Overworld god rules

May 23rd, 2018
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  1. Fluff:
  2. "An exiled god is sent by the greater divines for one last quest to prove himself and join eternity. His mission takes him to a forsaken realm where civilization has just sprung. The god must shape balance and harmony between the fantastical races of the realm, yet he is soon to find out how ambitious, power hungry, and defying mortals may be..."
  3. You are the god of the realm, everyone worships you and are at your mercy.
  4. Your goal is to gain enough power and ascend to divination. However, to achieve this goal you must keep the harmony and the balance of the realm intact, and to make sure everyone worships you and build temples in your name...
  5. --
  6. Rules:
  7. * You must have 400 points of divine power before a nation completes the objective of "Unleashing hell"
  8. * Gain +10 points of power at the end of each round if no nation has over 1500 points of army strength more than the weakest nation
  9. * Gain +10 points of power at the end of each round if no nation has over 6 territories more than the smallest nation.
  10. * Gain an amount of power according to the amount of existing temples
  11. * Gain 2 power points for each prayer made for you this round
  12. * Inactive nations (quitters, if any) will no be accounted.
  13. * There are 2 actions you make at the end of each game round after all players finished their action. 1st is to fulfill a prayer, 2nd is to create a divine event.
  15. At the end of each game round, a list of prayers made by the nations will be presented to you. One of those prayers you can fulfill
  16. You will gain/lose power according to the strength of the prayer and the amount of faith the praying nation has
  17. Petty prayer = Gain 5 power + Nation's faith
  18. Wishful prayer = Gain power according to the Nation's faith
  19. Desperate prayer - Lose 5 power and Gain Nation's faith
  20. Great prayer - Lose 15 power and Gain Nation's faith
  21. *You can also choose to not fulfill any prayer
  23. Additionally, you can create one of these divine events at the end of each round(you can also choose to do none)
  24. When you have 200 power, you can create 2 divine events every round.
  25. [Heaven's Garden]
  26. Choose 3 tiles on the map that are of the type "Barren" or "Plains". If a tile was "Barren" it turns into "Plains". if a tile was "Plains" it turns into a "Forest".
  28. [Protective angels]
  29. Grant a unit of angels to a nation of your choice. A single nation can't have 2 units of angels
  30. Angels have base strength of 200+(50 times Nation's faith), they will only defend that nation and will never join offensive battles.
  32. [Crusade]
  33. Nations gain 50% more progress from battles next turn when they attack other nations with less faith than theirs
  35. [Enlightenment]
  36. All of the nations gain an amount of progress worth 500 times their faith
  38. [Punishment]
  39. You can instantly slay a unit of demon or a unit of angels from the nation with the lowest faith (if there are multiple - choose)
  41. [Divine creation]
  42. Create a special resource on a forest/cliffs/plains tile of your choice.
  44. [Plagues]
  45. Strike the nations down with plagues. The nation with the most faith will no be harmed, but all other nations will lose 10 population times the difference of faith from the nation with the most faith.
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