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Wizanon CYOA (On Haitus) [MMP]

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  1. >You are Anon, male human wizard and shapeshifter extraordinaire.
  2. >Through years and years of dedicated practice in the magical arts, you have learned to control the size and shape of not only yourself, but those around you.
  3. >As you climb out of bed this morning, you feel as though you've got enough magical energy stored up to do five transformations of any kind, and you're feeling up to some size-related shenanigans.
  4. >So, a few things to get out of the way. You're in Equestria, that's for sure, but you can't really recall where in Equestria you live. Was it Ponyville? Las Pegasus? You need a reminder from the crowd.
  5. >Second, before you head out, you might even want to use your powers on yourself and get some of your five transformations out of the way. Do you want to change your size, your race, your gender, or all of the above at once? It's fine if you don't, of course.
  7. >You do your morning stretches as you gaze out the bedroom window, enjoying your quaint little view of Ponyville.
  8. >It's a nice, quiet town, and the residents are fun to mess with. You always put things back to normal in the end, of course, as you aren't evil. Just… 'charasmatic'.
  9. >You've almost become sort of a local legend. Even though you haven't acted on your powers in quite a while, ponies who have lived in the town for a while are very wary of you.
  10. >There is one pony in town, however, that remains a skeptic of your abilities. A scientific mare by the name of Twilight Sparkle, who resides in the Ponyville library.
  11. >Twilight is new in town. It was only about a week after she had arrived when she first heard the rumors about you, and she came barging up to the door. Sh demanded to see an example of your shapeshifting magic, and even though you tried to explain to her that you didn't have any energy saved up, she refused to believe you had the ability at all.
  12. >But now, you feel the magic coursing through you. Maybe it was time to give her the spectacle she's asking for?
  13. >You toss on your best suit and throw open the door, deciding that if you're going to use your powers, they'll have to be in her presence, else she won't believe you.
  14. >It's a short walk to the library. You wave at a few of the residents, who eye you with wary stares and a suspicious greeting. Even though you've been docile lately, they're still hesitant to let their guards down. How cute.
  15. >You rap on the door and stare at it with a smile. A few seconds later, it swings open, leaving you face to face with Spike, Twilight's assistant dragon. He grins at you awkwardly before inviting you inside.
  16. > "So… do you need a book? Or are you here to see Twilight?"
  17. "The latter, I believe. And here-" you reach into your blazer pocket and pull out a small saphire, "Why don't you go out for a spell? Have a little free time. We'll be quite busy, and Twilight won't even notice you're gone. You deserve some time off, eh?"
  18. >The dragon looks wary, but his want overcomes his logic as he takes the sapphire from your hand. You wave goodbye to him as he exits the door.
  19. >Twilight descends down the stairs ahead of you, drawing your attention. She tilts her head in curiosity as she sees you.
  20. > "Oh, hello, Anonymous. I didn't know you were coming today. Is Spike already finding you a book or were you here for something else?"
  21. "Actually, Twilight, I'm here to see you. I figured you'd still like to see a bit of that shapeshifting magic I couldn't show you earlier."
  22. > She smirks at you in disbelief. "Oh, the kind of magic you said you couldn't do over a month ago? Sure, I'd love to. It's not like shapeshifting magic hasn't been lost from the arcane archive for over ten thousand years."
  23. >This is probably going to be the most satisfying transformation you've done in your life, if not only because you'll savor the look on her face when it works.
  24. >So, the question is… what exactly are you going to do? Are you going to change yourself, or her? And what changes are you going to make?
  26. >You thrust your arms up into the air and tilt your face back slightly, making sure to keep eye contact with Twilight.
  27. >She jumps at the movement before rationality returns to her, replacing her startled expression with a smug grin.
  28. "Prepaaare! For I, Anonymous, am about to TEAR DOWN your perception. Your perception of what is REAL, and what is FICTION!"
  29. >You lower your arms in front of you and wiggle your fingers in her face.
  30. > "Uhuh. Go ahead and do that."
  31. >You pull your arms back to your chest and stare into her eyes, trying to summon a glint to your eye by moving your head around in the light. You don't know if it worked or not, but now you kind of just look like an idiot moving your head around for seemingly no reason.
  32. >Twilight gives you a weird glance as you crouch lower to the ground, using your fingers to trace arbitrary invisible symbols in the ground. You try and keep your movements fluid and smooth as you draw your hands across the wooden floor. Performance is all about making the audience THINK you know what you're doing, even if you're just making shit up.
  33. >You begin a deep hum, drawing up the vibrations from the bottom of your throat. As you try and think of some old-worldy chants to say, you realize you… don't actually know any archaic languages. The Elder Gods would be disappointed.
  34. >You shrug it off and start speaking what little foreign language you actually know. Mustering the deepest, most sinister voice you can produce, you begin your "chant".
  35. "Où sont les toilettes? Je vous remercie! Je sais comment manger la bibliothèque."
  36. >Twilight purses her lips and lowers her eyebrows. "I didn't realize ancient shapeshifting magic originated in Prance. And you said you know how to eat a library, by the way. With improper grammar."
  37. >Your hand closes over her muzzle as you glare at her.
  38. "You fool! You endanger us all by interrupting me. Let the great wizard work."
  39. >She uses her magic to remove your hand from her face. You pull both arms to your side and stretch them out away from you, returning to your deep humming.
  40. >You grab a nearby candlestick from the table next to you and point it up to the ceiling as you let out a final cry.
  41. "By the power of Grayskull! I change!"
  42. >Then you, you know, cast the actual spell with a snap of your fingers.
