Hakanai Fleet Girls [Typeset]

Sep 23rd, 2017
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  1. Hakanai Fleet Girls Translation
  2. From
  4. > did I...
  5. >...Oh, right, I fell asleep writing in my diary.
  6. >...Eh?
  7. >How, why...?!
  9. >Morning, Naka!
  10. >Se-sendai-chan!
  11. >It | It's rare to see you up this early...
  12. >Y-yeah... | well...that's not exactly should I say this...
  13. >Could it be that Sendai-chan hid them?
  15. >Well...the dresser...
  16. >Eh?!
  17. >Well, I was sweating last night | so I wanted a change of clothes...well, just my panties, really.
  18. >Remain calm...act natural. As long as I can get the panties in the dresser I'll be good.
  19. >But i could have sworn I was wearing them last night...
  20. >Ah | I see, you want patnies...!
  21. >[Go ahead!]
  23. >W...what is it?
  24. >Nothing. | Nothing at all?
  25. >Why is she holding down her skirt... | could it be that Naka-chang's underwear is on...
  26. >[creak]
  27. >[The panties...they're gone...!]
  28. >[Empty] >Sendai-chan, why are you holding down your skirt?
  29. >Ah?! Ahhh ahh, that?!
  31. >N-nothing....
  32. >No, rather, why would I be holding it down, ahaha....
  33. >Ah! | Right, I just remembered, the Admiral wanted me for something! | Well no time to be dithering about! | I'm off!
  34. >Well...I made it out, so close enough.
  36. >Walking down the naval district hallway bottomless is a little suicidal.
  37. >With how polished the floor is, you might be able to see the reflection...
  38. >Sendai-san.
  39. >How rare to see you in the afternoon.
  40. >Y-yeah!
  41. >R-right! | Unfortunately, I have something I need to do, so...
  42. >Is that so.
  44. >Speaking of which, the wind is a little strong today. | The Admiral wanted all sortieing shipgirls to be mindful of that.
  45. >[Mm,] Roger roger.
  46. >W-well then, I'm off--...
  48. >K-kashima...!
  49. >[Why are you] [not covering it?!]
  50. >Yep, since the wind is a little strong over here
  51. >[After all, the windows is open]
  52. >We must all be careful~ [ufufu]
  53. >No, that's not the problem!
  54. >Sendai-san, if you cover yourself so gingerly
  55. >Clasp
  56. >Bystanders are going to find it strange, fufu~
  57. >Where does her composure come from...
  59. >How annoying...there's no way I can go out like ths...
  60. >[Guess i should go back to bed.]
  61. >Suzuya--
  62. >S-sendai!
  63. >How rare to see you in the afternoon!
  65. >This is the third time I've gotten that line today.
  66. >[It isn't rare, it's pretty normal.]
  67. >Suzuya, aren't you walking a little weird?
  68. >N-not at all! >It's clearly weird, the way you're keeping you're legs together
  69. >And those hands your'e deliberately keeping in front.
  70. >[Wha...] What...
  72. >The wind is strong today, be careful.
  73. >Oh.
  74. >[Oy!] What are you doing?!!
  75. >As expected, no panties.
  77. >The hell do you mean "As expected?!" | When I woke up this morning all my underwear was gone!
  78. >[Mm]
  79. >I see.
  80. >[As expected.]
  81. >The victim count is rising.
  82. >Each victim's panties were stolen...we've got a major problem on our hands. (note: Sendai seems to be trying to do a CSI/Detective kind of thing here)
  83. >The hell are you saying....
  84. >[Could you help solve it instead?]
  85. >[Ahaaa--] >[Bystander Effect (literally: Given up)]
  86. >Well, whatever! It's annoying, but somebody will deal with it eventually!
  88. >Ohhh, it looks like we've got a comrade over there.
  89. >Hagi-chan!
  90. >D-do you need something?!
  91. >...Hm.
  92. >Today your chest armor thickness should I say this... | Or rather, the position...
  94. >W-what position are you talking about....
  95. >Why are you reaching out to touch me?!
  96. >Compared to normal....
  97. >Nothing... | I'm the same as always...
  99. >Ah, a cockroach....
  100. >Iyaaaaahhhhhhh!!!
  101. >I see, so nothing on the top half either. [This is quite shocking.]
  102. >[You] What are you saying?! [Get it away!!!]
  104. >Finally found you guys. Sendai-chan, Hagikaze-chan.
  105. >The Admiarl has something to discuss with us.
  106. >Is he dispatching us on sortie....
  107. >Ah, no....sortieing in these circumstances, it's a little... | hey...? >[Probably not.]
  109. >Ah~ Pardon me for calling you guys all out here, but I have something to announce....
  110. >...But first,
  111. >It's a little hot.
  113. > should I say this, uh...
  114. >Today's weather sure is nice, huh...
  115. >You....
  116. >Pervert!!
  117. >Hold on!! I didn't do anything!
  118. >[(on scroll) Night battle Doctrine]
  119. >Shut up! Purge (note: literal meaning of "肅清")!!
  120. >This was the beginnings of the rumored bottomless Naval District.... (there's no sequel)
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