RariQuinn 3 by SkyeHigh (Quinn/Rarity)

Dec 24th, 2014
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  1. RariQuinn 3 by SkyeHigh (
  3. ---
  5. I had that thought for a while now. Why should I only use Quinny for satisfying special needs or some... ehem... disciplinary measures?
  7. For those of you who don't know, Quinn or Quinny, is my favorite mannequin and has a special spot in my personal bedroom. At first I had only used him for inspirational attacks in the middle of the night. Like when I had some fabulous idea and didn't want to go to my work room to see the results. But anyway... after some time I discovered a very useful spell that could bring inanimate objects to life for a short time, even blessing them with a part of the caster's consciousness. They are able to act on their own, but never do anything you do not truly want. They also can't speak, but since what's controlling them is practically you, they know exactly what to do.
  9. Like I already hinted, I had used this special mannequin to satisfy myself during quite a few lonely nights and during Heat of course. But also, I used him to help make me feel better when I was nau— eh, when something was eating me up from inside.
  11. Beg your pardon? You don't understand? You want me to elaborate?!
  13. Fine! I used... USE him to p-punish myself... for real, not in the sexual way.
  15. ...
  17. Ugh, alright! Sometimes when I deserve it, Quinny takes me over his lap and spanks me until I bawl and cry like a little filly, just like Daddy would! There, I said it! Happy now?!
  19. Yes, laugh if you must, but the truth still remains. After my fanny stops hurting whenever I sit down, I always feel better. Like a huge weight was taken off my shoulders and I can go on without a worry in the world. I wouldn't believe it myself if I had not experienced it.
  21. Well, back to my question. I improved the spell that keeps Quinny 'alive' and am able to keep him powered up for approximately 90 minutes now, at the cost of my complete magic for that period of time. Yes, that's how much I trust him... me. Doesn't matter.
  23. But to answer my question, there is no reason not to make use of his services a little differently. Just like yesterday...
  25. ***
  27. In the evening, I was sitting in my bathtub, filled with heavenly warm water and enjoyed a nice treatment from Quinny. Since I didn’t want to go out again for the day, the spa wasn’t an option, but I still wanted to get some relaxing treatment after this AWFUL day. He had just finished washing my mane and tail and went to gently scrubbing my coat with the bathbrush. The pleasurable motions made me shiver and so I just sat there, lost in thoughts while letting him do his magic.
  29. Earlier that day was absolutely terrible! My five best friends and I, we had lunch together like we do every month to catch up on stuff. Everything was good for the longest time. But then at some point I got into a very heated argument with Applejack, I don’t even remember the reason anymore. It ultimately ended with petty insults and neither of us wanting to talk to each other anymore.
  31. I could see the others’ expressions vary from annoyance to displeasure. Dear Fluttershy tried to calm me down, telling me that it was nothing worth losing our friendship over. From the corner of my eye I could see Twilight do the same to Applejack and I faintly heard Rainbow Dash even scold her. To top it off it seemed like she was shrinking down from the gaze of the pegasus. Who would’ve ever thought? I still wonder what caused this kind of behavior between those two.
  33. After some time everyone cooled down again, but the get together was ruined. I excused myself shortly after and returned home, downtrodden and guilty. You know the rest of the story, but not what happened after my bath.
  35. Well... I guess this is what you're here for in the first place, so make yourself comfortable...
  37. After I got out of the bath, Quinny proceeded to drain the tub, leaving me to realize I was so used to magic that I had some troubles drying myself off without. Luckily dear Quinny noticed and helped me out, vigorously rubbing the towel all around me, but careful enough not to hurt me. When he was finished I tried awkwardly to get into my bathrobe, which also was trickier than assumed just using my bare hooves. But I also managed to accomplish that and was then enjoying the soft feeling of the velvety fabric hugging my body. The warmth I still had after that nice bath only served to enhance that feeling, bringing a very relaxed and content smile to my face after this day.
  39. It was only then that I noticed Quinny approaching me again, after having put the used towel aside to dry. My eyes fell instantly on the hairbrush he was carrying and I instinctively retreated a few steps, looking warily at the brush, before catching myself again.
  41. “Silly Rarity,” I chuckled to myself.
  43. I remembered that I hadn’t summoned him for ‘that’ again, even though I felt kinda bad for the heated argument earlier that day. I wasn’t really innocent about starting it in the first place, but I never meant for it to go that far. Oh well, it wasn’t time to bash myself for that, I had some more delightful ‘home spa’ treatment waiting for me.