  43. >In direct contrast to the useless dramatics beforehand, the spell itself is simple and quick. No sooner had you snapped your fingers than you found yourself staring up at the purple mare, convenient enchanted shapeshifting clothes shrinking with you.
  44. >You decided to keep it simple with an easy shrinking spell, as it's best not to overwhelm violetclever with something intricate.
  45. >Speaking of Twilight, she doesn't seem to realize what happened. She seems shocked, glancing around the now seemingly empty room.
  46. > "Anonymous? To be honest, I'm surprised you can even do magic at all, but teleportation is not shapeshifting. Anon?"
  47. "I am down here, Twilight. Feast upon your obvious mis-assumptions! For I have sizeshifted before your very eyes, using forbidden magics from beyon-"
  48. >The rest of your words are trapped in your throat as you are lifted off the ground, Twilight levitating you in front of her face. She gasps in surprise.
  49. > "Amazing… you actually can shapeshift. Well, sizeshift. Which is close enough. I guess I'll take your word on the rest."
  50. >She spins you around and studies you from all angles, completely entranced by your new size. "You can't be any bigger than a few inches. How'd you do it?"
  51. "Nah-ah! A magician never reveals his secrets, young lady."
  52. >Twilight frowns at you, squinting her eyes over the bridge of her muzzle. You smile back at her with a smug grin.
  53. "Alright, stage acting over. But really, trade secret. If I told you I'd have to tell everyone, and then it wouldn't be special anymore."
  54. >She rolls her eyes and sets you down no a nearby table and takes a seat, studying you further. "Well, fine. I'd still like to study you, though. But, I'm curious. What happens now?"
  55. >Well, you've got four more transformations left in you, judging by your internal gas meter. Plenty of time and energy left to do some more fucking around, if you wanted. Of course, being tiny has many of its own uses as it is, and you would hate to have an opportunity like this go to waste.
  56. >What exactly does happen now?
  58. >To be entirely honest, what happens now isn't your field of expertise. This is usually the part where all of the ponies run away screaming, not gawk at you with curiosity. But then again, you've never actually shrunken yourself before.
  59. >Regardless, the show is hardly over yet. The performance must go on even if the conditions have changed. You must be as dynamic as the audience if you're going to impress it!
  60. "Twilight. Come closer. If you wish to learn the secrets of the cosmos, the forbidden knowledge of the arcane enigma, the magical enlightenment from beyond the veil, you must come closer. The Dark Ones are always watching, always listening in."
  61. >Twilight hesitates for a moment, but does lean in a bit.
  62. "Closer."
  63. >Her face almost blocks out your entire vision.
  64. "Horse woman, come close! The powers unseen are not to be trifled with!"
  65. >Twilight finally bridges the gap and keeps her muzzle inches away from your body, warm breath pouring over you from her nostrils.
  66. >You raise a single hand in the air and stare into Twilight's right eye, which is having trouble focusing on you from so short a distance.
  67. >With minimal effort, you summon a soft yellow glow to your hand. It doesn't drain on your energy reserves too much to cost an entire shapeshifting spell, but you're fairly sure if you were to do too many of these little spells, the cost would add up eventually.
  69. >You set aside a small partition of energy specifically for small spells like this. Wasting these "mini spells" shouldn't have any effect on your main energy reserve. [5 Mini Spells added to inventory]
  71. >You pull back your glowing hand and reel it behind you, turning your body to the side to accommodate for the motion.
  72. >With the force of ten thousand tiny wizards, or possibly just one, you thrust your entire body forward to slam your glowing fist directly into the tip of her nose.
  73. >The universe struggles to retain its shape as your megaboop pushes at its confines. Only time will tell if your unnaturally powerful actions have torn a hole in the fabric of existence.
  74. >With the contact made, the glow transfers from your fist and into Twilight's nose. It pulses through her body quickly like a wave of energy, causing her to sparkle for a few moments before it fades away.
  75. >You have booped with such force, the lords of the eternal planes would be jealous.
  76. >Well, not really, but that's what it LOOKED like. And that's what's important.
  77. >Twilight squeals and reels backwards in surprise, hooves clamoring all over her face to try and feel for any changes. You watch as she flails around on the ground in confusion, trying to figure out what you did. Magic is fun.
  78. >Finding nothing physically wrong with her, she stands back up and lets out a few breaths to calm herself. She turns to face you with an angry glare and returns to the table, this time keeping a safe distance from you.
  79. > "Alright, Marey Houdini, what did you just do to me?"
  80. >You put your arms in front of you and wiggle your fingers in a very magic-like way.
  81. "I have crossed the border between the known and the unknowable: the mysteries of the universe resided in me, and now, they reside in you. In time you will understand the level of ascension I have gifted you."
  82. >Haha. Yeah, uh, you didn't actually do anything at all. Just kinda punched her nose with a glowing fist.
  83. >She puts a hoof to her temple in frustration as she tries to process what you've said, giving you a few moments to yourself.
  84. >You've got 4 transformations and 5 minis spells left. You've also got a confused giant purple pony in front of you and a world of opportunity around you. What's your next move?
  86. "Twilight. Heed my words, as from this point on, you are in mortal danger! The magical energies that now reside within you will try their best to push their way out of your being, destroying you in the process. I can keep you safe, but only, ONLY, if you do exactly as I say exactly when I say it! Otherwise…"
  87. >You let out a small gasp and look off to the side as if in pain.
  88. >Twilight frowns and sits down on her haunches, crossing her front hooves in front of her. You're not sure if she's buying it or not, but she seems at least somewhat compliant. For now. She probably has a line drawn somewhere that she won't cross, but you can probably get her to do mundane things for you, if you're careful about it.
