OWB 3.0.2 Patch Notes

Sep 13th, 2021
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  1. -- Update 3.0.2 --
  3. ### Added
  4. - Added graphics for Behemoth unit category.
  5. - Texas Arm Association focus Fight for Freedom! now gives claims on all Republic of the Rio Grande states.
  6. - Added custom Technology graphics to Mojave Territories.
  7. - Added decision for the Mojave Brotherhood of Steel to whitepeace with the legion.
  8. - Added new decision menu enabled by the caps balance game rule to allow single country selection.
  10. ### Changed
  11. - Changed Vault City idea Advanced Infantry Support from Power Armour to Fireteam and Demolition equipment.
  12. - Moved the Jebediah general to the wild wasteland gamerule.
  13. - Buffed starting industry for Texas Arms Association.
  14. - Changed the availables for Texas Arms Association focuses Handle the Mongers and Shore up Shale to be ai_will_do blocks.
  15. - Changed Texas Arms Association event Time for a Cheeseburger from negative to positive stability.
  17. ### Fixed
  18. - Fixed General Lee Oliver not having a portrait as a general.
  19. - Fixed Civilian Draft land doctrine broken organization effect.
  20. - Fixed main menu music not being correct.
  21. - Temp switch super mutant nations to tribal graphics to fix inexplicable bug.
  22. - Fixed Santa Anna focus Mexico Reborn! having a bad event referenced in it's effect.
  23. - Fixed Localization for Behemoth category, Dog company defense factor, and Blocked tech.
  24. - Fixed Vault City focus Advancement Through Isolation to give the proper implant technology.
  25. - Fixed Legion Training reward tech being applied to the wrong units.
  26. - Fixed several Caeasr's Legion localization errors such as missing focus descriptions, event description errors, and specific technology errors.
  27. - Fixed Oliver and Hanlon being reversed in the Mojave Territories focus tree.
  28. - Fixed Painted Rock having the wrong flag.
  29. - Fixed some issues with Twin Mothers focus localization.
  30. - Fixed Ironmongers missing Settler Electronics tech.
  31. - Fixed issue with legion not being able to progress after taking the losing the dam focuses to the war focuses.
  32. - Fixed Painted Rock flags being in wrong saved format.
  33. - Fixed Colorado Springs state not having a victory point.
  34. - Fixed Texas Arms Association focus Secure the Capital giving cores on the wrong state.
  35. - Fixed fight for freedom puppet decision not having localization.
  36. - Fixed Yuma Caves operation having the wrong equipment requirements.
  37. - Fixed localization for several Texas Brotherhood ideas.
  38. - Fixed localization for The Greater Colorado Expedition Maxson Chaper focus description.
  39. - Fixed Last Patrol general missing a portrait.
  40. - Attempted to fix the issue with the video notification on alerts.
  41. - Fixed localization for Alamo Chapter event, Attis event, Apostles events, Mojave Brotherhood events, and Texas Brotherhood focuses.
  42. - Fixed Twin Mothers focuses not setting molerat DNA correctly.
  43. - Fixed Twin Mothers focuses for Tlaloc dying not being takable.
  44. - Fixed Localization for Vegas Outdated Security unit.
  45. - Fixed First People's focus Previous Commitments not being takable.
  46. - Fixed Think Tank Focuses not being takable due to bad prerequisites.
  47. - Fixed Texas not having any technology and only 2 research slots when it is spawned.
  48. - Fixed being able to do Rebuild the Gas Fields, Refurbish Old Satellites, Begin Shipping in the Gulf, Texas Calling, and Build the Trans-Texas Line more then once as Texas.
  49. - Fixed The Support of our People modifier for The First People giving up to 300% conscription and 1000% civilian factory construction speed.
  50. - Fixed Lanius not getting shale from the Focus due to id issues.
  51. - Fixed Lanius not returning from Caesar's Legion after the decision times out.
  52. - Fixed Twin Mothers focus The Dark Moon not giving Hecate as a unit leader.
  53. - Fixed hoover dam decision power-up working at full power.
  54. - Fixed a crash on load that can happen from the caps decisions.
  55. - Fixed issue with Texas Arms Association ai not using their wargoals.
  56. - Fixed disabled army wages law mising localization.
  57. - Fixed Supermutants not having the mutant wages law at start.
  58. - Fixed Bypass for Several Texas Brotherhood focuses.
  59. - Fixed Texas not puppeting nations when formed.
  60. - Fixed some caps related issues.
  61. - Fixed First People event chain to only trigger for them specifically and not everyone.
  62. - Fixed distance calculations in AI peace code.
  64. ### Removed
  65. - Removed generic settler advisors from Texas Arms Association.
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