  45. A little relieved after my initial shock, I sat down on my hindquarters and closed my eyes, waiting for Quinny to tend to my mane and tail. I did not have to wait for long, after a few moments I felt the brush being applied to my hair. Quinny sure was careful, after all he knew exactly how I tended to my mane. With soft strokes he continued to bring my mane and tail back to their fabulous looks, while I just sat there humming to myself in delight.
  47. Sadly, like all good things this also came to an early end and he stopped. I slowly opened my eyes again to see him putting the brush back on its place on the table close to the big mirror. Still slightly displeased at the sudden stop, my thoughts wandered back to the lunch again and I cringed inwardly. I didn’t want to think of it again, at least not for the remainder of the evening.
  49. Just as I was about to leave for my bedroom, I noticed Quinny had returned to my side and was busying himself with the bathtub. I figured the dear guy was doing some cleanup for me and paid it no more attention. It was only when I heard an oddly metallic sound of something hitting the tub a few times that I turned around to look.
  51. I didn’t like one bit what I saw there.
  53. Quinny was tapping that big wooden bathbrush, he used earlier for that heavenly backrub, against the bathtub and looked at me expectantly. My eyes widened in realization as I began to comprehend his intentions. He then pointed with the head of the brush to the towel that was still hanging on the edge of the tub.
  55. Disbelief was my first thought, anger was the second. That was the LAST thing I wanted from him that evening and he knew it.
  57. I turned around on the spot, facing away from him and huffed in annoyance. “Quinny,” I began in a clear and sharp voice, “I summoned you today to help me relax and not to—” Whatever I was about to say next was drowned out by a high-pitched yell.
  59. I whirled around and jumped back a few paces, while one hoof massaged that now stinging spot on my rear. I glared at my mannequin with the dirtiest look I could muster. His arm was still outstretched, bathbrush in hoof that had just whacked my clothed rump. Still, even though I was wearing my bathrobe, that did positively hurt and with much dread I imagined what a smack to my bare behind would feel like.
  61. “Quinny,” I said once again, this time in a low dangerous voice, “not today! I’m in no mood for THAT!”
  63. Having said my part, I didn’t even wait for any reply of any sort and stormed out of the bath, heading directly for my bedroom.
  65. “The nerve!” I ranted in frustration, while opening the door and going inside. “Wanting a nice end to that horrible day and THIS is what I get? He should know better! After all, he is ME!”
  67. Not long after, Quinny also entered the room, still carrying that intimidating brush. It seemed like he was every bit determined to see me punished as I was determined to avoid just that. Wordlessly, well as wordlessly as a mute creature is, he passed me and hopped on my bed, sending my thoughts racing.
  69. “Quinny, dear, I said no!” Defiantly, I sat down in the middle of my room with no intention to join him on the bed. Luckily for me, as I had mentioned earlier, the spell forced the target to do what the caster wanted. And since I didn’t want to get spanked, he had to accept that... or so I thought. A pony's mind is a very fickle thing, especially if your consciousness is involved. What you want and what you truly want is sometimes slightly different.
  71. He used the head of the brush as pointer again and urged me to look into the direction of my nightstand, what I begrudgingly did. At that time I was seriously regretting my choice of bringing Quinny to life to help me relax.
  73. I knew what to expect, the picture of my friends and me was on that table. However, looking at it reminded me of all the good times we did have together, amplifying the guilt I already felt right after I left the cafe. My resolve not to get spanked was fading right there and my annoyance at Quinny was evaporating; he was kind of right... that little devil.
  75. “Oooh, Quinny, I know they are my friends and I feel bad for starting that petty argument. B-but she started the insults, it’s not my fault th—”
  77. He interrupted me by thrusting that brush once again into the direction of the photograph, even with more emphasize this time and effectively suppressing my attempts at finding excuses. He was absolutely right, like always. I hate that...
  79. “Yes, yes, I know!” I half-yelled in exasperation. “If I hadn’t started it, it would’ve never escalated.” It was the truth, but still... it was not fair! Deep down I hoped there was such a thing as Karma and Applejack would get the same treatment as me right now, because she sure wasn’t innocent. “I understand I should be p-punished for this, but pleeeeease not with that,” I said pointing a hoof at that absolutely terrifying bathbrush.
  81. Quinny put the brush in front of his face as if eying it and considering the options, judging if it was required or not. I instinctively held my breath and hoped he would show mercy. I already had accepted my spanking now and there, the least he could do was some compromising. However, to my great disappointment and horror he just shook his wooden head and patted his lap with his free hoof, prompting me to get over there.