  90. [Twilight Sparkle: Regretful Companion has been added to your ally roster!]
  92. >You put a hand to your head and close your eyes, pointing forward at Twilight.
  93. "I sense you still retain doubts. That is something we can't afford, for your own safety! First, I ask of you: close your eyes and concentrate. You must remain calm to suppress the overwhelming energies within. Look back into your past, and draw memories of peaceful places…"
  94. >Twilight rolls her eyes and shuts her eyelids, drawing her attention away from the room and into her own thoughts.
  95. >You crack your knuckles and prepare one of your mini spells. A little static discharge never hurt anyone, but it can prove useful.
  96. >A small bolt of electricity jumps from your fingertips and arcs into Twilight's muzzle, instantly sending her coat and mane hairs to jump up towards the air. You quickly lower your hand and pretend like you weren't looking as Twilight jumps in surprise, her wings standing on end as she slams against a bookshelf, knocking a few pieces of literature on to the floor.
  98. [-1 Mini Spell, for a total of 4]
  100. > "W-what did you do to me?!"
  101. >You adopt a grim expression and shake your head slowly.
  102. "It is worse than I thought. Already, you are experiencing surges of dark energy! If you hope to live through this encounter with newfound knowledge of the arts of shapeshifting, you must listen to every one of my words and follow them to the grave. Are we understood?"
  103. >She bites her lip and glances down at her tail, noticing how frazzled it is. After a few moments, she lets out a sigh of defeat and looks down at you.
  104. > "Alright, fine. We'll do things your way, for now. But I'm keeping a close eye on you, and if I even get a single whiff that you're pulling my leg…"
  105. >She leans in and jabs you in the chest with her massive hoof, causing you to lose your breath for a moment.
  106. > "… you're the one who's going to get the raw end of the deal. Now, what do we do?"
  108. [Twilight loyalty +5, for a total of +30]
  110. >You force a smile through the pain and take in a breath to replace the one you just lost. Showmanship is everything in this world, and if you can't keep the show going under any circumstances, you're not even worth the time.
  111. "Of course, my dear Twilight! Why would I ever do wrong by you? I have only your greatest needs on my mind."
  112. >You step forward to the edge of the table and hold out your hands, beckoning her to come closer.
  113. "In order to help cleanse your body of the immense power, I must be close to the source. Come hither so that I may rest upon your head, and focus on helping you overcome this issue."
  114. >She nods curtly and leans forward, putting the top of her head just underneath the edge of the table. You make a small jump and land atop her mane, grabbing on to her horn and posing like you've just planted the flag on Foal Mountain.
  115. >Twilight stands back up on all four hooves, now with you atop of her. You give her horn a quick knock with your knuckles, causing her to tense up for a moment in surprise. A bit sensitive, are we?
  116. >So, Twilight is somewhat trusting now. Time will tell how far this trust goes, and how long your bluff holds out. Hopefully you can win her affection by then, so you don't suffer TOO much bodily harm.
  118. >Nothing wrong with some extra buffs. If we learned anything from middle shcool health class, it's to always wear protection. Or… something like that.
  119. >Regardless, a good protection ward could do you some good at this size. It certainly won't make you invincible, but a small magical barrier will definitely make you more resilient to any kind of standard force that would kill things your size.
  120. >You concentrate your energy and cast one of your available Mini Spells, increasing your durability by a substantial amount. Hopefully this'll numb the pain, too, but it's been a while since you've messed with magic, so anything could go here.
  122. [You are now protected from basic injury and trauma!]
  124. "Now, I shall begin to unravel the mysteries of the universe as I search your inner being for the power that resides within you! Stay calm, and stay still. And maybe raise your head a little bit."
  125. >Twilight cranes her neck upward, giving you a clear view of the rest of the room. She's made quite a mess of it already, leaving books all over the floor from her earlier spasms.
  126. >There's a desk in the corner with some writing materials, and a few chairs for reading patrons scattered around the library floor. There's a door leading off to the side leading to the bathroom.
  127. >On the other side of the room is a staircase leading up to Twilight's bedroom, and another doorway leading to what you assume is the basement.
  128. >And, of course, there's a door behind you that leads outside into the town of Ponyville. There's got to be some fun to be had out there as well.
  129. > "Well? Anything?"
  130. "Oh, uh, yes. I sense deep within you, there is a… fiery energy, working its way out. You should be fine, for now, but I must stay with you and keep an eye on it at all times, as it may become unpredictable at any moment."
  131. >She sighs. "Great, so I'm stuck with you. For how long?"
  132. "As long as it takes."
  133. >You lean back against her horn and tussle a hand through her mane playfully.
  134. "You know, this wizarding business is very tiring. I could go for a drink, maybe a snack. Surely you would agree?"
  135. >She shivers as you rub up against her horn with your back experimentally. "I don't have any food in the library. We'll have to go out to eat. Either way, I've got some errands to run, and I don't care if the elder gods are coming out of my eye sockets, I'm going to run them. You can come, if you absolutely have to."
  136. "My, Twilight, it's as if you don't love my presence!"
  137. >You can tell she's rolling her eyes, and you can't even see her face. "Right. Well, I've got to stop by Sugarcube Corner and get some cupcakes for a party tomorrow, so if you want food, we could go there first. Other than that, I have to go by Rainbow Dash's house and help her with some problem she says she has, I can't even remember what it is. Oh, and Rarity wanted me to stop by her boutique for a new dress, apparently 'befitting a princess of my stature'. I don't really care which we go to first, so I'll let you decide."
  139. >Your inner pack rat tells you you need to take something before you leave. Like, literally anything. You just need an item of some kind.
  140. "Actually, before we leave, we need… a thing. Of some kind."
