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Forget the last one, This is the LATEST one!

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  1. Hello there! These are the rules.
  3. 1. No mic spam (aka radio and intercom) putting music on and a funny voice is fine tho.
  5. 2. No advertising.
  7. 3. Do not harass, be racist, be sexist, or ageist (yes ageist) to other people.
  9. 4. Try not to start arguments, we don't want any of that.
  11. 5. If you want to team up with the SCPs, you HAVE to be chaos or D-boi. (Not recommended though)
  13. 6. No impersonating staff.
  15. 7. No spawn camping. If MTF or Chaos spawn, And you just happened to be there, then that's okay. But if
  16. you just stay there... waiting... then that's not okay.
  18. 8. Stay frosty.
  19. You will have three warnings, Every time you violate one of the rules you get a warning.
  20. If you get three warnings you'll receive a ban
  21. lasting 1 day to perma ban depending on the severity of your actions
  23. Also if you you want to join our discord then the code is: https://discord.gg/NVyhUhu (copy and paste
  24. that in the add server button)
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