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Tale of Anonfilly

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  1. >It was the dead of night.
  2. >You were cold, and tired, and you believed you had sand in your newly gained vagina.
  3. >You have no idea how it happened. Or why. But during a trip back home from the grocery store. You were hit with a gigantic flash of light that not only turned you into some odd female teeny tiny horse, but stuck you in some sort of empty wasteland of some sort.
  4. >The only thing that transferred over to whatever the fuck this place was was your grocery bag. Which was now nearly as big as you were.
  5. >Hell, you spent half the time being in this wasteland slapping yourself silly trying to wake up.
  6. >then you screamed out that you needed your shots because you thought you were in a mental ward
  7. >Then you tried tapping at your vag a few times. And, it felt pretty nice. But maybe thats what your mind wanted. Was to masturbate until some sicko found you and murdered you for your.....stuff?
  8. >You didn't have any stuff
  9. >whatever, you just had to press on.
  10. >Eating whatever you had left. Even if you had to bite down hard with your new horse teeth to open a can.
  11. >But you had hope in your heart that you would survive somehow.
  12. "I'm going to die out here...what the fuck is going on?"
  13. >Unfortunately, despite having food. You only had a two liter of soda when it came to drinks. And you only had a gulp left of that.
  14. >If you didn't find civilization soon. You were going to die
  15. >And thats assuming the locals don't put you in some farm or prepare you to be turned to fucking glue.
  16. >You were getting weak
  17. >Tired
  18. >And you pressed forward. You could swear that a town started to appear in the distance. A single street town so perfectly aligned that it was almost creepy.
  20. "What the fuck? Is that a movie set?...oh god. They might have water...possibly beer. T-that's what's wrong with me. Too much shit, not enough water..."
  21. >You trudged forward. forcing yourself to reach the town, not stopping for any reason.
  22. >If you were going to die. At least it'd be on the hollywood news. You always wanted to be famous. Crazy green horse dies in the middle of the movie set. That is, if you were even a fucking horse and didn't somehow get drugged up with some crazy shit.
  23. >but, there was no one outside.
  24. >Not one damn soul.
  25. >How could there not be anyone outside? It's a fucking movie set....or something. Either way, there were always people out at night.
  26. >It really was like you were in another world.
  27. >You needed help. Your vision was going out. It was like this truly was a new and weak little body. Like being a little girl.
  28. "H-hello?...Hello?"
  29. >No answer.
  30. >You were starting to blur out. so with the last of your energy. you scream.
  32. >And then you fell, out cold from fatigue.
  34. >After some time in the darkness. You started to hear cute,adorable, and cartoon like voices.
  35. >"Oh no, how could anypony leave a filly out in the middle of the night like that? Does she belong to anypony we know?"
  36. >"No, see? She still has her cutie mark. She came from the outside."
  37. >"And left by herself? That's so...cruel. Who could do such a thing to a cute little filly like this?"
  38. >"Maybe she got lost or separated from her parents."
  39. >"Maybe, but that doesn't explain the weird food she has. And it's not like our little town is hard to find. Surely they would have come to ask if she was here by now."
  40. >"Well, let's wait for her to wake up then. Remember what Starlight said. It is important to make sure all newcomers feel welcome. No matter what. If she was abandoned. Then she can make her new home with us. I'm sure Starlight will figure out what to do with her."
  41. >"You're right Party Favor, Starlight will figure it out. Like she always does. Who knows, maybe this filly was abandoned because of her cutie mark. I..don't know what a question mark could mean in terms of talent but I bet it's the cause of all her problems. Just like us."
  42. >"Yep, just...like us. Sugar Belle, maybe you should make some muffins for her for when she wakes up. Whatever this weird stuff is. It's probably not good for her. And "Dr.Pepper" does not sound like a medicine I've ever heard of. Or a doctor. It could be poisonous for all we know."
  43. >"It could be. Just throw everything away and keep an eye on her. I'll be back in a few minutes. And then we can bring her to Starlight."
  44. >Then things went silent.
  45. >Your head was killing you.
  46. >Was that a dream? Those voices?
  47. >You suddenly felt some water ripping at your lips. You instinctively started to stick your tongue out and lick.
  48. >It tasted sooooo......mediocre.
  50. >But fuck it, it was water.
  51. >Then you started to open your eyes.
  52. >And two creepy fucking horses were looking at you with big wide smiles. They looked like their souls were dead or something despite their smiles being so wide. And they had equal marks on their asses.