  141. >Twilight pauses. "A thing?"
  142. "Yes, a thing."
  143. > "What kind of thing?"
  144. "The… kind of thing that I need."
  145. > "Well, I don't KNOW what you need!"
  146. "I need a thing!"
  147. > "WHAT KIND OF THING?"
  149. > "… what?"
  150. "I need a toothbrush. For wizard reasons."
  151. > "… like, my toothbrush, or a spare, or…?"
  152. "I don't think it matters."
  153. >Twilight carries you to the bathroom. You see a bathtub against the far wall and a toilet to your right. A counter with a few drawers sits underneath a mirror to your left.
  154. >The massive purple pony levitates open one of the drawers and retrieves a big- well, relatively big- red toothbrush. She passes it over her head and into your hands.
  155. >Somehow, this was a good idea. You feel as if this toothbrush, with its size and shape, is a good magical conductor, and can even help pick up magical energies around you like an antenna. This toothbrush staff increases your magical regeneration rate! You totally planned this. Sort of. Subconsciously. In a way.
  157. [Magic Regen perk added. A new Mini Spell will be added to your inventory every day, and a new Transformation every week, as long as your staff is equipped.]
  159. >And really, what is a wizard without his staff, anyhow?
  160. > "Well, I have this one lying around. I don't know why you need a toothbrush but… whatever."
  161. >You're still feeling a bit internally conflicted about where to go first. You think you're going to let the voices in your head argue about it for a bit while you think about how pretty Twilight's mane highlights are.
  163. >The voices in your brain seem to have come to the conclusion that you should seek Porka Pone as a potential ally. Operation: Sugarcube Corner is now underway.
  164. "We must ride to Sugarcube Corner first. I have a mighty wizard hunger that must be satisfied with a mighty wizard meal!"
  165. > "Fine, I'll give you some cupcake crumbs or something."
  166. >Close enough.
  167. >Twilight pushes open the door and steps out into the sunlight, revealing to you the wonders of enormous Ponyville.
  168. >It's pretty much like normal Ponyville. But bigger.
  169. >As Twilight walks down the dirt paths toward Sugarcube Corner, she receives and returns a few waves. None of the ponies seem to notice you, however, and that's probably a good thing.
  170. >It's only a few minutes before you reach your destination. The smells of baked goods waft into your nose as Sugarcube Corner comes into view. Despite being the middle of a Saturday afternoon, the place looks devoid of any customers.
  171. >Twilight pushes the door open and steps inside, taking in a deep breath of the freshly baked smells as she does so.
  172. > "Pinkie! I'm here for the cupcakes!"
  173. >The shop looks completely devoid of life. The counter ahead of you is unmanned, with no mare nor stallion waiting there for customers. Countless delectables are on display underneath the layer of glass, and the sight, combined with the smells, are already making your mouth water.
  174. >After no response from Pinkie, Twilight sighs and levitates you off of her head, placing you down on a nearby table.
  175. > "I'm going to go find Pinkie. You're staying here. I'll come back for you when I find her."
  176. >You open your mouth to protest, but she puts up a hoof to stop you. "Nah-ah-ah! I don't want to hear it. If I start feeling powers from beyond the veil crawling out of my pores, I'll come back, but I think I'm fine for now. You keep messing up my mane."
  177. >Twilight goes behind the counter and into the kitchen, looking for Pinkie Pie. You take a look around at your surroundings and notice… well, not much.
  178. >Your table is bare, save for a few crumbs and a napkin with a few smudges on it, but the crumbs don't look safe for consumption and the napkin looks icky. Ponies have obviously eaten here somewhat recently, but any semblance of business here is long gone. You spy no sign of Pinkie Pie, or the Cakes, for that matter.
  179. >You hear some kind of… smacking sound below you, seemingly from under the table. But the edge of the table is like, a whole 15 steps away, and you'd have to REALLY WANT to know what that noise is to walk all the way over there.
  181. >You decide you need some kind of gameplan before you move forward. You pull a magical shrinky pencil out of your blazer pocket and move to the napkin, waiting to be your map.
  182. >It seems someone has beaten you to it, though. On front of the napkin is a quickly scribbled message.
  183. > "9pm. Edge of the forest. Come alone."
  184. >Strange, and cryptic. You stare at it for a few moments and commit it to memory before flipping the napkin over and starting on your map.
  185. >It takes all of two minutes of your incredibly precious time. Hopefully it was worth the effort. You doubt you'll be able to jump to any other surfaces from here, but dropping down to the floor shouldn't be harmful, especially with your protection enchantment.
  187. >You figure if you can muster the willpower to draw a map, you can walk a few steps and investigate the noise. Careful not to drop off, you lean over the side of the table and try and discover the source of the noise.
  188. >It doesn't take long. Directly underneath your table is none other than Gummy, who seems to be having quite the experience trying to eat a cupcake someone dropped on the ground.
  189. >It looks like a chore without teeth, but somehow, through entire minutes of smacking his gums together, he seems to be able to dissolve the baked goody and eat it that way.
  190. >You whistle to get his attention. He looks up from his cupcake and gazes up towards where you are. You… think he's looking at you, but his eyes are a little lopsided. Regardless, he quickly loses interest and goes back to smacking his gums together. You don't think you have to worry about him, even if you were within his reach.
  191. >As Gummy continues to smack on and on and on and on, it brings your attention to a different sound you didn't notice before. You hear music coming from upstairs, very faint, but still barely audible.
  192. >You throw a crumb down at Gummy's head and sit at the edge of the table, looking out over the place once more. You've got 3 Mini Spells and 4 Transformations left, and a toothbrush staff. You could just drop down and walk wherever you wanted, but that would probably take some time. Not to mention WALKING should be a last resort. Your wizardly legs deserve better.
