About me

Jul 26th, 2021
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  1. Hello, my name is Julie W. Tran and I'm a writer. I have a wife and a son and we enjoy spending our free time together. We love having friends over and playing makeup games. One of our favourite games is logic. We're supported by, an online platform for developing thinking abilities in children and their parents. You can solve riddles, solve puzzles and master logic through a game format.
  2. I also love writing. It all started long back. I was barely three years old at the time. When I was a little girl, I was playing with my toys while walking. I was unsure of what my mother was planning for me.
  3. One spring day , my mom had a revelation that her daughter was old enough to get familiar with the alphabet. We became acquainted, me and the letters. Of course, they would later be printed, big, angular and horribly flawed, but their primary goal was clear!
  4. To put it mildly, my parents were not thrilled with my new activity; however, they could not keep track of it or prevent it. They were patient until I became tired of writing on the walls and started writing letters to my grandmother. It was a quick process. As a young adult, I was only 4 at the time, I wrote to my grandmother every week and at the same time I was taking responsibility for the education of my younger brother. However, my brother, being a scientist, did not have a keen interest in my studies in calligraphy, because his raison d'etre was as a designer...
  5. Yes, these are all just memories, but they are precious as that is how my relationships and my work with the world started. It was then that I developed a desire to write about what I experienced and heard, what I thought and what I envisioned.
  6. As a teen, I realized: other people see the world in their own manner, completely different from me! And that means you have to present what I saw. This is how poetry was born. To compose lines on any topic, I utilized four different languages. This enabled me to express a vast variety of emotions that people experience. Though I put in a lot of effort to perfect my skills, unlike my peers who were also interested in rhyming , I was not able to learn the theories. At present, I do not know what the main dimensions of poetry are. I don't know how to apply them, but I'm always fitting in!
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