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Jan 24th, 2020
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  1. Around 1 AM, our guest, Mrs. Anna Brown, came to the front desk. She
  2. was visibly distraught, to the point where she was shaking. I could
  3. tell something was wrong, she said she was in a domestic with her
  4. husband and that she did not want him in the room tonight. I advised
  5. her the best way to handle this would be to call 911, she told me I
  6. don’t care what you do I just don’t him here. Around 101AM I made her
  7. a new key. Mr. Brown came in and tried to make conversation with her.
  8. She stated, “You need to leave.” Once they got into the elevator I
  9. called 911 and informed them of the situation. During my phone call
  10. with 911, the babysitter came down to leave I had stopped her (1:05
  11. AM) to ask her if everything was ok and if they said anything to her
  12. in the room. She said they just paid her and she left. I had also
  13. asked her the age of the kids she stated “5 and 7”.
  14. While I was on the phone with dispatch, a phone call come in (caller
  15. id said it was Brian Brown I was not able to answer it). I got off the
  16. phone with the police at 1:07 AM. At 1:10 AM Deputy S. Dickey came
  17. into the hotel and walked up to the front desk. She asked me what was
  18. going on and I told her. She then asked me who was in the room, I
  19. pulled the registration card and showed her the information we had on
  20. file, which stated the names on the room, I also informed her that
  21. there were kids in the room aged 5 & 7. Then at 1:12 am Deputy N.
  22. Burns entered with his partner and got the brief form deputy Dickey.
  23. At which point they went up to the room. At 1:15 am Deputy Dickey
  24. knocked on the door. Mrs. Brown came out of the room and was taken
  25. over to in front of the elevators. Deputy Dickey entered the room.
  26. Around 130 am Deputy Burns and his partner brought Mrs. Brown back
  27. into camera view. ( You can see her crying and visibly upset on the
  28. cameras). At this point, Deputy Dickey escorted Mr. Brown to the
  29. elevators. At 132 am Deputy Burns approached the desk and informed me
  30. of what was going on. He also informed me that Mr. Brown will be
  31. sleeping In his car and that he will surrender his room key. I told
  32. Deputy Burns I do not have a problem with that; as long as Mr. Brown
  33. does not attempt to drive his car or come back into the building.
  34. Deputy Burns agreed with me and said he will tell Mr. Brown that. Then
  35. at 1:36 am Deputy Burns and his partner left the desk and went out
  36. front. At 1:37 Deputy Dickey came back in to finish up any questions I
  37. had and I had told her the same thing that I told Deputy Burns (about
  38. Mr. Brown driving). She said that if he does leave the campus, to give
  39. them a callback. At 1:39 am I called Lauren to tell her what had
  40. happened. This call lasted 3 minutes and 33 seconds.
  41. At 1:46 AM I pulled out my personal laptop to begin typing this up, (
  42. while watching the footage so I could get the time stamps correct).
  43. Mr.Brown Came to the desk and asked me to close out his bill. I told
  44. him I could not close out the room and tax, as it has not been posted
  45. yet but I’d be more than happy to close out his bar charges. He said
  46. that was fine. So that’s what I did. Then approximately. 1:57 AM, he
  47. drove off campus and headed towards route 50 after making a left out
  48. of our parking lot. At this point following the deputies instructions,
  49. I called 911 and reported that he had left. The dispatcher said thank
  50. you, and shortly after I saw a sheriff's car drive through the parking
  51. lot.
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