Can I monitor that?

ChrisLAS Oct 4th, 2018 351 Never
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  1. New SysAdmin writes...
  3. Hi,
  5. Long time listener, love the technical debt that you guys go into on this podcast, it helps young SysAdmins like me learn a lot.
  7. I've convinced my boss to let me move some of our tooling to Open-Source alternatives and he's very happy with it so far.
  8. I quickly came to the realization that if I want to make sure that everything stays good I need to set up monitoring. I set up netstat (thanks for this find!) with Prometheus (hopefully pair it with Grafana soon).
  10. My question to you guys, is there a way that you guys recommend for me to check the health of external services and display it on Grafana dashboard.
  12. For example, I'd like to keep track of Slack services shown here:
  13. Or check if the AWS server for my region is up:
  15. Any help is appreciated. Keep up the good work!
  17. Thanks
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