  83. I felt my pulse quicken at the gesture and knowing I could do nothing to resist wasn’t helping at all. Guilty or not, that was too much. I slowly started to shake my head in disbelief and fear, he just couldn’t be serious. Only when I saw him starting to get up from his sitting position on the bed was when I jumped up to my hooves.
  85. “I’ll come, I’ll come!” I got out frantically, causing him to sit back down again. I had learned from the last times that Quinny wouldn’t take no for an answer once his mind was made up, and that is was wise to comply then. Yes, he had drilled that into my head... and rump.
  87. I briefly considered bolting away, though. I was quite confident I could get out of the house fast enough to wait somewhere until the spell wore off. But who was I fooling? He knew I deserved it and I surely knew I deserved that sore rump I was about to get, even though I wasn’t happy about it. I really wanted to spare my ear this time, so I hesitantly started trudging towards Quinny before he’d get fed up and take me by said ear. It only added to the dread I felt in my stomach whenever he did that.
  89. When I stood before him, with my gaze averted in nervousness, he was sliding back on his rump a bit and held his arms out for me, brush laid aside for now. I looked at the tool first and once again cringed at the mental image of that thing firmly whacking my behind. Then I directed my view to the inviting arms and relaxed a bit. There was nothing to be scared of, Quinny was there for me, I told myself.
  91. With one last, deep breath, I held out my hooves, silently pleading him to gently pick me up like I always preferred it, which he did. I was amazed as always how strong a magically fueled mannequin could be. He easily lifted my weight, not that it was much, I’m looking very much after that. Not much later I had that familiar feeling of his legs pressing into my belly again, cushioned only by the bathrobe I was wearing.
  93. I nervously grabbed at the soft sheets with my fore hooves and pushed against them with my rear hooves, trying my best to brace myself for the ordeal. Another few deep breaths, it was working so far and I obediently lifted my tail out of the way and let it fall to the side. No sense in prolonging the inevitable, I wanted to get this over with as quick as possible. Quinny still seemed not entirely happy with that, as I noticed when he secured the tail along with the end of my bathrobe on my back and rested his right hoof on my bare rump. Even though ponies usually wear nothing at all, I suddenly felt so very exposed and thoroughly embarrassed.
  95. "Quinny, pleeeease," I whined. "Is this truly necessary? I think it'll hurt enough on the bath— AHOOW! Quinny!" He gave me a good smack with his hoof, probably to interrupt my attempts at negotiating. And it positively hurt, even more than any other I had gotten from Mother or Father.
  97. “Alright, alright! I’m in no position to tell you what to do! I’m sorry,” I told him, realizing my mistake. Another sharp smack followed and I bit back a yelp. Gritting my teeth, I suppressed the urge to yell and complain. I somehow assumed he encouraged me to go on with what I had to say. “A-and I’m sorry for starting that silly argument back then.” Yet again his hoof came down on my unprotected rear causing me to lightly kick out my legs and grunt in pain.
  99. I swallowed nervously. I was somewhat out of options of what to say, admit and confess. Also, my fanny was starting to sting lightly and I absolutely dreaded the main course already. “I...” I started without really knowing what to say. “I’m sorry f-for... not being the bigger pony and quitting before it escalated?” I really hoped then that this was it, but by the feeling of his hoof meeting my right cheek again, I guessed it wasn’t.
  101. Out of ideas and pretty much frustrated then, I yelled back at Quinny, “What is it you want me to say?!” The moment I finished my complaint I also regretted it dearly, because I didn’t really mean it like it sounded. But also because Quinny wasted no time giving me a series of quick and hard spanks for my outburst. It were only six — I managed to count them in between my cries — but they still hurt oh so much. Funnily enough I could almost hear the scolding he’d be surely giving me if he were able to talk.
  103. I let go of the sheets I gripped tightly which I didn’t even notice I had, while I felt the first tears forming in the corners of my eyes. He really put some effort in those smacks, each one hurt at least as much as three. Still busy with my thoughts, I mulled over it and suddenly it hit me; not literally, Quinny took care of that. I knew what he wanted to hear now... at least I hoped so.
  105. “And I... I will apologize to my friends first thing tomorrow,” I tried hesitantly and braced already for another smack. It never came however. Instead, I felt a few soft pats on my aching behind, probably a form of complimenting me on a job well done. It was the sort of pat you normally give on somepony’s shoulder. Seems like he was rather fond of my bum if he wanted to pat it instead, not that I could blame him, I’m quite proud of it as well.