  194. >You look over the napkin, with a strong sense that you'll need it later. It's definitely too big to fold up and carry around, but there might be something you can do to make this work.
  195. >Careful not to crease it too much, you fold the napkin into a cape and wear it proudly around your neck. Now you're looking like a REAL wizard.
  196. >Well, a very small wizard with a toothbrush staff and a napkin cape.
  197. >Seeing as there's nothing much left to do on the table, you brace yourself for the drop and step off the side. You try to do one of those fancy rolls that they do in the army movies, but instead you just kind of fall flat on your face. At least you aren't dead.
  198. >You push yourself off the ground with no small amount of pain and brush the dust off of your jacket. Gummy sits in front of you, eyes pointed in opposite directions and gums smacking without an end in sight.
  199. >You approach him and give a bow. He doesn't seem to notice.
  200. "Ay, Gumbo. We cool?"
  201. >Smack smack smack smack.
  202. "You wouldn't mind giving me a ride, would you?"
  203. >Smack smack.
  204. "Alright, you're awesome."
  205. >Careful not to step in any messy cupcake leftovers and alligator drool, you make your way to Gummy's side. He either doesn't notice or doesn't care as you throw your leg over and take your seat on his back.
  206. "Onwards, mighty steed! To that other table over there!"
  207. >Smack smack smack.
  208. >You sigh and dig your heel into his side, hoping to send him forward.
  209. >Gummy pauses for a moment, apparently affected by the kick. You smile and wait anxiously for him to move.
  210. >A quiet burp escapes from his mouth, signalling the return to his stationary smacking. You sigh and dismount, kicking a crumb of cupcake off to the side in frustration.
  211. >Gummy responds immediately, nearly knocking you over as he darts off in the direction of the crumb. Before it even hits the ground again, he snaps it up in his toothless mouth and goes back to smacking.
  212. >An idea forms in your amazing wizard brain. Using rudimentary magic that doesn't really require any energy at all, you levitate a piece of cupcake a few inches from his snout.
  213. >Gummy snaps for it, but you keep it out of his range. Making sure to match his pace, you keep the crumb a few inches away from him, effectively directing the way he goes as you keep it just out of his reach.
  214. >You lead Gummy back to you and reward him with his prize, allowing him to go back to smacking. It seems you may have a new means of transport.
  215. >You throw your leg back over and mount Gummy once more, making sure to pocket a few sweet crumbs before you do so.
  216. >Pedestrians may swerve, you got yourself the Gummymobile.
  218. >Keeping your piece of cake safely out of the reach of your reptilian mount, you direct him towards the stairs. You're pretty sure you'll find who you're looking for up there.
  219. >Gummy dashes forward. Well, "dashes" isn't exactly the word. With your added weight, he more or less just… 'splurgs'. Yeah, that sounds right.
  220. >The two of you reach the stairs. You hold the crumb up above the next step. Gummy stares at it (to the best of his abilities), but refuses to move.
  221. >You throw back your head and groan. This fuckin' gator.
  222. >Careful not to get your hands messy, you pull out another crumb from your pocket and levitate it next to the first one. Apparently this is enough of an incentive, and he starts climbing.
  223. >You grab on tight as he starts his ascent, carrying you up the stairs. It's definitely better than walking, as long as you're careful not to fall off.
  224. >About a minute later, your journey is over. The music has been getting progressively louder as you ascend the staircase, and now you see the source. A door to your right is open just a crack, music and light pouring out into the hallway. You see a shadow moving within, but you can't tell who.
  225. >On your left is a door that's been left open wide. This one is dark, and seemingly with no one in it.
  226. >At the end of the hall is an open window and another door, this one closed. You've never been up on this level of Sugarcube Corner before, so you have no idea who each room belongs to.
  227. >Well, you came here to investigate the music, but you could change your mind and go somewhere else if you wanted.
  228. >You dismount and lead Gummy over to the wall, where you give him a few crumbs to smack on. That'll probably keep him occupied for a while while you explore where you please.
  230. >You give a few military hand signals to Gummy to tell him to stay put. He gazes in two different directions with an empty stare, neither of them towards you, but you like to imagine that he's nodding in agreement.
  231. >The door with music behind it is slightly ajar, and you can wiggle your way through without any effort.
  232. >This is a stealth mission: You strap your toothbrush staff to your back behind your napkin cape for better mobility and press yourself against the nearest wall, skulking through the shadows. You want to get a view of the room before you make yourself seen, if at all.
  233. >You can hear the music more clearly now. It’s an energetic tune, the kind people (or ponies) listen to when working out, or doing chores, or filing those tax returns the day before the Celestial IRS comes knocking.
  234. >Turns out, it’s currently being used for none of the above. Either that, or this is the most unconventional workout you’ve ever seen. Pinkie Pie, in all of her glorious monsterhorse dimensions, is standing in front of a makeup cabinet with a built in mirror.
  235. >Her front hooves are propped up on the cabinet with her hind hooves planted firmly in the ground. She’s wearing her workout clothes, sweatband wrapped around her head and athletic leg warmers adorned on her back hooves.
  236. >She seems quite occupied with the mirror in front of her, making a host of silly faces at it, complete with sound effects. Her tail swishes back and forth on the carpet as she tilts her head to the side this way and that, trying to find the best delivery for expressions.
  237. >You obscure yourself behind a nearby chair leg. Pinkie is but a short brisk walk away from you. There’s a bed opposite side of the room, and you think this chair you’re hiding behind belongs to a desk directly above you. Gummy is still outside, no doubt waiting to see if you’ll return with more cake.
