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  1.  - Colored circles only move on player input. Intentional?
  2.  - Yellow circle spazzes about all the time. Blue and red are flashing unpleasantly
  3.  - Controls feel sluggish, because the player doesn't stop when I stop giving input but one or two steps later. Especially prominent when walking along a wall, where the player slides for about 3 meters before coming to a stop
  4.  - The outline being visible through other objects is slightly confusing. Doesn't look great when the vertex shader is applied
  5.  - Actually laughed when I found out that yellow is sticky in the second room after jumping against the already yellow block
  6.  - 3D FP platforming with this kind of controls is torture
  7.  - Holy shit fuck these controls
  8.  - Finally reached the top by skipping the last two platforms via red goo
  9.  - Portal texture is nauseating
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