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  1. To use PostgreSQL as your database in Python applications you will need to use the psycopg2 package.
  2. $ pip install psycopg2
  3. $ pip freeze > requirements.txt
  4. And use this package to connect to DATABASE_URL in your code:
  5. import os
  6. import psycopg2
  7. import urlparse
  9. urlparse.uses_netloc.append("postgres")
  10. url = urlparse.urlparse(os.environ["DATABASE_URL"])
  12. conn = psycopg2.connect(
  13.     database=url.path[1:],
  14.     user=url.username,
  15.     password=url.password,
  16.     host=url.hostname,
  17.     port=url.port
  18. )
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