  239. >A normal man would see nothing but a giant pony before them. But you are no normal man. Because in front of you, the only thing you can see is a chance for performance.
  240. >You've messed with the mirror world a few times, but nothing too substantial. Hopefully you'll be able to nail this.
  241. >Taking close count of your energy reserves, you figure you've got about three mini spells left.
  242. >Ah well. If you don't use them now, you won't use them ever.
  243. >You use your first mini spell to bring yourself into the mirror world, which sounds a lot more difficult than it actually is. It's a little bit disorientating, merging with your reflection, but you do it with little trouble. The mirror world is pretty much exactly like the normal one in every respect, except the view is flipped the other way around. Except you, now, are flipped the other way around, so you can't even tell.
  244. You won't need it to get out of the mirror world, or even to get back in: You've breached the barrier between worlds, and that doorway shouldn't go away any time soon. Now you can travel to and from the mirror world by simply walking through any reflective surface!
  246. [Mirror Walker perk gained.]
  248. >Next step is getting up to where Pinkie is. The only way Pinkie could see you now is if she spotted you through the mirror, but if you touch any reflections, you're sure to disrupt their real life counterparts, including the pink pony herself.
  249. >You use a second mini-spell to teleport yourself up to her makeup cabinet. She's directly in front of you now, her goofy faces clearly visible before you. Well, her reflection, anyways. Were you not in the mirror world, she would be able to see you right now, but being off to the side of the mirror you are out of her sight.
  250. >Now, for step three of your elaborate ruse, and your third mini spell. Hopefully you won't need these anytime soon, but at least you'll be able to recharge a new one by the end of the day.
  251. >You've always prided yourself in your use of illusions. Bending light waves isn't easy, but you've got a firm grasp on it, and you can make people see just about anything, provided you've got the energy for it.
  252. >With extreme focus, you project an image of a cupcake on Pinkie's left shoulder, complete with a little red wrapper. Since you are projecting this image from within the mirror world, it does not appear in the real one, and can only be viewed through a mirror.
  253. >Pinkie doesn't seem to notice the cupcake. Not yet, anyways. You move the ghostly apparition up to her reflection's ear, and whisper a few words under your breath to give it a few lines of dialogue.
  254. "Pinkie... I am the ghost of pastries past... you will pay dearly for the sugary blood you have spilled!"
  255. >Pinkie pauses and perks her ears up, looking through the mirror and at the cupcake. She glances between the blank spot on her real-life shoulder and back to the reflection within the mirror. "I will?"
  256. "Yes! You will!"
  257. > "How?"
  258. "With... more blood!"
  259. > "Well I don't know where to find any blood! You should ask Granny Smith." Pinkie towards the mirror and cups her mouth with a hoof. "You didn't hear it from me, but I think she's a vampire."
  260. "W- no! You're going to pay with YOUR blood! Because you ate all of my brothers and sisters!"
  261. > "Oh, yeah. Sorry, they were delicious." Pinkie's eyes roll up towards the ceiling as she recalls on past memories of delicious cupcakes. "But I don't think you can have my blood, mister."
  262. "It is not your choice!"
  263. >You amplify the illusion up to eleven, darkening the reflection in the mirror around the cupcake as if it is surrounded by a void. Lightning crackles behind it, sending even your own hair on end.
  264. >Pinkie giggles and reaches a hoof through the mirror, her own reflection standing by and watching as she takes the cupcake and pulls it back through to the real world. She bites down on it with a satisfied 'mmm!'
  266. >W... what
  267. >No wait seriously what
  268. >That wasn't even a real cupcake. That was just an illusion.
  269. >And it wasn't even in the same REALITY as her.
  270. >You get up from your crouch and and step up to the mirror, phasing through back to reality. You throw your arms into the air and Pinkie looks down at you with confusion on her face, head tilted to the side in curiosity and cupcake crumbs clinging on around her mouth.
  271. >Your ego is bruised, now. Not only did she ruin your trick, she did so with a trick of her own. You want to know how she did it, and she had better tell you.
  272. “What the hell was that?”
  273. >Pinkie raises an eyebrow and leans closer, eyes sparkling. “Anon? Is that you? Why are you so small?” She gasps suddenly, in surprise. “Oh! Oh! Are you doing your shapey-shifty magic again? Can you turn me into a newt? Can you? Can you? Turn me into a newt! I wanna be a newt!”
  274. “Calm down. Maybe later. But listen, I want to know: how did you do that just then? Reach through the mirror and then eat an imaginary cupcake?”
  275. >Pinkie stares at you, as if in thought. She looks down at the half-eaten cupcake in her hoof, takes another bite, and then shrugs. You didn’t really expect her to know anyways.
  276. >Well, you’ve made your entrance, more or less. Pinkie knows you’re here and she seems friendly. Kind of a wasteful use of mini spells, but you can always get more.
  278. >You take a crumb of cupcake off of the top of the table and munch down on it, leaning against the wall behind you and careful not to fall into the mirror. You keep your napkin cape tucked behind you: wouldn't want the secret message you find to be less secret. You raise an eyebrow at the giant pink horse and gesture for her attention.
  279. "So, Pinkie, I hear you like jokes. Jokes and pranks."
  280. >Pinkie gasps and leans in, her muzzle inches away from your chest. "Oh my gosh, yes! I love pranks! This one time, I got a bag of flour, a bucket of chloroform, some chopsticks, and a medium-sized trout and I-"
  281. "Yes, that's nice." You cut her off. "How would you like to be in on one of my pranks? I could use some help."
  282. >Pinkie salutes and adopts a serious expression, backing away from the table. "It would be my honor. So who are we pranking?"
