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  1. [OOC INFO]
  5. Steam Name -
  7. masterjamie9
  13. Steam ID -
  15. STEAM_1:0:32551049
  22. [IC INFO]
  26. This part is conducted, when your character is held in a holding area. They go forth, to an immigration official and the following information is taken. They are asked, by the immigration official "Do you have any criminal history? Answer honestly. If you're found out to be lying regarding it, you will be exiled from the city." If your character has apped for weapons, carried normally, they would be seen. Rifles, lightsabers, pistols on the hip. Unless mentioned that it is hidden. - If it is a crime, and it shouldn't be, explain it. If it's a valid explanation i.e I'm a soldier following orders the crime will not be put on a record, or no record will be made.
  30. Asked ICly:
  32. Character Name -
  33. Henry Burner
  36. Character Universe -
  37. Eclipse Phase (Again unsure if this one is icly known)
  40. Character Age -
  42. Ego age: 135 (which is to say, the mind itself)
  43. Swarmanoid Morph Age: N/A
  44. Basic Pod Morph Age: 20
  47. Character Species -
  48. Transhuman
  51. Character Gender -
  52. Male
  55. Character Height -
  57. Swarmanoid Morph Height: N/A
  58. Basic Pod Morph Height: 6 feet
  61. Character Build -
  62. Average
  65. Notable Physical Features -
  67. Swarmanoid Morph: Literally a swarm of insect-like mechanical microbots, about the size of a centimeter each. Totalling at about 4495 microbots, currently.
  68. Basic Pod Morph: Varyious lines indicating assembly over his body, part biological and part cybernetical. His right arm seems to be a replaced with a lasercannon.
  71. Character Blood Type -
  72. No bloodtype.
  75. Crimes committed, in the character's past history. (If none, put N/A) -
  76. Work under a secret organization dedicated to protecting transhumanity from a cosmic AI threat. Said organization is not liked by those in power, mostly because it thwarts them from exploiting the dangerous things left behind by the AI. Unwilling to provide identity of the organization.
  79. The part below is not IC. This is the OOC part, for admins to discuss. This part is not IC. Only the part above this text is.
  83. Skills/Strengths -
  85. I'll explain the general gist of what Henry Burner is here, because it's a rather abstract character compared to most WWC characters.
  87. Henry Burner is from a world where human minds are uploaded to cortical stacks a la altered carbon. Cortical Stacks are installed into bodies, refered to as Morphs, where their mind is then uploaded to the brain by nanomachines, or outright uploaded to the cyberbrain of the body, though as it currently stands he is not in possession of a cortical stack. He is currently in possesion of two bodies, the swarmanoid morph he always had and a basic pod morph which was acquired during Yeezy.
  89. ---The Swarmanoid Morph:
  90. A morph consistent of a swarm of 4495 microbots, each the size of a centimeter wide. Clumped together, they form a cube 17x17x17 centimeters big. The swarm can spread out to a maximum of ten meters wide or alternatively in an ellongated form of twentyfive meters long. Beyond this, connection between microbots begin to fall off, thus resulting in certain microbots de-activating.
  91. This is also the morph Henry Burner's conciousness is currently inside of. The microbots form an encrypted network together that runs Henry's conciousness.
  93. Abilities:
  94. -360 vision. Can't really sneak up on a swarm of flying bots without any camouflage.
  96. -High mobility
  98. The bots can fly, along with being able to quickly jump along a surface without flying. Along with that, considering their size, they can easilly squeeze between nooks and crannies. The perfect infiltrator.
  100. -Bullets have little effect
  102. While a bullet can easily take out a microbot, shooting into a spread out swarm brings out very, very minimal damage. Buckshot does not have a great effect either. Birdshot covers a much wider area and has a bit more effect than the latter two munitions, but isn't as optimal either.
