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  1. The pastebin entry has been removed, here is the text:
  3. Chronology of the contacts and father's involvement in Alisa and Gabriel's lives
  5. The relationship between Mr Dearman and I was on and off since 2004 until 2007. We have separated several times.
  7. From what Alisa and Gabriel have been telling me:
  9. Mr Dearman started to abuse the children since they were babies. I clearly remember an incident when Alisa, around 6/7 months of age, once became upset all of a sudden for no apparent reason. I knew she was fed, clean, and well. I was breastfeeding then and have been very careful with my diet to not upset her tummy but she kept crying and crying as if something disturbed her deeply. Mr Dearman was around but seemed to not take much notice of it. He was saying that she just was difficult and wanted her own way. I couldn’t believe what I heard.
  11. We have split up when Gabriel was around 1, although Mr Dearman was frequently visiting or taking children out after that: during 2007-2008. Children are telling me that around this time he started to fully abuse them inserting his front private into their bottoms and making them to perform oral sex too. He was taking them to the places where there were disabled toilets: at nearby Golders Hill park, Starbucks in Hampstead, Costa coffee in Golders Green, Topsy Turvy indoor children’s activity centre. He was putting, twigs, small rocks, PVC glue, pieces of toilet tissues in their bottoms, and then making the children to poo it out while watching. If it happened in the disabled toilets he would put children on the baby changing folding board. He was touching his front private while doing this. Mr Dearman was forcing the children to intimately touch each other at front of him and do it secretly at home. He would punish them for not doing it and was questioning them on how many times a day they did it, and still would hurt them even if they obeyed.
  13. When Alisa and Gabriel were around 3-4 years old Mr Dearman was also taking the children to his pedophile associates, members of the pedophile ring: Minia (Polish) - the most violent and wicked, hurting and humiliating, one of the leaders, Buster (German), Joseph (English). Mr Deaman's family members also abused the children: his mother Linda, sister Lisa and her husband David (Indian), brother Wayne and wife Mary. The adults were bringing other children to the properties where the abuse and violence was going on: Lisa's children Katie (6 years old), Max (8 years old); Wayne and Mary's children: Amelia (5 years old), Alex (7 years old). Apparently, Minia was looking after 2 two babies: Rebecca and William, (around 1-3 years old) and also brought them to abuse.
  15. The adults were hitting the children hard on the head, treating them like slaves, frightening the children, swearing at them, forcing them to perform oral sex. They were taking turns to sexually abuse the children, 2-3 minutes each. The adults were doing similar things with rocks, glue, twigs and grass, which were inserted into the children's bottoms. They were made to poo it out while they were watched. These humiliation and violence was filmed on video. The children were made to watch each other being abused even though they didn't want to. The adults were holding their head in place so they had to watch. Afterwards the children were forced to watch the videos that the adults filmed. Alisa and Gabriel said that their dad was putting it on Internet since they saw it there too. During the filming adults and children were wearing the masks. Children were consistently threatened to be killed if talked. They were told to say that “none of the abusers have ever existed" if asked.
  17. During this time Alisa and Gabriel were displaying very disturbing behaviors, being aggressive towards each other, me and sometimes other adults coming to the house. For example, Gabriel could throw himself on the pavement and tantrum for 5-15 minutes kicking and hitting anyone who tried to comfort him. This was usually happening on the way home.
  18. Alisa would throw the tantrums at home, also without apparent valid reason. She would hit and kick the fridge and anyone who approached.
  20. From the end of November 2008 to mid autumn 2009 Mr Dearman didn't see the children. In March 2009 I have started the legal proceedings, applied for the emergency non-molestation order. After the serious incidence of violence towards me and then several months later towards my mum (February 2009), she suggested to take Alisa to Russia for long holidays and for Gabriel to stay with me in London. This was relatively peaceful period for both of the children and me.
  22. After Alisa came back from Russia, James has already begun the counseling seesions in the Tavistock Centre after witnessing the violence towards me and been hit my Mr Dearman. Soon after I started to take both Alisa and Gabriel to see the psychologist Charlotte Burck too. On one of the occasions she has invited Mr Dearman. He was rude, started an argument with Dr Burck and slammed the door on her.
  24. Sensing an evil in Mr Deraman I was adamant to limit any contact between him and the children but the court still has ordered the unsupervised contacts every Saturday from 10am to 6pm. This was going on from autumn 2010 until October 2011.
  26. In 2010 Alisa started to attend the Christchurch school in Hampstead, Gabriel - year later. That is the time, when the children are claiming to being abused by the teachers. According to the children, Mr Dearman has already knew Ms Wilmer (Gabriel's teacher in year 1) from before and became good friends with Mr Hollings (Alisa's last Year 3 teacher) and Mrs Forsdyke (the headmistress). The abuse was going on the regular basis, almost as part of the school time schedule. Many other children have been abused too. As a reward and bribe for not talking, the children were given their favorite sweets. There were even chocolate lessons, where children were sharing which sweets were most desired. Also they were threatened to be killed if talked.