  107. It helped me relax a bit nonetheless and I almost forgot about what was still coming... the real spanking, not this little scolding I got. Quinny reminded me about it when he threw me a pillow, which landed right in front of my face. In that moment my heart started racing again, as I knew it was time. I grasped the pillow tightly in my forehooves, readying myself. To my surprise and curiosity however, I felt a tap on my right shoulder and nervously looked back up to him. I saw Quinny holding his left hoof up in an inviting matter. I licked my dry lips and hesitated for a short moment before giving in to his request... or was it an offer? Then I moved my right hoof back and felt him grip it firmly but yet caringly and securing it on my back alongside my tail. My left was still clutching the pillow tightly and I also buried my face into it, knowing what was about to follow wouldn’t be pretty.
  109. I waited, a cycle of tensing up and relaxing again followed, yet nothing happened. Some hope was bubbling inside me that he may have changed his mind after I said what he wanted to hear. I was just about to ask if I could get off and stand up when the first smack of that big brush landed. And it hurt... a lot. But I couldn't think over it that much as the next and the next whack landed on my rear, forcing scream after scream out of me. No warming up, no getting used to; this was straightforward, hard punishment from the very beginning.
  111. A spank to the lower part of my right cheek and I kicked my hinds against the sheet and mattress, trying to shake the burn out. While I could still positively feel the imprint of last last whack, Quinny did the same to the left cheek, equally hard. Water was gathering up in my eyes, begging me to be let loose but I didn't want to give in already. What would he think of me?
  113. He continued with the same intensity and kept it steady. It was getting harder and harder to breathe and so I had to leave the confines of the pillow to satisfy my lungs... and let the world know of my agony.
  115. "Aaahhaa! Quinnyyyyyy, not so hard!" I pleaded while my mannequin kept up his slow and hard smacks, pausing shortly in between hits to make me feel the sting of each one to its fullest. Not that he needed to, at that point my entire bottom was already burning and it was only getting worse.
  117. The bite of that bath brush was slowly getting to me, it seemed to cover half of my bottom each time it came down. I started squirming noticeably, even though I did absolutely nothing to throw off his aim. It was more a sign of discomfort and pain, rather than an active attempt at evading. Oh how I wished he’d kept my bathrobe down then, this hurt so much more than any of the other spankings I had gotten from him.
  119. “I’m sorry!” Another smack. “YEOWW! P-please STOP!” I really begged for the first time. It was too much, I felt on the verge of crying already and my rear felt like it was set aflame. It surely was bright red at that point, I thought.
  121. Yet, nothing changed. I still felt the hard, steady beat of the brush on my rump and still heard the loud cracks echoing through the room. It was mostly silent, save for said whacks and my crying and screaming which was only getting louder by the second.
  123. I couldn’t take much more of this. I stomped my hooved against the mattress and tried crawling forwards on the bed; anything to get away from my punishment and that awful instrument. Quinny only had to increase the pressure on my back to keep me in place. He had me trapped and held every advantage over me without my magic. He also never missed a beat at all, the brush cracked down steadily and alternated between cheeks, sometimes making a detour down to the more sensitive spots.
  125. Then just as I thought the pain was getting less, as my cheeks grew slightly numb — at least I felt that way — he hit considerably harder. I screamed out at the newfound, intense pain and beat my pillow with my free hoof in desperation.
  127. “NOO-HO-HOO! PLEASEEE!” I pleaded again before the dam broke and I gave in to the tears.
  129. I cried and cried as the hot, salty liquid ran down my face and dripped into the soft pillow underneath, repeating how sorry I was over and over. My mouth hung open and my back was arched upwards while I let out all the misery. Quinny never stopped, though. He still continued to soundly spank my terribly aching butt, with even more vigor if I remember correctly. Not that it mattered at all, I didn’t care much about it anymore and I wouldn’t even have cared if my friends would’ve seen me like this; pinned over my mannequin’s knees, spanked like a naughty little filly and bawling my eyes out. No, all that I cared about was the end and being finally done with it. Oh, how I longed for some comfort...
  131. “QUINNY! Whahaaaa... QUINYYY!” I got out between sobs. I don’t even remember what I wanted to say.