  105. Weaknesses
  106. -Microbot resource management
  108. The amount of microbots the swarmanoid has is directly related to it's health. 5000 is a healthy number, but as that number plummets beyond 2500, the swarmanoid user's intelligence will begin to drop as processing power drops. More importantly, microbots can't regenerate, self-repair, repair other microbots nor replicate, meaning each bot lost is a permanent loss unless the swarmanoid can fix somebody or something to fix the lost bots or find new bots to add to the swarm.
  110. Below 500 microbots, the neural net fails and the remaining bots shut down.
  112. Along with this, the swarmanoid can add new numbers of microbots to the swarm, however greater intelligence cannot be achieved through this, as the additional processing power is directed to the increased computing needs for the movement of a bigger swarm. Bigger swarms are also easier to hit.
  114. To keep things from getting too ridiculous, new additional microbots should be of the same model.
  116. -Weak strength
  118. If the bots work together, at most an object of 1kg can be lifted up.
  120. Obviously, it cannot fire a gun. Even if the gun is light enough to be picked up, the swarmanoid wouldn't be able to get enough leverage to pull the trigger.
  122. -Frail
  124. Self-explanatory. Microbots can easily be crushed, swatted, etcetera. They break easily.
  126. -Temperature
  128. A large surface area means the microbots will heat up and cool down fast. What may be a third degree wound to a person, leads to a large amount of bots lost to a swarmanoid.
  130. For reference, 80+ and -100 degrees Celsius is when microbots proceed to cook fast.
  132. -Adhesives
  134. Considering the weak strength of a singular microbot, they can easily get stuck on a surface with for example superglue. Even if the rest of the swarm spend their time trying to pull off the stuck bots from the surface instead of doing whatever they were doing, those bots covered with adhesive would be slowed down until they've cleaned themselves.
  136. -Area of Effect weapons
  138. Flamethrowers, explosives, chemical sprays. Anything that covers a large area with death. Big projectiles can also do a lot of damage, so long as they're fast enough/close enough that they can't just be dodged.
  140. -Jamming
  142. While a swarmanoid's connection between bots is very strong, a strong enough jammer to take out an entire neighborhood's radio communication can knock out the entire swarm. Along with that, weaker jamming signals will force the swarm to clump up together, making them more vulnerable to attacks.
  144. -Hacking
  146. Since a swarmanoid has the equivalent of a cybernetic brain, they are vulnerable to hacking. While the communication between bots are heavily encrypted for good reason, given enough time or processing power, you will be able to break the encryption and hack the swarmanoid. You will have to be within ten meters of the swarm (as the swarm has to communicate back to you) to attempt to hack it. However, the swarm has countermeasures to prevent hacking attempts. It can limit it's communication range below ten meters, forcing it to clump up but also forcing you to get closer to continue hacking. Along with this, Henry himself is a potent hacker himself.
  148. On the other hand, if you manage to de-activate the microbots, likely through jamming, you will have a much easier time hacking the swarm, allowing you access to it's memories, intelligence, etcetera.
  150. -Space
  152. There's no air to propel yourself with wings in space. A microbot would simply drift out into space helplessly. Not that it matters, it would roast from solar rays anyways.
  154. -Heavy rain
  156. Light rain isn't too bad, but heavier rain brings issues with the swarm's flying ability, slowing the swarm down.
  158. -Wind
  160. Wind simply slows down the swarm. If the wind gets too heavy, the swarm will blow away at it's mercy unless the microbots grab a hold of something.
  162. Cybernetics and other enhancements:
  163. -Access Jacks: Each microbot is equipped with a tiny access jack that it can use to connect to an input, or alternatively exposed wiring.
  164. -Basic Mesh Inserts: The Eclipse Phase equivalent of internet access in your brain. Though there is no internet (or Mesh what it's refered to in Eclipse Phase) here, Henry can use his Mesh Inserts for wordless radio communication, data storage, running simulations and other things you may use a computer for.