  53. >then the female one spoke. "Hello little one, and Welcom-"
  56. >You realized you were sleeping on a small makeshift bed as you started to immediately slide backward on it. When you fell off. It was in a prime position to be kicked right in the male's face. Making him drop that large cup of water he was somehow holding with his hoof. Obviously these demons were very advanced if they were able to hold objects with flat fucking appendages.
  57. >He yelped from the bed hitting his face. "H-hey! R-relax, we're not trying to-"
  59. >You move your own hoof in the motion of a cross in front of the tipped cup. if you blessed it and then kicked it at the female. the remaining water should burn her to ash.
  61. >You hit the cup at her chest. It doesn't seem to phase her. It just makes her look at you as if she was a worried mother.
  62. >Goddammit! You weren't as holy as you thought you were. You could have sworn that was going to work!
  63. >"Listen please! We're not trying to hurt you. We only want to help! Please, listen" The female horse with the bunned up mane tried to reason with you. And damn, she was pretty adorable...NO, THAT WAS SATAN'S TEMPTATION! YOU WEREN'T CHRISTIAN BUT YOU WERE STARTING TO BELIEEEEVEEE!
  65. >You backed up into a dirty corner of what appeared to be a storage basement. You looked around for a way to escape. But these two demons were blocking your path.
  66. "If you get near me! I swear! I'll shoot you with my laser eyes! I have that! Just saying!"
  67. >They both look at eachother. And then the female speaks.
  68. >"Party Favor, can you wait upstairs? Maybe she'll calm down if I talk to her one on one. Maybe a girl's touch is what she needs"
  69. >"What about Starlight?" the male asks "Maybe we should tell her about the filly and bring her here"
  70. >The female went quiet for a moment. As if the thought of this "Starlight" demon put some fear in her heart. But then she smiled "No, if we bring Starlight now. Our new friend will only be more scared. Let me talk to her one on one, and then I'm sure everything will be fine"
  71. >"....ok...but call me if you need me." He tells her as he starts going up the steps.
  72. >"I will" The horse says with a cute little smile. Much more vibrant than before. But still, lacking any real character.
  73. >When she turned back to face you, you just looked at her with the angriest face you could muster. Your face was scrunchier than a girl's scrunchy.
  74. "If you even think about touching me, I'll rip your face off"
  75. >But that only made her smile, she took a plate of muffin in her mouth and held it towards you.
  76. >What did she think you were an idiot? Those were obviously poison.
  77. >She put it down, and gently pushed it towards you with her nose.
  78. >"Their pretty good. Look, I know you're scared. But your among friends now. And we want to help you. Do you have a name? Where are your parents?"
  79. >She looked into your eyes. And maybe because they were sorta cartoony. But you could easily see the look of concern on her cute little mug.
  80. >you looked at those muffins. They didn't look healthy.
  81. "Look, demon whatever. If you think I'm gonna bite down on one of those things then you're crazy. Also, I ain't telling you anything. Especially my name"
  83. >"Well, then let me start with my own name. I'm Sugar Belle. I run the town bakery. And I promise you these are ok. See?"
  84. >She takes one and takes a bite, then cringes a little bit. "Well, maybe their not the greatest. But their edible!" She says with a false grin.
  85. "Yeeeaaahh...ok. Look, I don't know what Satan wants with me. But....wait.."
  86. >You realized...that you were still a horse.
  87. >You looked at your legs, your tail, your body.
  88. >Holy fuck....it wasn't a dream.
  89. "..a-aaaa...aa."
  90. >this was real. You were a horse. And if they were horses. Then they weren't demons.
  91. >This wasn't real. IT COULDN'T!
  92. >But you sat and looked at your forelegs.
  93. >Your beautiful hands were gone
  94. >Your home, it was gone
  95. >You were some sort of freak
  96. >Or, you weren't. And was stuck in a world of horses.
  97. >You started to cry.
  98. >And this worried the cute horse. "W-what's wrong?!"
  99. "I'm a pony...I'm a pony. I'm a freaking pony"
  100. >"E-erm...yes. That's how things normally are. A-are your parents not ponies?" She asked
  101. >Of course they fucking weren't. They weren't even alive.
  102. "M-my parents...are dead."
  103. >"O-oh dear..." She gasped, putting a hoof to her mouth as her eyes shimmered "You poor little thing.." She dared to move close to you and give you a hug.
