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  1. >post episode 24
  2. >typical happy mitsukoko family
  3. >dinner time
  4. >everyone is eating composedly, happy family yadda yadda
  5. >suddenly black-out
  6. >lights on again
  7. >mitsuru going outside to check if there's some problem outside
  8. >realize every door is locked
  9. >entrance locked from the outside
  10. >windows locked from the outside
  11. >entire family standing up and looking outside
  12. >kokoro asking mitsuru what's happening
  13. >entire family is on the edge, terrible, terrible feeling about all this
  14. >something's crawling out from the kitchen table
  15. >huge, enormous figure behind them
  16. >mitsuru turns his head
  17. > well hello there, happy family
  18. >imagine tying them up
  19. >line them up
  20. >Ai and Kokoro scared shitless
  21. >Mitsuru acting angry
  22. >asks what you want
  23. >
  24. >you get closer to Mitsuru
  25. >say pops, what did you do to help?
  26. >imagine telling him that he's very lucky
  27. >got a family
  28. >got a woman
  29. >got a beautiful daughter
  30. >did he deserve that?
  31. >telling him he's useless
  32. >he did nothing, just crawled up all the time, endangering his peers, acting like he's superior to everyone
  33. >then humiliating himself by asking a kid, a fucking KID that fought all the time for his woman, to help him fix the shit he did
  34. >Mitsuru looking at the ground
  35. >Kokoro looking at him
  36. >Telling him that he's a coward, a stupid useless shitstain, that only ACTED angry at Hiro for some useless reason, because he needed a reason to keep going
  37. >telling him he got manipulated by everyone, helped by everyone, and did nothing worthwhile
  38. >only impregnated a thirsty slut
  39. >Kokoro tearing up
  40. >Mitsuru shaking, his eyes glued on the ground
  41. >"Even that mumbling FAT FUCK got his shit together better than you"
  42. >you were just a pawn for a baby crazed girl
  43. >and you did that
  44. >you point your finger at Ai
  45. >she starts screaming that her dad is a war hero
  46. >your evil eyes sparkle
  47. >"You never told her?" "You never told her!"
  48. >you take Ai
  49. >you press your hand on her soft cheeks
  50. >Kokoro screaming, telling you to not get closer to her
  51. >"your pops never fought during the Wyrm battle"
  52. >Ai tearing up
  53. >Mitsuru trembling like a leaf
  54. >imagine telling Mitsuru that you like seeing truth in motion
  55. >you'll untie him, you'll unlock the door he'll be free and harmless, but he must run and never come back
  56. >you go behind his chair
  57. >you untie him
  58. >he immediately runs to the kitchen
  59. >he took a kitchen knife, rushing towards you
  60. >you slap him so hard you literally propel him on the wall
  61. >knife is on the floor, 2 meters from him
  62. >he's slowly crawling up on his feet
  63. >you remind him again of your offer
  64. >he rushes towards you
  65. >he probably weighs less than half of you
  66. >you punch his stomach
  67. >you start ripping his clothes for humiliation's sake
  68. >he's on the ground
  69. >you start pressing your foot on his calf
  70. >he starts screaming
  71. >suddenly he stabs your foot with a fork
  72. >why you little
  73. >he runs inside the basement
  74. >this for atmosphere
  75. >inside the basement
  76. >too dark, can't see him
  77. >you start calling him coward
  78. >you say that you'd decide to have fun with his happy little family if he doesn't come out
  79. >as you finish this line
  80. >he ambushes behind you
  81. >he stabs you with a corkscrew
  82. >you grapple him and throw him inside the chicken, where kokoro and ai are, again
  83. >he's disarmed now
  84. >he rushes towards you again
  85. >he fights like a woman
  86. >tries to slap your arms
  87. >you actually laugh at his pathetic attempts to save his family
  88. >
  89. >you give him the headbutt of his life
  90. >you practically sent a goodbye letter to his chin, nose, and left cheekbone
  91. >blood everywhere
  92. >between ai's and kokoro's screams
