Zephyr part 24

Dec 25th, 2014 (edited)
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  1. A hand moving through your mane wakes you, Master idly entertaining himself in the late morning rather than getting up. He's clearly just as tired as you are, and that's normal considering this is the third.... or maybe fourth time you've woken up since passing out the first time he finished in you. Moving closer to him through the soreness in all your limbs you begin to pepper him with tiny kisses, continuing even as he rolls toward you to pull you into an embrace. Sadly, being pulled close proves that he's well and truly spent this time, as though riding him again and again and again every time your body was rested enough for it all night last night was not enough. Still, even though your little kisses aren't going to earn you a fourth fucking(or is it fifth? Last night's all a bit blurred together by now), you're certainly still happy to give them.The warm feelings that flood your body when he's close to you are on overdrive right now, your affection and cuddliness at all-time peak to the point that you're reminded of an ecstasy high. You look at him and just get so excited about everything! You did it, you had sex as a girl and it was great! Better than great! Hooves-down the best sex of your life! No wonder Autumn thought you wouldn't still be upset with her once he was done with you, everything prior to last night seems sorta... unimportant. You're not angry or feeling betrayed any more, but you are going to get her back for that before too long, if only for the sport of it.
  3. Hands lightly stroke your wings while he breathes deeply and takes the time to plant a number of kisses on your forehead. Neither of you has terribly much to say right now, aside from your little happy squeaks as you continually try to cuddle deeper with him, as though any space being left between your bodies were unacceptable. Finally, though, his lips trace a path of small kisses from your forehead, to your eyelids, down your snout, to the tip of your nose, and finally to your lips, where the two of you stay in bliss for a few precious moments.
  5. Ah, it's just so nice! You're so happy and he's so happy and you're so close it's like being on your honeymoon! Granted, you never once imagined being the "bride" when you pictured your honeymoon, but all things considered this is just really, really nice all around. He's the one who finally breaks the long, tender cuddle session, a low sigh escaping his lips as he hauls himself upright, holding you to his chest as he rises up and pads toward the bathroom still fully nude.
  7. "I think we both need a bath before anything else" he chuckles, running the tub and checking the temperature every now and again while stroking your mane. Once it's full to satisfaction he hoists himself in before lifting you up to pull you in after him, lathering you in shampoo and brushing it into your matted, disarrayed fur. Even now his movements are slow and reserved, the hot water clearly just as relaxing to him as it is to you. It's slow, plodding work, but you manage to soap up a loofah and set about scrubbing him, though you're not terribly good at it considering you can't use your mouth- the taste would be foul- but the irresitible perk of the corners of his mouth as you press it into him with your hooves is enough for you. The man in control can just barely control himself, overtaken by exactly how cute you can be, and that's a reward all by itself.
  9. Scrubbing, brushing, and rinsing, all in near-constant contact, proximity being your new drug of choice for the foreseeable future. He seems to understand exactly what's going through your head, though, a free hand always stroking or rubbing somewhere, keeping you at least partially sated while he finishes cleaning the both of you off. You're just about done, feeling refreshed and even more relaxed than before, when a buzzer goes off somewhere in Master's bedroom. You're left to drip-dry on the bathmat while he goes off to check what seems to be the intercom you've used the other end of, returning a few seconds later with a sigh and a smile.
  11. "Autumn is happy we've had a late morning, but she thinks Sunflower is going to cry if we make her wait any longer for breakfast. You're mostly dry, right?"
  13. "Dry enough! I know how the little one feels, though, I'm starving!"
  15. "Well, we got an awful lot of exercise last night, pet."
  17. The sound you make is more of a soft purr than any specific reply, nuzzling his thigh before the two of you set off to breakfast. It's not a totally conscious thing, but the degree of separation between you and your Master even as you walk through the house is never more than an inch or two, frequently brushing against one another as you move. You just... never want to be apart from him again. It's an irresistible sort of impulse, this closeness, and you don't think it will be going away any time soon. You make yourself comfortable on the kitchen floor while Master goes down to the basement to release Autumn and Sunflower, who emerge behind him a few seconds later. Apparently being two or three hours behind schedule is an eternity to Sunflower, the little thing chattering relentlessly about her hunger while Master sets himself about cooking. If hunger is an issue for Autumn she certainly doesn't show it, approaching you at once with a grin bigger than any you've seen before and a knowing look in her eyes. For decency's sake, considering Sunflower is scant feet away, she leans in to whisper, hushed tones still enthusiastic beyond compare.