  104. >You just grasped onto her as it all sunk in
  105. "...How am I supposed to get pussy now?"
  106. >"Erm, well. We could ask Starlight if she could make an exception for you. I-I'm sure if you explain everything to her. She'd let you have a cat."
  107. >.....This horse didn't even know what pussy meant.
  108. >you were doomed.
  110. >After doing the best you could to accept your fate. Along with the motherly affection of this horse. Which you admit. Did make you feel rather welcome. You decided to stick with what you had for now.
  111. >You explained to her that your name was Anon. And that you were a lost little horse who had RECENTLY lost her parents. Her, because as it seemed, your ding dong was fucking gone. You also apologized for the way you acted and the words you said. Explaining that you had been traveling alone for a while now without water. Which was true.
  112. >Your objective however, was to find out what was going on and find a way to reverse this mess.
  113. >She explained to you the best she could on how bad she felt for you and how she wanted you to be ok. She was worried about you despite not knowing anything about you. Which was ok because you were right there with her.
  114. >She offered you the muffins again. Which...god, they sucked. But she made them with love, right? The best you could do was accept them and eat them and hope you don't fucking die from them.
  115. >Her name though, Sugar Belle. What kind of name was that?
  116. >And then she called down that other guy. Party Favor.
  117. >...Weird fucking names. Especially that one, because that guy didn't seem as festive as his name implied.
  118. >yeah, for now. Just play along. Surely this was as weird as it was going to get. right?
  119. >They explain to you that they wanted to bring you to some horse leader named Starlight Glimmer. Who was...wait...
  120. "A unicorn? Seriously? With magic and all that?"
  121. >They both nodded. Then you could hear Party Favor whisper to Sugar Belle "Is she ok? How has she never seen a unicorn before?"
  123. >She whispered back "Maybe she's only lived with Earth ponies all her life. Like a cult"
  124. >"Ewww, a cult? I've heard about those." Party Favor shuddered "They sound really creepy. Good thing we're not part of one"
  125. >You were getting a little annoyed. They acted as if Unicorns were fucking real.
  126. "Look, I don't know what's going on. But you can't convince me that unicorns are real"
  127. >"But Anon..." Party Favor pointed to his party hat that he had on "I'm a unicorn too"
  128. >....bullfucking SHIT!
  129. "Really? Look, I'm not dumb. I know that's a party hat. That's why they call you party favor...right?"
  130. >Party Favor shook his head and took out a balloon. He blew on it...and this the freakiest shit started happening. His hat started glowing, and the balloon flew up and started twisting on it's own. It looked like he was struggling to make a balloon animal. The best he could do was just make it look like a single sausage link. "See? Magic. I-if I was a little better. I'd have made you a doggie. But...a sausage link is just as good, right?"
  131. >...holy...shit....You were in the world of Harry Potter.
  132. >Though, you don't remember things being so cartoony.
  133. "....u-uhm...uhm..sure and....do you know a kid with a lightning on his forehead?"
  134. >He shook his head "Nope"
  135. >....dear lord.
  136. >"And there are Pegasi too. Those are ponies that can fly by the way. hmm, what kind of family wouldn't let a Filly learn and grow about the world?....It's not right" Sugar Belle seemed to be getting upset about it, but Party Favor calmed her down with a hoof on a shoulder, and a smile
  137. >"Don't worry, Starlight will fix everything"
  138. >...They sure put a lot of faith in this fucking Starlight person.
  140. >Also...fucking Horses with wings too?!God fucking dammit Anon. Keep your head together. Because it was about to fucking explode from this ridiculousness.
  141. "You two really like this Starlight. Is she erm....really that good?"
  142. >"Oh she's the best" Sugar Belle nodded
  143. >"She helped fix our lives. And She'll be able to help you too!" Added Party Favor
  144. >there were those smiles again...fucking....creepy
  145. >whatever, if Starlight was a...well..a unicorn. And had magic. Maybe she could help you get back home. She had to be fucking reasonable if these two seemed so oddly content.
  146. >Or maybe she was a fucking giant spider in disguise who ate people like you.
  147. >God...you hoped it wasn't that.
  148. >Well, it couldn't be that.
  149. >But just in case
  150. "I'd really like to meet Starlight. I just have one question?"
  151. >"What is it?" Sugar Belle asks
  152. "Uhhh, do any of you know who Stephen King is?"
  153. >"Stephen...King? Can't say that I have" Sugar Belle shrugged.
