Detailed Explanation of New Hookshot Glitch [MM3D]

Aug 25th, 2016
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  1. The Hookshot in Majora's Mask 3D gains weird properties once it's used while first person glitch is active. By targeting while in first person glitch you can use the Hookshot without deactivating the glitch (going into first person mode or getting hurt/knockback deactivates the first person glitch). The Hookshot gains the new property of being able to constantly extend from its original position. Meaning you can fire the Hookshot at a wall and then fire it again and it will use the last position of the Hookshot (hitting the wall) and add another Hookshot chain distance to that; meaning it goes through the wall! You can also fire it towards a very far target and keep firing until the Hookshot has extended far enough that it actually hits the target (some applications are firing at chests through walls, essentially replacing Weirdshots from MM, and climbing Stone Tower by just using the Hookshot to hit the target at the top).
  3. That's not all, however, there is a difference between the type of things you Hookshot; objects and actors. Objects are things that are loaded in with the collision data and textures of the area (crates, chests, Hookshot targets, trees in Ikana, etc.); actors are an addition to the area (torches, enemies, etc.). While using the extended Hookshot you can only hit objects, however, there is a way to cancel the glitch (being able to Hookshot actors) and still retain the extended Hookshot properties. By releasing L at the same time you Hookshot an actor you will have cancelled the glitch but still have your last extended Hookshot position saved; meaning even though you Hookshot an actor, you get sent to the last position the extended Hookshot hit. This allows you to do BK skips by extending your Hookshot past a torch or Beamos to the boss door and then firing the Hookshot at said actor which sends you through the boss door and into the boss loading zone. It is important to note that the actor you are shooting at has to be in the range of the actual Hookshot length and not have anything in between, such as a wall or block, or the Hookshot won't hit the actor.
  5. Also, since the Hookshot is always at its last position not relative to link's position, only how high link is aiming can affect the path of the Hookshot once it's been used, you can usually fire at a wall twice or an object twice before the Hookshot actually goes through said collision. This quirk means that link can fire the Hookshot at an object, move an infinite distance away from the object, face somewhat relative to the original position you fired the Hookshot, fire the Hookshot, and it will hit the object and send link all the way back to the object. While in the "hook shooting" state link will bypass all collision to get to the target he fired at, however, this glitch is not very useful since loading zones cannot be activated in this state and it acts more like an instant teleport to the original object the Hookshot was fired at.
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