  19. "I'd ask how it went, but I think I can guess. Was it as good as you wanted?"
  21. "Better, Autumn. Better than I'd ever dreamed. I'm still going to get you back for the stunt you pulled, you know."
  23. "Oh, sweetie, it's hardly going to be revenge if I enjoy it." she coos, nuzzling into your neck and giggling at the thought. You nuzzle back, pouncing on her just a bit to hold her in a hug while you both lie on the floor.
  25. "Not enough intimacy last night, Zephy?"
  27. "Are you kidding? I'm sore all over. Just lemme hug you until the food is ready."
  29. Getting Autumn to cuddle is hardly a challenge, and she's even more intense than usual, clearly just as happy as you that Master has well and truly taken you, a sure sign that you're staying here. Soon Sunflower's plaintive mewling is silenced by a veggie omelet, your own arriving minutes later along with Autumn's. The focus today is on Sunflower, of course, with her adoptive family coming tomorrow, so you're quite content to follow along, walking somewhat awkwardly, while she and Autumn squeeze their last afternoon for all the fun it can give. You participate as best you can, but it's much easier to just stick close to your Master and cuddle wherever possible.
  31. Autumn, for her part, doesn't seem as distraught as you thought she'd be. Maybe she'd burying it well to keep Sunflower happy, or maybe the knowledge that at least you're not going anywhere is keeping her spirits up, but her smiles seem pretty genuine, and save for the extra second or two when she hugs Sunflower today could just pass for a particularly intense playdate. After a long afternoon outdoors she does end up cuddling the little one double-hard, though, and you get the feeling that the tears will flow at the slightest provocation. The day goes on without incident, though, and as evening closes in on an almost underwhelmingly quiet day you briefly dare to believe you can pass through without emotional incident. There was also a point earlier in your life when you believed a sick day off from work would pass without incident.
  33. As usual, your Master refuses to allow such a thing. At least not directly. As the waning sunset filters in through the living room window, your master, subtly, quietly brings the word "Present" into play while playing with Sunflower, eliciting more excitement than even Autumn could ever fit into one sound. You and Autumn perk up quite a bit at this, watching with piqued interest as your Master picks something off the top of a shelf that's invisible to anyone who barely scrapes three feet tall. Holding the mystery item in question behind his back becomes a game in and of itself, as he is forced to rotate in time with Sunflower as she dashes around him in an effort to get a peek. It's the absolute goofiest you've ever seen him look, usually even his silliest moments are subtle facial expressions or just words in response to something ridiculous you or Autumn are doing around him.
  35. Eventually he resumes his usual act, though, giving a half-stern look while demanding Sunflower sit still. She complies quickly, though still seconds later than you or Autumn might -still a child, you have to remind yourself, not disobedient - and Master enjoys her antsy discomfort at being made to remain still, the occasional twitch of a muscle simply beyond her control. The long pause in activity is agonizing for everyone involved but Master, but finally his arms swing out from behind his back, soft-looking bundles in either hand.
  37. It takes a moment to register what exactly he's holding, but you're on your hooves as soon as it registers. In either hand sits a plush toy, one tan-and-black, the other white-and-green, and your alarm is enough that a cry is strangled in your throat.
  39. It's the Zephyr plush! Your plush! He must have taken it along with you after putting you under!
  41. As much as you approve of his commitment to recovering any evidence that could somehow lead to him, you're in a nearly blind panic when the little thing rears back as if to tackle the two toys, only slightly smaller than her, crying her thanks. She can't touch them! Dosing ponies twice is dangerous, Autumn told you so!
  43. "STOP!"
  45. The whole room does at once, though your owner and life-mate look almost as alarmed as you feel when you end up doing the tackling yourself, separating an infinitely displeased filly from her toys in a swift motion. Your confused, squirming "niece" wants nothing to do with your rescue, and the tiny hoof smacking your muzzle repeatedly makes it plain she's actually rather frightened by this turn of events.
  47. Still, clutching her between your forehooves and chest is enough to keep her hooves away from your face as she descends into an uncharacteristic tantrum. Autumn's on her hooves, mouth agape, while Master has a stern gaze fixed straight on you.
  49. This... probably looks bad, doesn't it?
  51. "Zephyr! I know I didn't ask about giving your plush away, but laying a hoof on her over it is not how I expect you to protest."