  154. >"That's a really weird name too. Who is he, Anon?" Party Favor asked
  155. "Uh...just a chocolate snack I like"
  156. >"Oh, I'm very sorry Anon. I've never heard of it. And we don't have anything like that here. But don't worry. That won't matter once Starlight helps you" Sugar Belle says as she retains that creepy smile.
  157. >They don't have fucking Chocolate?! holy fuck....well maybe thats fine. Maybe horses can't actually eat chocolate.
  158. >You had no idea.
  159. >So you thanked the horses for the meal, as mediocre as it was, and asked them to take you to Starlight.
  160. >Hopefully, you can get through this mess without going fucking insane.
  162. >You were led out into the town's single street from Sugar Belle's bakery..or...whatever they called it, by the two ponies.
  163. >Because seeing the town in the daylight? It was all so drab and plain.
  164. >But, maybe thats how it was? Maybe? From what you could tell. despite magic existing, technology seemed to be at an all time low.
  165. >and everyone was smiling big wide smiles and generally, being rather pleasant.
  166. >You didn't know if it was comforting or creepy.
  167. "So um...What kind of town is this exactly?"
  168. >"Oh! This is a town for lost ponies who have been betrayed by their cutie marks. Some ponies here had friendships torn apart by differences. Others just don't feel like their as good as somepony else. Someponies have even been ridiculed for what their talent happens to be. But once we all found Starlight, we made a town...our town. A town where everypony is equal, where everypony wins. And life has been good ever since." Sugar Belle said
  169. >.....huh....can't argue with that logic.
  170. >But why the fuck did they say "somepony" or "Everypony". Did that mean someone and everyone? So were these really just ponies? Were you a pony?
  171. >And what the fuck was a cutie mark?
  172. >Was it the marks on their asses? Those equal marks? Those weren't very cute at all. Hell, the name "Cutie Mark" was kind of gay.
  173. >Though, since everyone seemed to have one. You decided to give your own flank a look.
  174. >There was a question mark on the side of your ass....neat.
  175. >But what the fuck did it mean?
  176. >You should save that question for Starlight. These two were obviously very low on the totem pole, And given their creepy smiles at times. It gave you a sense they were rather mindless and didn't even know what the word "Cute" meant.
  178. "That's uh, sounds nice. So, Starlight runs the town?"
  179. >Party Favor nods "Yup, she's so amazing. And wise. She'll know exactly how to help you. Trust us, you'll love her."
  180. >Yeah, A LOT of faith in this Starlight. It was like they weren't willing to do anything without her word. In a movie,
  181. >Was she really that influential?
  182. >They were leading you to a house at the end of the town. At the middle of the end of the road. Odd, you'd think it'd be aligned with the rest of the town.
  183. >When they reached her door. They just...opened it. She didn't keep her door locked?
  184. >Sugar Belle stayed outside with you as Party Favor stepped inside. "I'm going to going to go get Starlight. You stay here"
  185. >Easy enough.
  186. >You sat your ass on the ground and waited. You looked at Sugar Belle, who looked back at you with that grin.
  187. >She looked so plain.
  188. "So um...."
  189. >Actually, it would be suspicious if you asked what world you were in. What country. Anything of that sort. They already believe you lived a ridiculously sheltered life. Not knowing about the world itself might be too much.
  190. >"Yes? What is it" She asks
  191. "Uhhhmmmm...You have...a...boy friend?"
  192. >"Oh...." She broke into a frown "No, not really but..." And then that creepy smile came back on "It's fine, I'm happy with the way things are"
  193. >Yeeaaaaaaahhh, ok. Either they had no libidos or what you saw as cute was ugly tier in this universe. She already looked and sounded cute for an animal. You couldn't imagine what the good looking ones must look like.
  194. >The door opened again. And Party Favor stepped outside. "Ok Anon, Starlight is ready to see you now. Just step inside and she'll be right with you."
  196. >Step inside? Alone?
  197. >"Are you alright Anon? do you want one of us to go in with you?" Sugar Belle asked.
  198. >Yeah never mind. It was probably better to go in one on one. You wanted to question this Starlight pony and it was obvious that these two would be nuisances should things go awry. You are hoping things will be civil. But again, this could end in you becoming dinner or some shit. And it'd be better to run from one pony than three.
  199. "Nope, I'm fine. Totally ok. Thanks for the help, but I'll take it from here"
  200. >You give them a smile, a wave, and step inside and quickly shut the door.
  201. >You start muttering under your breath.
