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OoTR Accessible Rules

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Jun 23rd, 2018
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  1. -Saving and resetting to change Link's position (savewarping) is allowed
  2. -Dying and continuing to change Link's position (deathwarping) is allowed
  3. -Timing ends on first frame of any cutscene that naturally occurs after final hit on Ganon.
  4. If defeating Ganon, this is the first frame of the final blow cutscene
  6. Allowed Techniques:
  7. -Power Crouch Stabbing
  8. -Roll/post-damage invincibility
  9. -Ground jump: the technique of picking up a bomb right as it explodes, using a shield to avoid damage, to "store" a small jump. Mostly useful for skipping basement 1 in Great Deku Tree (can be skipped in other ways as well; this is just the easiest way). This may only be used from the ground, not from the air (as with Hover Boots).
  10. -"Recoil Jump"
  11. -Jumpslashing while mid-air for more distance
  12. -Shield-dropping held objects
  13. -Twisted sidehops or backflips.
  14. -Using broken deku stick, a trick to allow the same Deku Stick to be used after being broken.
  15. -Hookshot Extension, a trick to "pump" the Hookshot to make the chain go a tiny bit further.
  16. -Rolling from blue switches to open doors without weighing them down, primarily in Jabu Jabu's Belly but also in Fire Temple.
  17. -Damage Buffering
  18. -Damaging Volvagia's second hitbox, conventionally by dropping bombs on one of the holes.
  19. -Passing through the back side of a one-sided collision (e.g. the bottom of the bridge in Kokiri Forest, Darunia's door, Forest's falling ceiling, Song of Time block in Forest Temple)
  20. -Attacking to collect or hit an object on the other side of a collision. This includes hitting the rusted switch in Fire Temple without Song of Time, grabbing the silver rupee in the red ice, grabbing Gold Skulltulla tokens inside boulders, using the Boomerang to pull a Piece of Heart out of a wooden box, and all such similar tricks.
  21. -Holding target to swim while sinking with iron boots
  22. -Momentary Antigravity (e.g. b1 skip)
  23. -Opening underwater chests while wearing the Iron Boots. Similarly using Iron Boots + Hookshot to get the item from Diving in the Lab without Gold Scale.
  24. -Opening chests protected by flame rings without removing the flame ring.
  25. -Backflip over Mido as an adult.
  26. -Rolling, sidehopping, or backflipping through the fire walls in Fire Temple.
  27. -Any accidental glitch which does not grant the player an advantage is okay.
  30. Banned Techniques:
  31. -Infinite Sword Glitch.
  32. -Megaflip and megasidehop
  33. -Ground Jump from the air (as with Hover Boots).
  34. -Extended Antigravity (e.g. unloading lower gerudo fortress)
  35. -Hoverboost, the use of damage to make Link able to kinda fly.
  36. -All forms of superslide
  37. -Going Out of Bounds (any area which is beyond the boundary walls of the map such as an outer seam, or any area which is exposed to the lowest void plane in the map.)
  38. -Being in child areas as adult and adult areas as child.
  39. -Respawn point manipulation such as Entry Point Glitch
  40. -All forms of clipping, defined as passing through solid objects. (Note that this includes passing through the falling spikes in shadow temple since they have been shown to be solid)
  41. -Cutscene diving to sink into water (including with Navi and Cuccos)
  42. -Flame storage
  43. -Item Manipulation (BA, RBA, GIM, equip swap). Any trick that writes unintended stuff into your inventory.
  44. -Using collection delay to your advantage (e.g. early eyeball frog or gold scale. Delay happens naturally in many shops if you buy quickly, this is ok)
  45. -Something except for a sword on B (excluding normal circumstances like riding Epona)
  46. -Bottle Duplication
  47. -Gold Skulltulla Token Duplication
  48. -Causing a switch to remain pressed longer than it should
  49. -Ocarina Items
  50. -Using restricted items (such as farore's wind in the overworld or ocarina in boss rooms)
  51. -Wrong warp
  52. -Void warp
  53. -Walking While Talking
  54. -Z-slide
  55. -A-slide
  56. -Unloading actors or being in unloaded areas or abusing wrongly loaded actors (such as the very glitchy bomb quick kill of Bongo Bongo)
  57. -Dying intentionally to achieve anything other than a deathwarp, a health refill, or an "I died because I'm bad".
  58. -Taking damage for the purpose of crossing otherwise unjumpable gaps to reach new areas. Getting hit into collectibles such as GS tokens or silver rupees is fine.
  59. -Touching misplaced or accidentally exposed loading zones (e.g. Early Jabu or Trials Skip)
  60. -Version exclusive tricks
  61. -No matter what, you may not enter Ganon's Tower with the barrier still intact.
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