  53. "N-no, Master, that's not... Aren't they dangerous?"
  55. He stares at you for a few seconds, utterly dumbfounded by your question, his lack of comprehension extending into a long and awkward pause across the entire room. Sunflower's kicking and flailing ends abruptly, as Autumn's head rotates just a bit to one side in your peripherals, confusion written across her features. Well, it's looking like you've gone and made an ass of yourself, Zephyr. Clearly you panicked where you oughtn't have, and now, heaven help you, you're going to have to explain yourself. Before your mouth opens to begin a cycle of apologies and explanations, your Master finally comprehends your intentions, his eyes lighting up suddenly.
  57. "Oh! Ohhhhh, the nanomachines!" He calls out, before his brow furrows, "Did you really think I wouldn't make sure they were inert as soon as I took you? Don't wanna risk someone stumbling on one and matching one of my pets. I mean, I'm immune anyhow, but it's still not a risk worth taking."
  59. Embarrassment overcomes you. Clearly a mindful pet would've known that his careful planning and attention to detail should have made it obvious that he would have considered any potential dangers. Your hooves slump, letting Sunflower wiggle her way back out onto the floor, her own face still mired in confusion. A hand arrives atop your head, ruffling your mane as his fingers scratch just a bit. Your pleased murr is a question all by itself, and soon you're rubbing yourself against his legs like an affectionate housecat after he responds simply that "Your heart was in the right place, I suppose. Good girl."
  61. Master and Autumn's concerns having been dealt with made explaining to Sun that you were worried there might be "something wrong" with the plush toys far, far easier, though she's clearly far less interested in listening and far more interested in playing with her "stuffies!". Soon the filly has the plush you and plush Autumn climbing a mountain that resembles and armchair while Master wanders off and Autumn playfully bumps your side with a hoof.
  63. "Awfully motherly there, Zephy."
  65. Your scoff could not be more flippant in response. "I hope you're not suggesting we get one."
  67. Her weight arrives on your side at once as she leans against you, nuzzling affectionately in a way you can't help but smile at. "Oh, come now, you don't think it'd be nice to have a little colt to look after?"
  69. "Eugh, no. Explaining anything at all about how our lives work would be awful. "Yeah, you're sapient, and mommy used to be people, but now we wear collars and fetch on command." Too strange, I don't wanna deal with it."
  71. You can feel her giggling, a soft "Well, if that's how you feel about it..." wafting past your ears. You feel a bit guilty already for shooting down Autumn's suggestion so firmly but truthfully you weren't interested in being a parent before being taken here, and that's something you haven't changed your mind on at all. Her little sigh sounds less disappointed than you would've thought, and a tender kiss touches your lips before Autumn trots over to join Sunflower in her play. Without much of anything to do until your guests arrive tomorrow, you find a spot on the couch beside Master settle in for a bit of warmth and relaxation. The day just kind of slips away from you there, not one member of the household made it to bed, instead sleeping in the living room.
  73. It isn't terribly long before you're pulled back into wakefulness by the sound of footsteps and scampering hooves and excited chattering. Your spot on the couch is no longer bathed in afternoon sunlight, and a glance back at the rest of the sofa finds the light further along, revealing that it's been at least a couple of hours. A look out the window reveals a small blue minivan pulling up to the front of the house, giving an oddly appropriate soccer-mom vibe considering who the yet-unseen driver is here to pick up. More importantly, a pair of new ponies to meet! Granted, they'll probably be preoccupied with their new daughter, but you're hoping to spend at least a little time talking to them. Your excited bounce off the couch is dampened by Sunflower dashing through the room and around the corner, with Autumn following in pursuit, a worried expression on her face.
  75. You're prepared to chalk it up to pre-meeting jitters and leave it to Autumn to handle, trotting off to find Master standing by an open door, looking oddly relaxed as he leans against the door frame, hands halfway in his pockets. One descends to scratch behind an ear when you nuzzle his leg as a greeting. Your attention locks back onto the van as a woman emerges, seeming too small for even her own car, before sliding open the passenger door. A unicorn mare emerges first, a braided sandy blonde mane drawing the eye at once, contrasting against a light cerulean coat. She hops out lightly, immediately trotting to the grass beside the van to relieve herself. You politely glance away, finding a pegasus stallion already out of the van and seated beside his owner. He's visibly not as large as the Big Mac-equivalent Evergreen, the only stallion you've met up to now, instead looking far less buff, wearing a brown coat with a short-cropped maroon mane and tail. A bit of white peeks out in his feathers, and you're already quite excited to meet another pegasus, even if they end up jealous that your wings aren't just for show.
