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  1. So about last night, just wanted to put out a few words...
  3. Parabola and I used to play in a team where the support did all the shotcalling and we managed to beat grandmaster tier teams with a Lucio when Lucio wasn't even meta. The dude called everything from strats to pushes to picks. He was the heart of the team. I'm saying this as sort of an introductory speech. Last night you expected Parabola to shot call but we have like 0 experience of doing that and we struggled a bit. Which kind of deteriorated our skill. I used to shotcall in my ladder games and I know that calling out what you are about to do takes out precious seconds, just about the time that separates a successful pin from a missed pin. So if we could consider that on the next scrimm instead of shouting repeatedly "Parabola I'm not hearing you" that would be great :D Obviously there are going to be communication issues.
  5. I think this is why we've lost King's Row, but I'll leave this one to for the coaches to decide. Technically from my perspective, I didn't see a grav on it once and another time I got delayed because I got dove by winston and D.va who went on to chase me while the grav was active. I still managed to fire it but it was sort of late.
  7. Later on at Hanamura I got stunned on main by McCree while our zarya fired off the grav and then people were like "Hanzo wtf ?!?!?" :D But that one is on me for not saying I'm stunned or chased around but it's really hard to call out stuff while running for my life.
  9. It happened on Dorado too, the monkey ulted and spent his whole ultimate chasing my sorry ass while someone was nagging me that I absolutely need to kill the Pharah and no focus on Winston was called out, I personally think that was a mistake, our healers were up and well. I mean, I know it's my job but I didn't really have space to work with. Later on our attack I was to be pocketed but I flew solo a lot, I'm not sure if my flight patterns are impossible to follow or I was exposing the healer to danger too much, but I really tried to focus my hardcounters so we'd have easier time. That's something I'd like our coaches to see and voice an opinion about.
  11. Clearly we have communication issues to work on which is perfectly fine for a one day old team of misfits. But there are also strategic omissions as well. That's something I'd like to work toward in the future. Also do you think it's possible to, maybe, someday try and have Dombra for shotcalling and speedboosting the deathball in or that's out of the question? That's just my personal opinion and my 2 cents, I hope I'm not insulting anyone with it. Overall I had a lot of fun last night! Looking forward for more :slight_smile: Thank you for organizing everything for us!
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