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Aug 23rd, 2019
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  1. **Well, don't play on Linux**
  3. Trust me, it's full of bugs and a little bit limited. Don't get me wrong, I love this game and it's very cool that we can actually play this on Linux.
  4. But at the end of the day the gaming experience is not great on Linux.
  6. **WITH THIS METHOD YOU WON'T LOSE YOUR PROGRESSION**. This is really important cause this game is fun but takes a lot of time, especially if you want to reach the highest levels. I mean you have to spend a ridiculous amount of time to get all the quests and stuffs no matter what you do and even with some skills and speed run.
  8. # Why ?
  11. I was lvl 72 op8 and I've killed all raid bosses, I've played all quests and stuffs but playing on linux is very frustrating :
  13. 1. you're just not able to play this brand new DLC "Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary"
  14. 2. so you cannot reach lvl 80 op 10
  15. 3. matchmaking is simply not possible
  16. 4. coop mod is a huge pain in the ass to setup
  17. 5. people laugh at you on Discord :)
  19. # Dual boot is a decent solution
  21. First, get a dual boot on your computer.
  23. Yeah I'm telling you that. You can try Wine if you want but that totally sox.
  24. If you're a Linux guy you probably know how to do that. Otherwise there are A LOT of tutorials out there to get it done.
  26. # Get save data
  28. Go to your main Linux install, e.g Ubuntu and open a terminal :
  30. ```BASH
  31. cd ~/.local/share/aspyr-media/borderlands 2/willowgame/savedata
  32. nautilus `pwd`
  33. ```
  35. you will find there a folder. Its name looks like a huge number. In this folder just copy/paste the 3 files e.g on a usb flash drive :
  37. * profile.bin
  38. * save0001.sav
  39. * save0001.sav.bak
  41. the file names may be slighly different on your computer, does not matter if you copy the 3 files.
  43. # Boot windows, install the game and copy save data
  45. 1. Install Borderlands 2 on windows
  46. 2. Go to the specific folder `Documents/My Games/Borderlands 2/SaveData`
  47. 3. You will find another folder with a name that looks like a huge number, just copy paste all files from save data Linux (see above) in this folder
  48. 4. Boot the game and enjoy new DLC and stuffs
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