  77. The unicorn mare re-emerges from the grass a few seconds later, and the troupe approaches the door as a unit, the ponies visibly perking up as you wave to them. They look to their owner, and after she nods they both dash ahead of her to make it to the door first. You don't think you would have thought twice about galloping ahead of your Master if the circumstances were reversed. Should you be in awe of their obedience, or frightened of the owner that demands it? She doesn't look like she'd be so strict, though, with loose-fitting clothes around a tiny frame, her auburn hair in a bob-cut. The newcomers skid to a stop just short of the door, both sitting before your own Master with big smiles. Your owner speaks first, spreading his arms in a welcoming gesture.
  79. "Hello again, you two! It's been quite a long time since I saw either of you."
  81. The two new ponies forego words at first, nuzzling his legs at once, to which your Master responds by kneeling to hug and pet the two of them. Clearly, these two are grateful for their captivity. A series of happy words follow until the woman your Master said was named "Ann" finally arrives at the door, wearing a large smile and squeaking out a small "Hello". her voice is soft, and you've already got her pegged as impossibly meek. If she and your Master didn't go way back you're almost certain she'd have become a particularly wonderful fluttershy facsimile in the basement downstairs, to the delight of some other owner.
  83. Oh good heavens, you're sizing up humans as prospective ponies now... you're really pretty fucked up, aren't you?
  85. "Ann. It's wonderful to see you again." Your Master says with a softness usually reserved for you and Autumn. "Have these two been treating you well?"
  87. "Oh, they're just wonderful. Mindful, polite, and cuddly? How could I complain?"
  89. "Good points. If you like mindful and polite pets, though, why am I giving you a rambunctious little filly?"
  91. She giggles, high and and a bit squeaky, while the ponies both snap to attention, petting forgotten at the mention of their daughter-to-be. Your Master notices, laughing at once. Ann sneaks a quick rub of either pet's ear before replying.
  93. "Oh, children are wonderful. Besides, these two would deserve the family they want even if I were going to be uncomfortable."
  95. A raspy voice follows, the unicorn mare speaking up suddenly. "But she's here, right? Y-you have a little gi-, er, filly?" Her expression is hopeful to the verge of tears, the stallion's hoof arriving at her shoulder with a comforting pat. Your Master smiles, booping her nose with a hoof. "Of course she's here, sweetie. I wouldn't bring you all the way out here just because I haven't seen your owner in ages. Her name is Sunflower, and she's inside with my other pet."
  97. The stallion speaks next, voice a bit higher than a human male's but still masculine, with a chuckle. "Other pet, eh? And I haven't even learned this one's name." he gestures toward you with a hoof, smiling toward you all the same. His eyes are kind, and you find yourself just a bit flattered by his gaze. Oh jeez, maybe you were wrong about not helping Autumn with the stallions. Your Master looks to you expectantly, and it takes you a moment to put two and two together to introduce yourself.
  99. "O-oh! I'm Zephyr, nice to meet you! I hope you've got a lot of energy for play, Sunflower's a little fireball." you nearly blurt, ending with a big smile. You had simply been expecting introductions in turn, but a dainty hand arrives on top of your head as the two other ponies are in contact with you at once, hugging and nuzzling. The unicorn responds first, with a high laugh.
  101. "Oh, we'll have plenty for her. Nice to meet you too, Zephyr. Thank you for helping him look after our little girl. I'm True North, and the stallion sniffing your mane is Trade Winds. Yes dear, I saw you."
  103. The stallion recoils a bit, clearly embarrassed. "Sorry hon... we don't meet other ponies very often. Hiya Zephyr, like my captain over here said, I'm Trade Winds, call me what you like."
  105. The hand scritching your mane pauses, and Ann introduces herself with a smile. "And if you haven't heard, I'm Ann. I have to say, I didn't think he'd ever keep a pony for himself. You must be quite the little charmer."
  107. Your pride at her statement is evident, and she just smiles to herself and lets Master lead her in. The ponies are hot on her heels and you follow along last, taking the time to close Master's front door before following along to the living room. Trade Winds and True North can't seem to sit still for more than a few seconds, either looking around excitedly or nuzzling one another, and Master and Ann wander off to locate Autumn and, presumably, Sunflower. You find yourself with an opportune couple of moments to strike up a conversation, and after hearing their names you've got one that's just burning you up.