  202. "God, I need to get a hold of myself. I didn't even think that this could possibly be an elaborate VR simulation."
  203. >You sit down, put your forelegs on the side of your head and pull forward.
  204. >Nope, still in the house.
  205. "..Fuck..."
  206. >You look around the lobby of the house. or whatever this room was considered.
  207. >You find a dresser with a mirror by the corner.
  208. >A Mirror
  209. >since you were going to obviously be stuck here. You might as well take a look at what you look like.
  210. >The dresser itself was a tad high though. So, using your ingenuity. You pushed a nearby chair with your face to the front of the mirror. Then, hopped up ontop of it like some sort of cat.
  211. >You pulled yourself from the end of the dresser to be able to look in the mirror.
  212. >What you saw was a very adorable little filly. Green in coat color. Staring back at you. Even your eyes were green. Your mane however, was black and very feminine as it went downward along your back.
  213. >You really were the little girl.
  215. >It was astonishing.
  216. "Christ...what happened to me? How did I turn into this? I'm like a sick looking chihuahua thing with hooves. I sure look cute though. I mean, if I was into animals. I could probably masturbate to myself...then again.."
  217. >You start giving yourself a sultry look as you run your hoof through your hoof.
  218. "I don't know if being a pony changed my chemistry or anything. But I could see me fucking myself..."
  219. >"Welcome!" A voice came from behind
  221. >You barked as you fell off the chair and onto your side, the chair falling with you.
  222. >You look forward from the other side of the seat to see a pony looking down at you with a more pleasant. If oddly more sinister smile. Cripes, where did she even come from? You felt like your heart was going to jump out of your fucking chest.
  223. >"Oh my! Are you alright little one? Anon, was it?" She looked to you with concern as she helped you up with her magic.
  224. >Oy, that's the last time you get up on anything unstable. You were used to walking on these new legs. But not really balancing yourself on anything that isn't bolted to the ground.
  225. "Yeah, thanks."
  226. >And that magic. Being picked up by it was odd. Especially the glow that came from it. This pony seemed different from the others. More vibrant, energetic, and capable. Then again, she was the leader, she had to be. She also had one of those weird equal cutie mark things on the side of her flank.
  228. >"You must be Anon." She said as she then used her magic to put the chair back in place before walking up to you and dusting your shoulder off with her hoof "Party Favor told me about you"
  229. >Probably wasn't much.
  230. "Yeah..."
  231. >"Is it all true? I don't think I've ever heard of an earth pony cult." She seemed to be in pure wonderment about it.
  232. >Lie
  233. "Yeah, it's true. same with my parents being gone."
  234. >Which that part was true..sort of. You were disowned after all after your life took a spiral downward.
  235. >Such a huge spiral that you used good ole alcohol to forget about it.
  236. >Which, You supposed, didn't really help the situation at all.
  237. >"Really..." While, she did seem to be in wonderment, she also seemed suspicious of you. "And you just happened to find yourself here, in my....our little village? Nopony sent you? Nopony wanted you to do anything here? You can be honest and tell me. I just want to help. And this cult you came from? It sounds very suspicious to me"
  239. >Huh, those were pretty direct questions. She obviously didn't trust you. Or couldn't believe in the fact that it was suspicious that you just showed up out of the blue.
  240. >Your offworld groceries probably didn't help the situation either.
  241. >But, maybe. You could use that.
  242. >You needed shelter. That was for sure. And whatever the fuck this world is? It couldn't be THAT real. You refused to believe it. Maybe there was a glitch in the matrix. Maybe the matrix existed.
  243. >Whatever the case. You weren't above lying. You could do it easily. You do it all the time.
  244. >But what lie?
  245. >So, obviously. To them. You are a little girl horse. And adorable to boot.
  246. >If you wanted to win this chick over. You had to make up the most bullshit lie you could muster. A super sobby story for sure.
  247. >Also...make sure to use that weird lingo
  248. "Look...I'm just trying to find a new home, ok? That place? I managed to get away from that crazy cult and the only thing I brought with me is the food. Yeah, I know you must have been told that it looks weird. But thats what we had. You don't know what they did to me there. Even before my parents died. I was beaten and abused. everytime I wanted to step away from the group they would throw tar on me. And I had to get it all out on my own. My mother never helped me. She hated me because I wasn't like them. And my father? He touched me...in bad places."
  249. >You started to cry, thinking up as many terrible thoughts as you could.