  165. -Mnemonic Augmentation: With a cybernetic brain comes perfect recording of memories. Though it doesn't mean Henry will outright remember everything instantly (it takes time to browse through memories), recorded memories can be accessed and even played back.
  166. -Puppet Sock: An alternate component added to the swarm that allows for remote control by an ego. Range is about 50 meters.
  168. ---Basic Pod Morph:
  169. A morph of a biological man in his twenties. Basic Pod morphs are generally considered some of the cheaper, not-fully cybernetic morphs. Biological morphs are often more expensive due to the need to grow them over time. The pod morph has several parts of itself replaced with basic cybernetics that function the same as regular bodyparts. Especially it's brain, one of the most expensive things to grow, is largely cybernetic.
  171. Abilities:
  172. As it currently stands, Henry uses the basic pod as a proxy, often remote-controlling the morph safely from a distance with it's puppet sock. If it were to die, it doesn't really affect Henry in the slightest, except monetarilly.
  174. Weaknesses:
  175. -Pain
  176. The morph is capable of feeling pain, the most Henry has control over this is shutting off the pain receptors in the cybernetic limbs of the body.
  177. -Food
  178. Since the morph is still part biological, it requires food like any other creature.
  179. -Blood
  180. Simply put, if it bleeds, you can kill it.
  181. -Brain is part biological, part cybernetic.
  182. Ironically, this causes the morph's brain to be both vulnerable to that of mechanical dangers, like EMP's or hacking attempts, and psychic attacks.
  184. Cybernetics and other enhancements:
  186. -Detachable right arm, with a replacement armlaser:
  187. Said armlaser fires a continuous laserbeam. It wouldn't initially pierce heavilly armoured targets, needing to continuously beam over the same location to go through. Targets hit by the beam are slowed down to about 50% of their speed. The power of the laser rivals that of a DLT-19 blaster, although instead of powerful blasts, it's a continuous beam. After three turns of use (nine seconds), it requires another three turns (nine seconds) to cooldown.
  188. -Basic Mesh Inserts: Same as the swarmanoid. Not that it'll be any use since there is no ego in the body. For a partially biological morph, this will also allow him to monitor the pod's life medical status. Heartrate, temperature, neural activity, etcetera. It will warn him of any concerns or dangers.
  189. -Basic Biomods: Genetic tweaks and what-not that is the standard in Eclipse Phase. Immunity to all normal diseases, from cancer to the flu. Largely immune to aging. Immune to long-term effects of low/high gravity environments. Requires only four hours of sleep. Most importantly, eliminates the effect of shock when injured.
  191. -Mnemonic Augmentation: Same as the swarmanoid. Not that it'll be any use since there is no ego in the body.
  192. -Puppet Sock: An implant to the cyberbrain that allows for remote control by an ego. Range is about 50 meters.
  195. -Potent hacker
  197. Henry is a very potent hacker, notorious for infiltrating into secure area with his Swarmanoid morph. Using his set of access jacks, he may attempt to hack into computers and what-not by directly connecting to them.
  199. Weapons -
  201. Armlaser, as is explained above.
  204. Armor -
  206. None
  209. Misc. Equipment -
  211. Two days worth of food.
  212. A set of smart clothing, clothing that consists of tiny nanomachines, that are capable of changing the shape of the clothing. Allows for the set of clothing to adapt from winter conditions to summer conditions. It doesn't have any armor related properties, however.
  215. Extra Info
  217. It's a long app, since I need to be extra specific considering the abstract nature of the character. I had to change the format up a little bit due to multiple bodies and all that.
  219. Also, the first thing Henry will probably attempt to gain for himself is a cortical stack, allowing him to survive morph death so long as the stack isn't destroyed and placed within a new body. Theoretically, if he were to acquire multiple of these, he could back his ego up in the case of death. I don't know what your ruling is on the whole defying death thing (I know Yeezy had unworded rules in place for this) so in the case there are rules in place for this give me a heads up on that.
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