Big stallions (AnonFillyxStallion, shitpost, lewd) to do?

Sep 9th, 2017
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  1. Now, now, don't tell me you don't find the idea of being a weak, small, cute little filly in front of a big hunk of a stallion quite hot
  2. Just imagine being at eye level with his huge balls, so big you're not sure they could even fit in your tiny mouth
  3. Imagine him grinning and looking at you with a predatory glare
  4. His imposing frame enough to make your back legs quake and your knees weak
  5. His breath on your neck as he leans in to whispers into your twitching ear that you're his
  6. His teeth nipping at your neck as you can't help but whimper at the contact
  7. Your eyes going wide as you finally see the head of his cock dropping from his sheath
  8. Your mouth salivating at the sight, your lips parting as your tongue licks them in anticipation
  9. His manly voice telling you, no, ordering you to give it a kiss
  10. You'd hesitate, at first, but the pressure of one of his hoof against the back of your head would be all the encouragement you'd need
  11. How could you say no anyway? He's so much bigger and stronger than you
  12. And he's just asking for a kiss
  13. His musk would finally hit you and your nostrils would flare as you inhaled as much of him as you could
  14. All the while keeping your eyes locked onto his crown, and specifically onto the small bead of love already pearling at his slit
  15. Proof of his excitement
  16. Of his want
  17. Of his desires
  18. For you
  19. Proof that he wants you
  20. You couldn't stifle the moan coming out of your throat as his pride would finally bump against the tip of your muzzle
  21. And your tongue would come out to clean up the pre he'd just smeared across your snoot
  22. And maybe you'd give his cock a lick at the same time, but it would totally be an accident
  23. You'd jolt as a groan would come out from him
  24. "Come on, keep going,"
  25. Another instruction
  26. Another order
  27. From your mate
  28. From your stallion
  29. From your alpha
  30. You'd moan a yes, and give it a kiss
  31. And another one
  32. And a third, this one wetter, making sure you could get a good taste of him
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