  250. >In fact. Cutie Marks, or whatever the fuck those butt marks were, seemed pretty important. And everyone had the same one in this town except for you. So was everyone in the world supposed to have an equal mark on their ass? Because you had a question mark. So then..
  251. "And even worse. They called me a freak because of my cutie mark. I don't even know what it really is! I'm just a freak. Maybe I should just stop running. Maybe I should just end myself. Nopony could ever love an ugly little filly like me. A freak..."
  253. >You let yourself plop to the ground and cry, looking up for just a moment to see this pony's reaction.
  254. >She seemed stunned. As if that was the most tragic story she ever heard. It looked like she was questioning her own fucking existence. Did shit like this not happen in this world or something? She seemed utterly lost.
  255. >You could have sworn you even heard her utter "S-she's suffered worse than I have...she's lost" to herself.
  256. >Finally, she said something.
  257. >"I don't think I've ever heard of such a terrible case of a cutie mark causing so much heartache and strife in anypony. And you're just a little foal." She moved close to you and started to give you a gentle hug. You had to admit, she was pretty damn soft. "I want you to truly feel welcome here. I want this town to be your home now. And if you'd let me, I want you to live with me. I want to show you, first hoof, a life where you will never have to suffer like that ever again. A life where cutie marks don't matter. Where nopony will ever be better or worse than you are. Where everypony are friends with everypony else. Let me start by introducing myself, I am Starlight Glimmer. Your first real friend"
  258. >Googly moogly, it fucking worked.
  259. >though, you think you just got literally adopted.
  260. "T-thank you? Erm..Thank you. You seem like a real nice friend to have"
  262. >"Oh, I am. Well, I'm no better than anypony else in this town. But I am the one who will be able to help you the most. In fact, the first thing we should do is introduce you to the entire town...no...After we remove that cutie mark of yours, we should do that. I don't want you to feel different or anxious about meeting everypony. I want you to feel like you belong. And that cutie mark's removal is the first step to true harmony" She sat up and looked at you with pride. Though, there was something eerie about it. Like something wasn't quite right.
  263. >But whatever. What did you give a shit? If the entire town automatically loved you then you would already have an advantage and a home. It'd be easy to figure out what the fuck happened after that.
  264. "I'd like that very much. But how are we going to do that?"
  265. >You need a clencher...
  266. "Momma Starlight"
  267. >"Momma?" Starlight flinched at those words. To her, she didn't realize you'd take to her so quickly "Why "Momma" "
  268. "Because, you're the greatest pony I've ever met"
  269. >Seriously, thus far. That's fucking true.
  270. >She went silent for a moment as she gently put her hoof on your head, then she looked down at you with a smile full of pride. "If you want to call me Momma. Then that's alright. You Anon, are the prime example. the BEST example of why Cutie Marks are a terrible thing to have, Your own community....no..your family. forsook you for your cutie mark. Even with your parents gone, they never reconciled and saw you for the filly you really were. Did they?"
  271. >You shook your head.
  272. >"Right, Anon. I want you to trust in me. Your...Momma. I want you to follow me and stick to me close. We are going to go to a cave, and in that cave, you will say goodbye to the very source of all your problems." She tells you as she opens the front door with her magic.
  273. >Tatoo removal? Or maybe, she was going to change it to an equal mark? Yeah, whatever. Works for you.
  275. >She was leading you away from the town. Going over the "Glorious" history of it. Talking about some of the ponies who have made it their home and why they came. You just followed along. Absorbing anything you could from her words. You needed to learn what this world was about in case a situation arises.
  276. >Hell, you were even amazed at how dedicated she seemed to be. It was cult like, yeah. But there wasn't any creepy or sick shit going down. At least, not from what you could tell so far.
  277. >It almost made you feel bad that you lied to her. But hey, essentially you're nonexistent. Or rather, nonexistent in the same sense that you didn't have a past. So it was probably ok to make one up. No one was ever going to find out the truth.
  278. >you also had to admit that the sky looked amazing. Hell, as you went along the mountainside. Everything was so brisk and clean. No pollution whatsoever.
  279. >...oh god.....do they not have electronics here?
  280. >Fuuuuuuck
  281. >Then you saw the cave entrance. Interestingly enough. There seemed to be some eerie glow coming from inside. Lighting up the entrance to the cave and making you wonder what was inside of it.
  282. ">also, this cave was pretty far out from the town itself...you weren't about tog et raped, right?
  283. >Well, that could be fun...maybe...right?