  133. I started coughing as my breath caught and felt him stop there for a moment. I was relieved about the respite but felt like it wasn’t the end. And indeed it wasn’t... He used the break, he gave me to recover, to subtly cross his legs underneath me. Dread filled my stomach as I realized what was happening and I let out a loud sob. With my slightly elevated bum, the sensitive undercurves were more exposed; an ideal target.
  135. And I should remain correct. It wasn’t long after my coughing died down that I felt the first of the terrible spanks down there. It was simply awful, a whole new level of pain. I used the last of my energy and struggled hard to get away but Quinny simply held me there, clutching my hoof tightly in his own. He made sure I took this spanking until the end like the bad filly I was and there was nothing I could do about it. All that was left for me was cry and howl in agony.
  137. I could tell he wanted to quickly get it over now, too. He laid this last series of cracks at a fast pace across my fanny, not giving me any time to brace for the next. At each impact my head jerked around and my hinds drummed on the bed, but still nothing helped to cope with the burning fire in my rear.
  139. “Whaahaaa, QUINNYYY!” I cried again. His name was the only coherent thing I could get out now. My throat also felt raw and strained from the heavy bawling.
  141. I heard the last of the loud whacks and felt their burning bite on my rump and then it was over... finally. Still, I could feel the fire and it surely wouldn’t die down so soon. My arm was also released but I was too spent to care, I just wanted to stay like this, let my cheeks cool off and recover from the ordeal.
  143. It seemed like Quinny wasn't having any of it, though. I felt him putting his hooves around my waist and gently pulling me up to him, where he pressed me against his chest. I took the invitation and was clinging to him with all four limbs, my face just barely over his shoulder.
  145. I was a bit glad about wearing my bathrobe, it cushioned considerably against Quinny's hard frame. Poor dear can't be blamed for it, but he isn't the most comfortable thing for cuddling. I didn't mind though, he offered me the comfort I was longing so much for. While I was still busying myself with crying my eyes out, he held me tightly and rocked soothingly back and forth. With one hoof I could feel him stroking my mane, while the other gently rubbed my properly chastised cheeks. I hissed at the first touch, but soon gave in to it. It became more bearable over time.
  147. It took me a while to calm down, but we had the time. It was evening and I had no more appointments or anything. I could just hang on there as long as I wanted or needed and he would stay with me. It was so wonderful. But after some time I pulled my tear and snot stained face away from him and gingerly started rubbing my bum myself.
  149. "Ooooh... was that brush really necessary, Quinny?" I asked, a half-complaint. It still burned terribly and I could swear I felt the single brush impacts on different spots on my rump. He just nodded, curtly but determined. "Alright..." I said in defeat and added another mumbled, "I'm sorry."
  151. He merely shook his head and pressed me against his shoulder again. Assuring me it was alright, he patted my fanny again a few times. I flinched and peeked back over my shoulder to see a bright red glow from where my bathrobe ended. That would be surely visible the next day.
  153. I sighed, stifling a yawn. “Still, that was the worst one you’d given me so far,” I remarked with a fake pout.
  155. Quinny though, was busy moving the tear soaked pillow away and pulled the sheets back. He discarded it to the floor while he set me down on my back as gentle as possible. The contact with the bed ignited the flames of the spanking again and I squirmed in discomfort. He then pulled the sheets back over my form and lowered his head for a quick nuzzle. Once again, Quinny isn’t really suited for that sort of close contact but what did it matter? He was being so sweet to me then.
  157. Lastly I saw him taking the bathbrush and moving back to his holder near the window. He placed the brush on the desk next to it and took his usual spot, giving me another short nod before.
  159. “Night, Quinny,” I whispered before turning to the side and slowly falling asleep. Yes, I thought, of course. He must’ve picked up on of my stray thoughts last time and how convenient it would be if he could take care of himself after he’d ‘taken care’ of me. Such a sweetheart.
  161. ***
  163. Well, back to the present. I am presently standing in my room in front of the mirror and presenting my bottom to myself. It is the morning after and I am well rested, but my rump still doesn’t look... presentable. I will have to use some magic and makeup to be able to move outside without attracting funny looks. I still have to go, I made a promise and I know I have to fulfill it.
  165. With one last rub to my pink benind, I leave the mirror and pick the brush up in my magic. I have to go to the bathroom and get ready for the day, but I have to say... I already feels so much better inside than yesterday. However, I really hope this doesn’t become a common routine now. I mean, I like Quinny and all, and the closeness we share but, ohhh does it hurt. You can’t imagine how much.
  167. Anyway, that’s it from me for this time. Have a nice day, darling. Just like I will surely have.
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