Dec 31st, 2013
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  1. >you are Anonymous and currently catering a mothpony that’s in your house
  2. >she’s a shy and quiet one, you give her that, and what did Hexferry say her name was? Plum?
  3. >you can see why she is trying to get the two of you to become friends, you’re well, you, and this moth is very reserved.
  4. “H... umm t-the.. hon... honey”
  5. >the moth points at the jar of honey with her pink hoof
  6. >you push the jar to her and she gets to mixing it with her tea as you sip on your own cup
  7. >you seriously have no idea what to do here, the two of you have been sitting in awkward silence for a while now
  8. >Plum herself is trying her hardest to avoid your gaze and not speak at all, and you are trying your hardest to try to get a conversation rolling
  9. >a sudden idea comes to you and you yell it out without thinking
  10. >”Video games!”
  11. >Plum gets scared at this and squeaks in fright, and at the same time accidently spills her tea all over herself
  12. >the poor mare looks absolutely miserable now, her eyes almost looking like they are tearing up from embarrassment
  13. >Dammit, you are going to save this situation even if it kills you
  14. >you get up and immediately slip on some of the spilled tea, bringing the whole table tumbling down with you as you fall on top of Plum, making her squeak in surprise
  15. >as you open your eyes, you are greeted by the sight of Plum beneath you, her hoofs pulled close to her body, her coat and mane covered in honey and tea
  16. >Plum stares at you but then turns her face to face the wall
  17. “U-uh..u...umm...”
  18. >you sigh and get up, lifting Plum with you as she seems shocked
  19. >”All right, let’s get you cleaned up, I can still save this”
  20. >you make your way to your bathroom with the now blushing shy sticky mothpony in your arms and kick the door open
  21. >you place Plum onto the tub and hit the shower for some warm water
  22. >Plum closes her eyes as the stream of water falls onto her and you swiftly and with style remove all your clothing
  23. >you step into the tub as well and start lathering some shampoo onto your hands
  24. >suddenly you hear a gasp and look down to the mothpony whose face is at your crotch level
  25. >Plum is now blushing even harder and has her hoofs in front of her face, eyes closed
  26. >What’s her pro-
  27. >your brain finally catches on
  28. >oh...well, fuck
  29. >you were too focused on saving the situation that you just threw a mothpony into the bathtub and got in with her while naked, and then hold your flaccid cock near her face
  30. >the gears within your brain start to turn
  31. >if Hexferry and the others would hear about this you would be screwed, so you have a plan
  32. >not the best plan but it’s the best you can do at the given moment
  33. >you shall act like it is no big deal
  34. >maybe this Plum will be confused by it and will think that nakedness is a rather everyday thing with humans and by that not mention about this embarrassing encounter as the human was only thinking about her wellbeing by helping her wash off that evil sticky honey off of her coat and mane
  35. >you honestly can’t believe how crappy that plan is but it’s all you’ve got
  36. >as Plum still has her eyes closed, you give her a little heads up so the poor mare won’t have a heart attack
  37. >”Ok so I am now going to start washing your mane”
  38. >not waiting for a reply, you sink your hands onto Plums mane and get to washing
  39. >...
  40. >wow, this feels soft
  41. >really soft
  42. >you start to detour from washing and run your fingers along her golden mane, enjoying how it feels
  43. >man, her mane must be so soft to run your hands trough when it is dry
  44. >suddenly you have the urge to do this sometime
  45. >as you feel a bit of blood travel down south, you remove the idea from your mind and focus more on the washing
  46. >”Don’t open your eyes, I’m going to rinse the shampoo off now”
  47. >there is no response from Plum and you start to sweat as you rinse her mane
  48. >this plan of yours is going down the drain
  49. >and then your now a little bit not so flaccid but still dangly-cock accidently slaps Plum gently on the face
  50. >you freeze
  51. >Plum is not reacting
  52. >you resume the washing, content that Plum did not notice
  53. >”O-ok, next up is washing your b-body,ok”
  54. >Plum nods
  55. >Or did she? You are not sure, you are panicking now and you just want this whole mistake to be over soon
  56. >you quickly grab the shampoo bottle and it slips from your grasp and falls behind Plums well, plum
  57. >you gulp as you try to reach for it and at the same time try to make sure that no part of your body touches her
  58. >you are now posed at an awkward angle
  59. >one slip would cause you to fall against her, and that would be bad
  60. >you reach for the bottle, and notice that Plums plum is in fact, quite nice
  61. >but then you feel one of your feet slip a bit and the back of your hand comes into contact with Plums behind
  62. >Plum squeaks as the back of your hand sinks into her soft flesh
  63. >D-damn that’s softer than you could have ever thought it could be
  64. >your soldier springs up to attention
  65. >you are now starting to regret your no-fap-month experiment in Equestria as your hardon reaches critical mass instantly
  66. >and then it happens
  67. >your dick actually grew so long it poked Plum and she opened her eyes
  68. >before her is you, posed at an awkward angle above and around her, one of your hands pressing into her butt and your raging erection poking her
  69. >Plum scream sand starts to flail around in panic, kicking up water and making you loose your balance, sending the two of you into a wild spin thanks to all the soapy water droplets in the tub
  70. >you thump onto your back and before you even can react, Plum falls against your loins, butt first
  71. >there is a tight wet feeling as your penis slides into something very tight and you cum instantly, closing your eyes in the process
  72. >time seems to freeze and then you open your eyes to process what just happened
  73. >Plum is on your lap, straddling you with her hind legs on each sides of your waist
  74. >There’s a shocked look on her face as she gets up and you feel a grip on your penis
  75. >it can’t be
  76. >your penis falls out from inside Plum and a healthy goop of semen drops out after it
  77. >did you...just cum inside Plum on accident while doing nothing sexual?
  78. >Plums eyes seem teary as she looks at her crotch and just as you are about to say something, anything, she starts crying and flies out of the bathroom and presumably your house
  79. >...
  80. >you just lie back onto the bathtub as the water drops on you
  81. >you are pretty much fucked
  82. >you just lie there, accepting this fact as you feel dead inside
  83. >...
  84. >...
  85. >...
  86. >you are being walked to the altar
  87. >a sad looking Plum is there, wearing a wedding dress
  88. >it actually looks really good on her
  89. >these binds, handcuffs and whatnots around you are making it hard to walk tough
  90. >you look at the angry Hexferry who’s dragging you towards the altar by the chain connected to your neck
  91. >”Hexferry is this really necessary?”
  92. >Hexferry scoffs at you
  93. “We have to keep a wild beast like you chained, we can’t have you impregnating any other poor mothponies against their will”
  94. >you sight
  95. >you walk to the altar like an inmate being sentenced to lifetime
  96. >Plum still refuses to look at you in the eyes, and you honestly have no idea if she’s mad at you or just being shy
  97. >”This is the last time I’ll try to make friends...”
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