  284. >"There it is Anon, the start of your new future. Once we step inside, you'll truly experience what it is to belong" She says in a very cheery tone. Like she has said it a million times before.
  285. >Spooky.
  286. "Momma, what exactly is lighting up that cave?"
  287. >Momma. Cripes, you needed some time to really get used to that.
  288. >"The light itself? It's generated by everything that has made ponies miserable. Cutie Marks. In this cave is a vault. A place to contain cutie marks so they don't go flying back to their owners. This is a place where pain is left behind."
  289. >You started to feel a little antsy. How fucking serious was this cutie mark bullshit?
  291. >And when you entered the cave? Well holy shit.
  292. >A glass vault. with tons of GAY AS SHIT looking tatoos were floating within it. Actual magical floating buttmarks.
  293. >So then. She literally rips their tatoos off and puts them in here? How the fuck even?! and why does everyone fucking have a butt mark?
  294. >Dammit, you wanted to ask. But it'd probably be too much.
  295. "Wow, that's a lot of cutie marks"
  296. >"Don't be too impressed Anon, all of this is the cause of everyponys pain and misery"
  297. "How? What does..."
  298. >Word it carefully Anon.
  299. "Erm, why are they bad for everypony,exactly?"
  300. >She goes on about it. But she never really mentioned exactly why their bad.
  301. >"Huh?" She stopped, It looked like she didn't understand why you asked that question at first, but then smiled and pointed towards the vault. "I guess growing up disconnected from the world WOULD make you question why other cutie marks are terrible. Although, ALL of them are. Each of these marks tell a story. As I mentioned before. But if you want an example. Let's take this mark here." She points to a cutie mark with three blue snowflakes on it "This used to belong to a pony named Double Diamond. a pony who failed at a very important skiing competition and was mocked for it. He didn't know what to do with himself after that. That is, until he found me." Starlight's expression started to become arrogant as her horn illuminated once more. A strange two pronged stick came floating out from behind her. "I brought harmony in his life by removing that which wasn't good enough for everypony else. And showed him that by being the same as everypony else was the true path to happiness"
  302. >She then pointed the stick towards you. Making you flinch.
  303. >Like holy fuck. What was she going to do with that thing?! It was double pronged. This isn't how you expected your rape to be like. You thought it'd be gentle and loving due to being cute. But nope, She was going to fill both your holes with splintery badness.
  305. >Before you knew it. She shot a shot of magic from the staff.
  306. >While scary, was a lot better than your previous thought.
  307. >You started to hover upwards as you felt a hard tugging at your flank.
  308. >It tingled at first, making you grunt, and then suddenly...nothing as you hovered back down to the ground.
  309. >You turned around to see your new equal mark. Or whatever that was supposed to do.
  310. >But...your question mark was still there.
  311. "Huh? Hey, I still have my cutie mark"
  312. >"What?!" Starlight barked sharply as she rushed over to check your flank as she had not noticed any mark float up in the air. And sure enough. There it was.
  313. "Was that supposed to do nothing Momma?"
  314. >Momma...it was spicy on the tongue. But her reaction to her failing spell gave you a feeling you should be on her good side.
  315. >You sounded like a putz. But you'd only have to endure it until you find a way home.
  316. >"No, it was supposed to take away your cutie mark. Ok...hold on." Starlight used her magic to bring the staff closer, and once again pointed the staff at you. "Ok, this time. I want you to imagine a world that's beautiful and equal in every way"
  317. >You shrug. That wasn't hard
  318. "ok"
  319. >This was actually kind of cool. It was magic. Magic like those animes you used to watch. But goddamn, if you so much as burst into flame you'll make sure to bury this pony.
  320. >Y'know, before you turn to ash.
  321. >Starlight once again zapped you with her staff. And once agin. It failed.
  322. >"WHAT!? THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! I KNOW I'M DOING THE SPELL RIGHT!" She flew into a sudden furious rage. It was startling. Was it really that big of a deal
  323. "Uhm. Hold on..."
  324. >You wiggled your butt right at her and tapped at your cutie mark.
  325. "There we go. Maybe It's just a small target."
  326. >You wanted to get this over with already. She looked like she was getting really antsy.
  327. >"Hold on, how exactly did you manage to earn your cutie mark?"
  329. >Earn? uhhhhh...
  330. >You shrug
  331. "Dunno, it just was there one day. I don't even know what it means...er....MY cutie mark that is. I don't know what this particular cutie mark is for."
