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  2. He is wearing:
  3.    a glittery golden beard, 3 decorative white elm scabbards, an Outrider's cloak, a bone and
  4. leather quiver, a silver keyring, a plain amulet, a silver-weave pack, an amplifying horn of
  5. Sukhder, a turquoise earring, a rounded beret shaped as a blueberry, 2 aquamarine earrings, an
  6. Ironwood warmask painted molten steel, 2 ruby earrings, an opal earring, 3 ethereal rings, a
  7. vialbelt of mithril kegs, 2 garnet earrings, 3 calcite earrings, 2 aventurine earrings, a pair of
  8. shiny black boots, a mahogany scabbard with black thorns, a suit of scale mail, an amethyst earring,
  9. a gruesome necklace made of 16 severed ears, a pulsating choker of Moradeim, a diaspore earring, a
  10. fluctuating crown of ghosts, a charm bracelet, a deceptive cloak of ghosts, a sachet encased in ice,
  11. a spinel earring, an icewyrm dartsheath, an ominous vampire costume, a shifting anklet of the suns,
  12. an ethereal cloak, a pyrite earring, a tiny paw-print badge, a hematite earring, a dispersing charm,
  13. a sapphire earring, a quartz earring, a Ssyran hunter's quiver, and a pair of Ogre's Gauntlets.
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