  93. >you remind him again of your offer
  94. >he can go
  95. >he can abandon his family
  96. >and you won't stop him
  97. >he's covered in blood
  98. >practically naked
  99. >he's gripping on his left elbow with the right hand
  100. >the calf pressure actually hurt him
  101. >he's still trembling like a leaf
  102. >he start mumbling about Hiro helping him
  103. >Kokoro in tears, screaming at him to save his family
  104. >He starts screaming too, asking what can he do against me
  105. >He starts crying, on his knees
  106. >A mumbling pathetic, childish mess
  107. >you get closer to him
  108. >"remember the offer, johnny boy"
  109. >He starts puking, crying, and screaming
  110. >Ai in complete shock
  111. >she never saw her beloved father like this
  112. >Kokoro asking why, why Mitsuru is mentally throwing in the towel like this
  113. > you watch all the scene, both deeply disappointed and satisfied
  114. >you don't even know how
  115. >kokoro completely devastated by this sight
  116. >she's both desperate, disgusted and angry
  117. >she starts calling mitsuru a coward spineless dog
  118. >he starts screaming at the sky
  119. >he's asking help from a no more here Hiro
  120. >
  121. >a perfect mixture between a childish yell and a religious calling
  122. >you don't even know what the fuck is happening inside his head
  123. >you slap him hard
  124. >looks like he fainted
  125. >Kokoro starts crying like a child
  126. >Ai completely frozen in shock
  127. >storm is gathering outside
  128. >hours passing
  129. >full storm outside mitsukoko's house
  130. >mitsuru waking up, completely shocked
  131. >kokoro and ai still tied up
  132. >mitsuru starts crying, tells that he doesn't know what to do
  133. >starts sobbing like a child
  134. >jesus fuck
  135. >you cruelly remind him again of the offer
  136. >he can go away
  137. >never look back
  138. >and his life will be safe
  139. >he accepts
  140. >you unlock the door
  141. >he starts limping through the door, he goes inside a huge crop field
  142. >all of this while kokoro calls him coward, piece of shit, bastard, etc.
  143. >well, i guess the first guests had to go, people
  144. >you decide to untie both of them
  145. >nice house
  146. >nice big fucking house
  147. >i guess i'll stay here for a while
  148. >you look at mother and daughter hugging each other and crying
  149. >i hope one of you have the willingness to buy some beer
  150. >i'll stay as a guest here for a bit
  151. >you sleep on the couch
  152. >kokoro went to buy beer
  153. >you decide to let ai stay with you as a security measure
  154. >you decide to not do anything to her, no reason at all, for now
  155. >you get to sleep
  156. >you dream about some fucking orphanage and some faggot being a caretaker for some fucking shitty brats
  157. >jesus
  158. >7:16 AM
  159. >you wake up
  160. >you see kokoro with a huge fucking knife
  161. >you let out a girly scream
  162. >what the fuck
  163. >you take her from the wrists
  164. >she drops the knife
  165. >starts crying
  166. >begs you crying to leave this house
  167. >she'll do anything
  168. >anything
  169. >ai is there, listening to everything her mother is saying
  170. >kokoro turning to her and telling her to shut up
  171. >ai screams at her mother, saying that she brought all of this upon herself
  172. >by marrying a coward and acting babycrazed just for listening to her loins
  173. >she calls her a dirty spineless slut
  174. >kokoro slaps her
  175. >you decide to get away from there, you did what you wanted and more
  176. >ai stops you
  177. >she wants to get the hell away from this family
  178. >ok
  179. >you let her enter your car
  180. >you start up the engine
  181. >kokoro watching both you and ai from the window
  182. >you ride through the sunset
  183. > you stop the car, throw ai outside and go without her
  184. > while driving, you see a bunch of cop cars going on mitsukoko's house way and going inside the huge crop field in front of their house
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