  109. "So, Trade and True... if you don't mind my asking, aren't your names a bit... thematic? Master usually prioritizes color requests. How did you two end up paired off so well?"
  111. They share a look, smiling at one another, and and while the Trade smiles with the confidence of someone who had won a medal, True lets out a giddy laugh as her stallion starts to speak.
  113. "Well, that's no accident. You see, True and I knew each other before Mistress took us."
  115. "You... you what?"
  117. "It's true! We were in a long-distance relationship. We designed these ponies as a little inside joke, and she drew a bunch of both."
  119. "So you got taken together?"
  121. The stallion gently nuzzles the mare, a wing extending over her and pulling her close to his side, before proceeding. "No, actually. I got abducted first, since Mistress just wanted a stallion for company at first. But as sad as it must sound, I missed a person I had only ever seen through a webcam, and even though Mistress Ann is very kind and I tried my best to be happy for her, I couldn't help but get down sometimes. She noticed, of course, and eventually just couldn't take it any longer. So she called your Master and they planned to take her..."
  123. "So then you were together?"
  125. "Well, at first I didn't want them to abduct Trade... after all, who was I to steal her life away? But Mistress is clever, so she had me write a message and sent it by a disposable email address."
  127. "A message?" You chirp, still barely able to keep up with how all this happened. The mare takes over from her mate, speaking with a bit of an embarrassed stutter.
  129. "A m-message. More of a love note, really. It started with some stuff only s-she would know, and then asked if I would be willing to give everything up so we could be together... I said yes. The next day there was a stuffed pony in my mailbox, and then I woke up to discover that my online girlfriend stole my gender and gave me hooves."
  131. "Wait, you were the guy?"
  133. "Y-yes. We thought giving her the stallion and me the mare was cute... they were sailors, you see. He's my navigator, I'm the captain."
  135. "So you ended up as his marefriend when you just wanted your human girl to come back?"
  137. "I missed her, what can I say? We still get along, and once I got used to this relentless horndog making sure I knew what being a girl felt like, I kinda started liking it. I love this pony, and Mistress was kind enough to bring us together because she loves him too."
  139. You're honestly touched. How wonderful of Trade, to have demanded that they at least ask before making him a mare to play with.
  141. "S-so, even though you two... swapped, you were still trying to conceive?"
  143. Now you've got her embarrassed. the unicorn stares at the floor intently, her horn leveled at you as if in defense. The pegasus to her right just pulls her a little closer with his wing and laughs. "We both had wanted to be parents someday, and I'd already made peace with the new body."
  145. True speaks very softly, still facing the floor. "A-and... I wanted it. To give him children."
  147. You don't laugh at that one, instead just booping her nose with a hoof. "Of course. You're in love, after all."
  149. The two of them simply start cuddling, and you elect to let them share a moment while footsteps descend the stairs behind you. Sure enough, Master's hand rubs your ear from behind, and as you turn you find Ann approaching her pets, and Autumn, wearing as big a smile as she ever has. True North and Trade Winds are both rapt in attention, eyes locked on a certain little filly in their Mistress' hands. Sunflower seems nervous, to say the least, but as she gets put down on the floor before two smiling ponies, the fear doesn't seem to get the better of her. For a few seconds, the room remains completely silent, as you and the other audience members hold their breath in anticipation.
  151. True's raspy voice comes out as gently as it possibly could. "Hello, Sweetie. I'm True North, and this is Trade Winds. It's your decision, but we would be very happy if you would join our family."
  153. Sunflower looks to both of them, Trade smiling reassuringly while True seems to tremble just a bit. "You would be my Mommy?"
  155. "Yes, Darling."
  157. "...And you would be my Daddy?"
  159. "You got it, kiddo."
  161. "And we would live with you?"
  163. Ann just smiles. "Yes."
  165. There's no declaration from the little thing, she just slowly totters over and hugs her would-be mother, who reacts with a noise of supreme joy, a pair of tears staining her fur. Soon she and Trade are showering the filly in an endless stream of affection, nuzzling and hugging as she shrieks with laughter. Autumn, to her credit, doesn't cry even though you know she must want to, and you and Master do your best to quietly comfort her while Ann's family has their joy.
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