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  3. 2 years flies by quickly huh
  4. he was gonna write it on the 30th but it was late so he's doing it on the 31st
  5. he doesn't use "teto" as a pseudonym now so only friends occasionally call him that
  6. he's just writing whatever is coming to mind so don't be too excited or expect anything
  8. he's writing on the 31st but actually, the date of dissolution was the 30th and that's a special day for him now
  9. how he felt on that day
  11. "btw Merami did a live! that Merami who hates lives! (me too! I hate lives and practicing for them)"
  12. he wanted to see it but didn't. it would've been nice if he could've gone to it secretly
  13. Siym will definitely invite him to his circle's drinking party at some point and he'll probably go
  14. he says that it seems Siym is still active in doujin activities and that makes him happy to see
  16. he still listens to FGE
  17. but he didn't really when they were active
  18. "btw recently our secondhand CDs are expensive, huh"
  19. "8000 yen... touhou itself hasn't declined either, huh"
  20. "they've become this expensive... makes me want to sell my own copies..."
  22. he doesn't scream anymore, except occasionally when he goes to karaoke with friends and decides to give it a whirl
  23. "it's weird, you can slack off screaming and not really get any worse, but if you slack off drums for a second you instantly become horrible"
  25. concerning what he wrote in the last blog about new activities, he's still doing them
  26. it's hard but fun
  27. "when the same people make songs, naturally they're gonna be in the same style..."
  28. like Escapes, I Bet...
  29. "I've never really been worried about ripping off my own songs, but 'so that I don't get caught!'... with that thought I'm trying to do the impossible lol"
  31. hidden in the last FGE album's lyrics are hints to his current activities
  32. scattered throughout the songs
  33. just by chance, the actual name of the band is in the lyrics
  34. "they're songs from 2 years ago, but if you're interested try to find it"
  35. "but they won't be that simple to find!"
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