  332. >Starlight seemed conflicted. It was like she could tell there was something off.
  333. >But then she considered the story you told. She felt that she knew it was impossible for a foal to tell a lie that foul.
  334. >"Alright, hold still. I'm going to give it all I have this time"
  335. >Was that a bad thing?
  336. >You ducked your head as you lifted your butt and tail up. Strangely however, Starlight didn't use the staff this time. Instead hitting you with a powerful beam that turned the tugging at your ass into feeling like she was trying to rip it off.
  338. >Starlight panicked and canclled the spell when she realized it still wasn't working. "Anon! Anon, are you alright?!"
  339. >You were whimpering. Without the beating part. It felt like your ass took a massive paddle right to the flank.
  340. >You were hurt. No physical marks. But that hurt like sin.
  341. "Fucking...ngh. What the fuck! What the fucking fuck was that all about?!"
  342. >Starlight actually felt terrible for what she did. She also noticed your odd slang.
  343. >She rushed over and held you in her legs..arms...armlegs. And snuggled you close. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you like that. The spell should have worked!"
  344. >Holy...fuck. She was so soft. So...warm. It was like cuddling into a shitton of kittens personified into a horse.
  345. >You could feel your anger quickly vanishing. Well that, and you couldn't go too hard anyway. you needed a home.
  346. "I er....I mean....it's ok. I'm sorry...Momma"
  347. >"I should be the one who is sorry. That spell has never failed. I didn't want you to suffer with that cutie mark of yours and.....and...."
  348. >She stopped, as if she had some sort of grand idea,but she still held you close .
  350. >"Anon, would you say your cutie mark...is cursed?" She asks, her voice becoming oddly dark.
  351. "Cursed?"
  352. >Was it? Just say yes. Because whatever that spell was? It sounded like it never failed before.
  353. "I..guess?"
  354. >"And, your cutie mark. It's caused you nothing but suffering. right"
  355. "....yeah?"
  356. >Starlight pulled away from the hug and looked at you with this smile. This.....cruel smile as she gently brushed her hoof through your mane. "Anon, I think I know what your purpose is"
  357. >Your purpose?
  358. "What do you mean?"
  359. >"What I mean is that I can see why fate has had you come to our town. That odd cutie mark. That CURSED cutie mark. It is the most shining example in Equestria as to why having cutie marks at all is a terrible thing. That being better or worse than other ponies ruins lives. Just look at you. Your life has been terrible, even moreso once you got that mark. Hated, even when your parents were alive, they hated you. Your old cult hates you. It is so terrible for you that I can't even save you with my mag-...er. The power of the staff of sameness. Don't you see, Anon? You can change the world. We can change it. For the better. We could end all this miserable suffering together. Once everypony sees that cutie marks..that fate, fate that is tied to those marks, can be cruel to such an innocent foal. Everypony will want my order! I want you to stick close to me. I will show you exactly what I mean."
  360. >She gives you a soft boop on the nose "You're going to be my " Little Glimmer" of hope for Equestria. Would you mind if I called you that? Little Glimmer?"
  361. >....ohhh god. You were in an ACTUAL cult.
  363. >The worst part is there didn't seem to be any place to run to for miles.
  364. >One fuck up, and this bitch might fucking give you magic cancer. Or horse AIDS. or something that would kill you slow and painfully.
  365. >...But wait.
  366. >You were in a cult...weren't you?
  367. >And Starlight? She was their leader.
  368. >And if you were her "Little Glimmer"
  369. >You'd already be higher than anyone else in town.
  370. >...this could work.
  371. "Ok Momma! Whatever you say!"
  372. >You give her a big big hug.
  373. >Now? You had to be careful. You had to pay attention. Because that this moment. You were on top. And you had to make sure not to blow it.
  374. >So, the one thing to keep in mind the most is the fact that cutie marks suck. And the equal mark is great. You didn't have one. But keep it in mind.
  375. >Starlight placed you on her back as she took you back in town. She was explaining to you that you were going to stand before the town and meet everyone..everypony. She would explain to them your "troubled" past, and show them that her care and teachings are helping you recover from a situation nopony could have even thought of. A true nightmare.
  376. >That in a single day. Her love and compassion for you had already began to help you open up and become one with everypony else. Despite the problem with your mark.
  377. >The mark, she also explained that through her teachings. She'll help you embrace equality without the need of the equal mark. As Equestria itself had forsaken you where she has not.
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