Verus Tempus Proelium General Instructions

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  1. Enemies are setup one of two ways:
  3. 1.] First is via events.
  4. You choose the spriteset you want the enemy to have, and create a comment.
  5. There are a few things you can put in this comment, though only one is needed.
  7. Enemy #
  8. Die Switch #
  9. Die Self Switch LETTER
  10. Die Variable #
  11. Object
  13. the # signs are replaced with numbers, and LETTER is replaced with letter.
  14. These #'s and LETTERs represent the according switch or letter to be flipped,
  15. and the variable number will be increased by 1.
  16. 'Object' is completely optional. If you put it in the comments, then the enemy becomes killable in just one hit. It was designed to be used in the instance of puzzles and the like, though it seems like you could do without just fine.
  18. These things only happen death of this event.
  20. 2.] The other way to setup enemies is to simply set up a map to have encounters.
  21. Every monster in the encounter list will appear somewhere on the map at randomly
  22. spawned locations, and wander aimlessly until you are "in-range".
  24. In order to set up these enemies, you will need to open the database and flip to
  25. the "Enemies" tab. In each corresponding notebox of the enemy(of the enemies you
  26. plan on fighting via these encounters) you will need to decide their spriteset
  27. and index using this notation:
  29. Character = NAME_OF_CHARASET
  30. Index = #
  31. Respawn = #
  32. Aggressiveness = # (0-5)
  33. Move Speed = #
  34. Weapon Icon = #
  35. Shield Icon = #
  36. Guard Rate = # (0-100 default 50)
  38. >NAME_OF_CHARASET is well, the name of the set the enemy will be using when spawned.
  39. >Index # is which character of an eightperson charaset the enemy will use. 0 1 2 3 Is the sheet #s.
  40.  Note, this doesn't have to be set if the enemy is using a $set.           4 5 6 7
  41. >Respawn # is the number of frames (~50 per second) before the enemy respawns. If not set, it will not   respawn until you leave the map and come back.
  42. >Aggressiveness # is between 0 and 5, the higher the number the more aggressive the foe will seek you after spotting you. If its 0 or 1, the foe will actually try to run away from the player.
  43. >Move speed # is the number of movespeed the foe will use. If not set, it is default 3.
  44. >Weapon Icon # is the icon of the weapon the foe will use to attack. There will be no icon if not set.
  45. >Shield Icon # if the enemy is set to defend, then it will use this icon. No icon if not set.
  46. >Guard Rate # is the rate in percent that when defending, the damage will be negated. Default of 50.
  48. _________________________________________________
  50. So what else?
  51. Well, by default, attack skills that target a single foe are only able to be used at point blank.
  52. There are a couple notations for skills you can add into noteboxes to change this though:
  54. Ranged
  55. Character = NAME_OF_CHARASET
  56. Index #
  58. 'Ranged' will give the skill a range of 5 squares ahead of the player.
  59. NAME_OF_CHARASET is well, the name of the character set that you want the projectile to take form of.
  60. If the characterset is not defined, the projectile will be invisible.
  61. Index # as before, is the index of the character sheet that the projectile will be.
  63. If you create an item to replicate the effect of a spell or something, you can use the above notes in the item noteboxes too.
  65. If you wanted to create say...a ranged weapon, like a bow or gun, you could use these notations:
  67. Ranged
  68. Ammos = # or #,#,# etc
  70. Where once again, 'Ranged' will define the weapon as ranged and REQUIRE an Ammo.
  71. Ammos # is the number of the Item_ID that you want this weapon to shoot. If you want a weapon to shoot multiple kinds of items, then use the #,#,# for Item_ID's instead.
  73. With that in mind, you will need to setup the ammo in the item noteboxes too. Use this notation:
  75. Ammo
  76. Character = NAME_OF_CHARASET
  77. Index #
  79. Ammo (not Ammos!) will define the item as an ammo to be used. The ammo is where you will set up the damage and scope of attack, etc. The item seems to be the basis of all that a ranged weapon is, so define the ammo carefully.
  80. NAME_OF_CHARASET is as was before, just name the character set and...
  81. Index # name the number of the index if used to tell the system what the graphic will be for the projectile fired.
  83. OF course, if you plan on using these skills, you have to assign them to your "hotkey"s. In order to do that, go to the skill menu and pick a skill you want to hotkey. Select it and hold 'W' (Input::R) and then press a direction. Then while on the map, press W to bring up your skill hotkeys, and then the direction to use it! Same goes for items, 'cept you assign them from the Item Window, and you need to use the 'Q' key (Input::L). You'll hear a 'decision' noise if you did it right :D
  86. Also while on the topic of equipment and such, in the armors, shields specifically, there really is only 1 notation for there:
  88. Defend Rate = #
  90. Where the # above is just the percent of chance to completely negate an attack while blocking.
  92. And the last place where you can slap notations and whatnot is in the State's section:
  94. Animation = #
  96. Where the # above is the number of the animation to continuously play while the state exists on the character. Note! States last however long the turn number duration is! And they last even while on the map (obviously).
  99. So if I missed anything or anyone has any questions, please feel free to leave messages in the forum topic and I will post back and try to help as soon as possible. Remember, I am no l33t scripter, I did not write this, though I am trying to support it and write fixes for it when possible.
  102. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it helped you.
  105. --J
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