  283. >You help catch her up to the current situation, running through what Twilight believes is going on and what is actually going on. You also let her now that she's currently downstairs looking for her.
  284. > "Gotcha. Don't worry, I won't blow your cover!" She giggles. "It's gonna be funny when Twilight figures out the whole thing is a joke, though."
  285. >Funny for a few minutes before she gets really angry, you think.
  286. >You're a bit curious as to why Pinkie was making those weird faces earlier. You ask her what the deal is.
  287. > "Oh! Rainbow Dash said that she saw a new pony trotting into town from the South road when she was clearing the skies. I'm preparing my silly faces before she gets here so that I can make whoever they are smile, and make a new friend!"
  288. >Yeah, that's pretty standard Pinkie.
  289. > “Well, let’s go find Twilight then. She is looking for me, after all!” Pinkie Pie doesn’t wait for your response, swooping in. Her nose dives in between your legs before flinging upwards, launching you into the air. You land in her exorbitantly curly pink mane with a light *pomf*. It’s pretty damn comfortable, all things considered. You could sleep in here.
  290. >You bounce up and down with her as she bounds out the door and down the stairs, saying hi to Gummy on the way out. She bounces straight through the store and into the kitchen, where Twilight entered. You crawl your way out of the vicious curls and into the open air, finally able to see the area around you with clarity.
  291. >Twilight is bent over a stove, scrubbing at it with a magically-held brush. She’s slaving over the thing, a determined grimace on her face as she cleans. Pinkie calls her attention, causing her to drop the brush and turn around with surprise.
  292. >She smiles meekly and gestures towards the stove. “I-I came in here looking for you, and I saw that the counter-top was dirty, so I cleaned it. And then I saw the fridge was dirty, so I cleaned that too. And then-” she cuts herself off. “Well, you get the idea.”
  293. >You wave from Pinkie’s mass of curls, and Twilight finally notices you. She sighs. “Oh, good. You brought him with you.” She puts a hoof to her chin, trying to remember what she came for. “Oh! Right. Pinkie, I’m here to pick up those cupcakes I ordered.”
  294. > “Oki doki loki!” Pinkie bounces to the back of the kitchen, forcing you to hold on to her strands of hair to stay mounted. She swings open the pantry and retrieves a box of cupcakes, sliding them across the floor to Twilight. Twilight grabs them with her magic and puts them on her back for carrying, and at the same time, yanks you out of Pinkie’s mane. She drops you on her own head, where you immediately take the opportunity to bother her by flicking her horn again.
  295. >She flinches but doesn’t say anything. “Well, Pinkie, guess we’re going. Nice seeing you again.”
  296. > “Let me walk you out!” Pinkie joins your side as you exit the kitchen.
  297. >Just as you walk out into the store, another pony walks in through the front door. It’s a mare you’ve never seen before, with a pearly white coat and a pleasant peachy-cream mane. She looks around awkwardly, as if not entirely sure why she’s here, or as if she’s looking for someone.
  298. >Pinkie gasps and leaps forward, her face instantly pushed up against the mare’s. You and Twilight both watch with hints of amusement as Pinkie does her usual “welcome to Ponyville” performance, not so much by choice, but because her massive pink rear end is blocking the door.
  299. > “So, anyways, I’m Pinkie Pie! But what’s your name?” Pinkie wraps up her performance, panting for breath.
  300. > “Um... Sunrise Surprise. I’m sorry, but I really don’t have time for introductions: I was supposed to meet someone here. Was there anyone in this shop earlier? Because I know it isn’t any of you.”
  301. >Pinkie smiles wide. Still blocking the door. “Oh! Yeah! There was a stallion. Big orange fella. I THOUGHT he looked like he was looking for someone! But yeah, a few more ponies walked in, he looked kinda nervous, and we walked out.” She frowns and glances at the table that you were seated on earlier. “Left a big mess behind.”
  302. >Sunrise widens her eyes. “Really? Did he leave a note or something? Where can I find him?”
  303. > “Nope!”
  304. >You try not to make a scene as the napkin tied around your neck comes to mind. No doubt this note is intended for the pony in front of you, but what’s the best way to handle the situation?
  306. >It's obvious this mare is in some sort of trouble, and it wouldn't be very chivalrous of you to ignore her plights. But then again, this seems like the kind of problem that needs to be kept on the down-low, so you'll need to approach her in private.
  307. >You cough loudly from your perch atop Twilight’s head, drawing the attention of all three ponies. Sunrise widens her eyes in shock, obviously having just now noticed you. You lean against Twilight’s horn in a lackadaisical manner and wave.
  308. “Oh, hello, beautiful. I know I’ve never seen you around town, because I would have remembered that face of yours.”
  309. >Twilight groans loudly beneath you, obviously one of three mares in the room not impressed with your smooth talking. You ignore her.
  310. “You’ve got a little fluff coming out of your ear. Do you want me to get that for you?”
  311. >She glances to her side as if trying to look into her own ear before realizing how stupid that is. Being an Earth pony without the benefit of dextrous magic, she nods in agreement. You kick Twilight’s horn to get her attention.
  312. “A little assistance, please?”
  313. > “Ugh.” She grabs you with her magic and, rather roughly, drops you on top of the other mare’s head. You smile and brush yourself off, trying not to get tangled in her mane as you make a few steps to your side and lean over the side, peering into her ear. You scratch the area behind her ear with one hand and use the other to gently rub around the inside, causing her ear to twitch with part pleasure and part surprise.
  314. > “S-sorry, I wasn’t ready for that.”
  315. >You lean in close, making sure your whispers can be heard by her and only her.