  28. Alisa told me that she was going to tell me once but Gabriel stopped her reminding her of the threat. On the other occasion, Alisa's friend Millie who came to our house for a play day asked whether I was doing sex to the children. When Alisa answered “no”. Millie said that “she was lucky” and ‘why don't they tell me about what was going on in school”. Alisa also then reminded Millie about the threat of being killed. The children were terrorized by the abusers and have never told me until August this year (2014) while on holidays.
  30. Both Alisa and Gabriel were abused physically, hit on the head, their front privates. On one occasion, according to Gabriel about a year ago, Mr Dearman hit him so hard on his left year that it bled. His father would often scream into both children's ears. They claim to not hear very well: Gabriel with his left and Alisa with her right ear.
  32. The children say that there were plenty of visitors coming to the school on Wednesdays. The most wicked ones were doing terrible things to the children. Like putting broom's sticks in the children's bottoms and then fishing the pieces out while it caused bleeding. The adults were pushing them hard into the walls, inserting plastic strip on willies into the children's bottoms, sometimes together with the plastic balls, and hitting them hard with their boots into the children’s privates.
  34. The children like Gabriel who could not tolerate the pain and screamed too much were put to sleep. The school nurse Ms Marden, according to the children, was the one to inject them. After being injected they felt pain in their belly, dizziness, headache, numbness, weakness, and heavy limbs.
  36. All along I was aware of the serious underlying issue with my children, just didn't know what it was. I have never been exposed or came across the sexual abuse and only briefly knew about the existence of the pedophile phenomena so did not recognize the signs.
  38. Aggressiveness, violence towards each other was always present in my children, to more or less degree. There were periods of the relative peacefulness in the family, for example, the time when Mr Dearman was out of the UK from the end of 2011 until summer of 2012. Although formally, as far as I was aware he didn't see children until June-July 2014, when the contacts were ordered by the court, the children behaviors, attitudes started to worsen with the beginning of school in September 2013.
  40. The growing dissatisfaction, edginess, bullying one another and me were the consequences. Alisa became increasingly cynical in her comments, cold towards the sufferings, pain of others. I saw she was deeply unhappy. I instigated the conversations with her many times, asking her what was bothering her, if something happened in school, whether someone has upset her. She wouldn’t talk.
  41. Gabriel's behavior was a concern. He found funny the babyish like acting, kept laughing and coming back to the jokes about pee-pee and poo-poo he was frequently making. One of the striking sings that I found very disturbing was kind of glaze over his eyes as if he was switching off from the reality. Even though I knew he had got the enormous potential and mental capability, I was observing the slow development, which I now realize, was in fact arrested development due to what he was experiencing. I noticed this in his friends and other children in school too.
  42. For the last year Gabriel was experiencing outbreaks of strong headaches, usually after school, which I thought was due to the dehydration. I told the school staff to remind Gabriel to drink.
  44. About a year and a half ago I have caught the children were doing something inappropriate in the little bathroom. When I came in, Alisa had her panties down and Gabriel had my phone in his hands. I have learnt that Gabriel was filming Alisa. (This could be done without even unlocking the iPhone). There was about 50 seconds of the video footage on the phone. I have explained to the children that this was inappropriate, the intimate parts were for our own private use and we should not touch each other's or our private parts unless cleaning. I then were suspicious about this activity continuing but haven never caught the children red handed. My mother has also noticed similar things. Alisa told her that Gabriel was "sucking his willie and poking her front private”.
  45. About half year ago I've noticed Gabriel was touching our puppy Crystal's intimate parts. Mr Christie noticed this too.
  47. About two years ago the children started to steal money from my purse to buy sweets even though I was buying their favorite healthy treats like nut and fruit bars, dried fruit yo-yos, vegan jelly beans, chocolate, cakes, ice-cream, popcorn, etc. The situation became worse around spring 2014 when Alisa was encouraging Gabriel to steal or doing it her self. They now revealed that it was their farther who was teaching them to do this. Moreover, he was forcing them to steal for him. The large amounts of money were missing both from Mr Christie’s wallet and my purse.
  49. In May-June 2014 the large amounts were taken from my credit card. Alisa says that her dad asked her to write the card details for him. This incident was reported to the bank. Mr Dearman forced Alisa to steal Mr Christie's iPhone (along with the other few possessions), which according to the children, was then used by Mr Dearman to film the sexual abuse scenes.
  51. I was constantly seeking the answers to the situation, asked the school twice for the referral to the Tavistock Center (after we have attended previously), had a private consultation with the child psychologist, signed up and attended six weeks course on positive parenting and prepaid and was going to attend another advanced course on the siblings parenting (this supposed to start on 9 September 2014 but I never went because of the children disclosure, reporting to the police, children have been retained, courts, etc).
  53. In regards the children's diet: they were vegetarian since birth; then vegan from about 2-3 years old. They were always well and properly nourished with the adequate amounts of healthy high quality plant based proteins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates and essential sugars. Freshly prepared meals three times a day, including pulses, avocados, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, red and brown rice, nuts, soya protein (tofu, veggie sausages, fillets, etc), plenty of vegetables and fruits, wholesome snacks throughout the day, freshly extracted vegetable and fruit juices. Alisa and Gabriel was always within the middle of the charts in regards their height and weight.
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