up really bad
  6. >she's so--
  7. >all these emotions disappear and surprise settles in instead
  8. >your eyes go wide, her lips are on yours
  9. >it all happened so fast
  10. >why is this happening
  11. >how
  12. >and slowly but surely, realization hits you
  13. >and the content moan purring out of her throat is the last straw your mind needed
  14. >as if betraying you, your knees grow weak
  15. >why
  16. >why you
  17. >why would she do this
  18. >she's so beautiful
  19. >so kind and self-less
  20. >she's a goddess among mares, maybe even dwarfing Celestia in beauty, elegance and compassion
  21. >you try and pull back and away from the kiss
  22. >maybe she tripped
  23. >maybe she didn't want it and it's an accident
  24. >maybe it's a test
  25. >why would el comandante pick a mere mortal, a simpleton such as you to receive her affections
  26. >you try and persuade yourself that you're in a dream
  27. >but you can feel her clear as day
  28. >the softness of her lips against yours
  29. >the warmth of her hoof under your jaw
  30. >the sweetness of her saliva
  31. >the assertiveness of her tongue
  32. >it's all so real
  33. >so perfect
  34. >you wish it wouldn't ever end
  35. >but sadly, she pulls out
  36. >your eyes can't help but focus on the trail of saliva still bridging your lips together, but another content sound coming from her pops your bubble
  37. >and just like that, you're trapped
  38. >she's smiling, confidence dripping from it
  39. >it wasn't some kind of mistake
  40. >her eyes are on yours, her gaze is caring, maybe even loving, if you dared believing such nonsense
  41. >you try and look away, you try and break free, but to no avail
  42. >and her smile grows in a smirk, letting you know that she saw it all
  43. >"Now, I believe you WILL do as I order you to, Anon?"
  44. "I-I..."
  45. >you croak out, fumbling for words
  46. >"Of course you will, because you want me to reward you some more, right~?"
  47. >some more?
  48. "Yes please,"
  49. >you blurt out before you can even process the question
  50. >"Mmmh-mmh, good boy,"
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