  316. “Don’t say anything. Alright, I have a note here, and I know you’re in trouble. I can help you, though. Come by the library on the North side of town at 8:00 tonight, and I’ll tell you more. Now, act like I just said something dirty, maybe blush a little. It’ll get the purple one off our trail. She’s smarter than she looks.”
  317. >Sunrise appears to be a fast thinker, because she’s already doing what you ask. You can tell because Twilight’s hoof is implanted in her own face, shaking her head slowly. You give her one last pat between the ears and climb back on her mane, immediately being pulled back to Twilight with her magic.
  318. > “I’m sorry you had to hear whatever you just heard, ma’am. We’re leaving now.” Twilight pushes open the door to Sugarcube Corner and trots out, leaving the bakery behind. Just before you disappear from sight, you give a wizardly bow to the distressed mare.
  319. > “Alright, where are we going now, short stuff? Rainbow Dash’s or Rarity’s?”
  321. >Gotta be the one with the purple squiggle tail, you think. You’ve got a swank suit, a classy cape, a suave staff, but unfortunately you’re still missing a hunkalicious hat.  You really should have thrown on all your REAL wizard gear before you left the house, but you know, where’s the fun in that?
  322. >With a hat, you’d be pretty much unstoppable.
  323. >Well, by unstoppable, you mean you’d be slightly more powerful than you are now.
  324. >Hats don’t make too much of a difference, really.
  325. >But it’s all about the attitude. And a hat would make you FEEL like you’re unstoppable.
  326. >You grab hold of Twilight’s hair like reigns and pull back, trying to turn her to the left.
  327. “Onwards, mare! To the dress smith!”
  328. > “Rarity’s boutique is this way, wise guy.” Twilight turns her head the opposite direction and starts trotting.
  329. “Well, of course. Do you take me to be directionally challenged? I’m just using inverted controls, is all.”
  330. >Nice save, as always.
  331. >You arrive in short time. The sun is still in the air, with plenty of time left before 8 o’clock strikes and your appointment takes precedence.
  332. >Twilight uses her magic to push open the door and enter the boutique. At first glance, the place seems empty, with rows of white horse mannequins sporting outfits of varying color and flare. It takes you a moment before you realize that one of them isn’t a mannequin at all; a white unicorn stands at the back of the room, her eyes squinted in concentration as she picks at the collar on one of the displays.
  333. >Twilight clears her throat, which finally catches Rarity’s attention. “Oh! Twilight, darling, I didn’t hear you come in! I’m glad you could come today, I’ve got a new dress designed that would look absolutely fabulous on your figure!”
  334. > “I can’t wait to try it on!” Twilight grins. “But we might have to make it quick. I’ve got... things going on. And I still have to see Rainbow Dash before the end of today for something.” Twilight grabs you with her magic and levitates you above her head, drawing Rarity’s attention to you. “Also, he’s here. Don’t bother asking why.”
  335. > “Erm... alright, then.” Rarity seemed puzzled but she didn’t push. “Anonymous, is it? I don’t think we’ve ever met, but I’ve heard tales. Nice to finally be acquaintoh my word. What... an... interesting?... choice in fashion. Is that a used napkin? Right there, around your neck?”
  336. “Why yes, it is.” You plant your hands on your hips with pride. “I’m going for a ironic modern look I found in Wizards Fashion Monthly. Wearing trash you find lying around helps bring out your natural beauty through contrast, you see.”
  337. > “... right.” Rarity scrunches her face a little. Her eye twitches once or twice. “In all honesty I do very much like your suit, if that’s any consolation. Anyways, back to the dress... this will only take a moment!” Rarity forgets about the mannequin for a moment to dash away, disappearing into a side room. Her voice drifts in from around the corner. “I just need to see you in this for a moment, and then you can be on your way if you really have to. If you like it you can keep it!”
  338. >Before the conversation can continue, a high-pitched squeaky voice yells out from the next room. “Rarityyyy~! I’m bored!”
  339. > Rarity groans. “Oh, Sweetie Belle, not right now. I’ve got Twilight over!”
  340. > “But you said today wouldn’t be boring like last time mom and dad brought me over!”
  341. > “I… well, I guess I did. Erm…” Rarity looks up from her dress and stares at you for a few moments, eyeing you up and down. “Could you entertain Sweetie Belle while Twilight and I do this, Anon? It will only take a brief moment.”
  343. [In Progress, Please Wait]
  345. Stats page:
  347. [Inventory]
  348. 1 Set of Enchanted Size-Changing Clothes
  349. 1 Toothbrush Staff
  351. [Magic]
  352. 20 Spell points to spend (+15 every day)
  354. Major Spells (5 points each):
  355. Transformation (shapeshifting/sizeshifting)
  357. Minor Spells (2 points each):
  358. Magic Missile (ball of pure magical energy; scales with the caster's size)
  359. Blink (short-range teleportation)
  360. Minor Illusion (magical effects, small hallucinations)
  363. [Perks]
  365. -Magic Regen: This staff was most likely wielded by the ancient tiny dentist wizard ponies of old. Grants a +5 to your spell point regeneration rate.
  367. -Mirror Walker: You've breached the barrier between worlds, and that doorway shouldn't go away any time soon. Now you can travel to and from the mirror world by simply walking through any reflective surface!
  369. -Basic Protection
  370. Through the use of a basic protection spell, you are buffed to be immune to most forms of generic physical damage. This wears off after one block, however.
  372. [Pony Relationship Status]
  374. Twilight Sparkle:
  375. Loyalty: +30
  376. Affection: -5
  378. Pinkie Pie:
  379. Loyalty: +25
  380. Affection: +50
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