Newke DR (Frui the Tuffle Scientist)

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  1. Key: Newke
  2. Name: Frui
  3. Skill/Death Reward: Experiment T1
  4. Race: Tuffle
  6. Reasoning: Frui is one of the last tuffles wandering the now ruins of this city. She was born with an incredible mind and incredible craftmanship. However she refused to share this with the world, that was until now. With the recent escalating attacks on the city, Frui has decided now is the time to strike! To share her wonderful technologies with the world and help the fighters march towards victory!
  7.  - Having a techy would allow people to get different types of gear and add some nice useful technology to the scene. And having Experiment would naturally allow more depth to my character as a techy.
  8. (Just gonna be a normal tuffle with T1. Nothing more nothing less. I dont think a var is needed to do tech akin to the arcane var sooo here we go?)
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