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Aug 18th, 2019
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  1. Thank you for this honour: I am humbled and encouraged and really rather awed by what this means.
  3. I would not be here without people who have lifted me up: R.B. Lemberg was the first editor to accept my foray into speculative fiction. Rochita Loenen Ruiz opened and continues to open countless doors for me and many others. Aliette de Bodard has been a relentless support on top of being a brilliant inspiration. For their love, their belief in me, and their unstinting support I thank the Idlers by Bamboo, the naggy cousins I never knew I needed, and the family I have found in science fiction and fantasy: Kate Elliott, Zen Cho, Tade Thompson, Vida Cruz, Victor Ocampo, Cindy Pon, Alessa Hinlo and to my wonderful friends who have saved me countless times, Elizabeth Bear and Fran Wilde, and my friends whose stories light my way, there are so many of you but I want to say the names of Amal el-Mohtar, Arkady Martine and Seth Dickinson. And there are people who have found value in my art even when I could not: Laura Kepplinger, and my Patreon and membership supporters, and everyone who has helped me out and shared my art and found it beautiful. And to the one whose love and resolve forms the foundation of everything I create: my beloved fiancee, Erica Norwood.
  5. This award is for me but also for people like me, who are now where I have been; young Filipinos and creatives over the world who need to be seen even though everything seems covered in darkness, and are struggling with creation when surrounded by so much destruction. Nakikita ko kayo. Kailangan namin kayo. Inaabangan namin kayo. I see you. We need you. We await you.
  7. Here's to the literature and art of imagination; to the worlds of possibility and promise that we find within ourselves through speculative fiction. Mabuhay ang sining ng pagasa at pangarap, ng tula at alamat at awit, ng kathang-isip at kalayaan. Mabuhay ang ating mga kuwento at ang mga mundo na sama-sama nating linilikha. Mabuhay tayong lahat.
  9. (Long live the [art, craft, culture] of hope and [dreams, ambition], of [creations of the mind] and freedom. Long live our stories and the worlds we together create. Long live [us all].)
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