Be the Change You Want to See in the World (Epilogue)

Nov 2nd, 2013
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  1. “Just a little more, Ms. Scratch,” the doctor told you. You could hardly wait to get this friggin foal out of your stomach. Carrying one for a long time gets to be painful after a while. Now you were laying on a hospital bed, hindlegs spread, the doctor helping you. Skyline was holding your hoof as you pushed.
  3. “HUUUUURURRRGHHHH!” you screamed. Birth was nothing like being a guy ever taught you. It was like taking a watermelon sized shit out your vagina. Thoughts flashed through your mind as your foal began peaking. You were quadruped, you had been for almost a year now, but how the hell would you cradle your foal if you had no arms? You suppose you’ll think of that problem when you need to. You continued to push.
  5. “Here we go, one last one! Big!” the doctor ordered. You grit your teeth and clench every muscle you have down there. Suddenly, all the pressure is gone. The doctor looks up and smiles.
  7. “Might want to take the late night parties easy for a while, Mrs. Scratch,” he says, “You really are going to have your hooves full.” The doctor holds up a small unicorn foal. Celestia, you really got that horn out? You swear if it did any damage to your vag...
  9. “Are you a proud mother, Vinyl?” Skyline asks.
  11. “Of course, as long as our kid likes music.”
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