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Last Item ID

dragonbane Jan 2nd, 2020 (edited) 88 Never
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  1. Last Item ID: 0x8040B177 (0 on initial game boot, not reset by softreset)
  2. Exclusively read by: 0x8011a8f0 d_a_alink::daAlink_c::procCoGetItemInit (only triggered when int(Link + 0x60c) = 0x100)
  4. When called with int(Link + 0x60c) = 0x100, procCoGetItemInit uses the Last Item ID to spawn the item Link will receive via f_op_actor_mng::fopAcM_createItemForPresentDemo
  5. fopAcM_createItemForPresentDemo calls d_event::dEvt_control_c::setGtItm which stores the received item ID back in 0x8040B177
  6. d_event::dEvt_control_c::setGtItm is called by fopAcM_createItemForPresentDemo and fopAcM_createItemForTrBoxDemo
  8. procCoGetItemInit is scheduled by the dialog text via daAlink_c::execute ---> daAlink_c::checkDemoAction
  10. Only in the rare case of int(Link + 0x60c) = 0x100 instead of 0x00 (only some NPCs and situations where Link goes from still to holding an item asap) procCoGetItemInit makes use of the Last Item ID in a read sense.
  12. fopAcM_createItemForPresentDemo or fopAcM_createItemForTrBoxDemo is always used first and then procCoGetItemInit is usually used to trigger the holding animation of Link and starting the created event. But some situations create a feedback loop by setting the item ID first by creating the event with fopAcM_createItemForPresentDemo and then scheduling it again from procCoGetItemInit because int(Link + 0x60c) = 0x100
  14. Auro break skips fopAcM_createItemForPresentDemo, but still schedules Link's animation and because int(Link + 0x60c) = 0x100, it will use the last item ID instead to also schedule the event. int(Link + 0x60c) = 0x100 is an integer value coming from the event_data for this cutscene. Set by 0x8011789c daAlink_c::setDemoData
  16. Requirements:
  17. -An event_data driven cutscene (like Auro initial cinematic) that triggers an get_item command with the item ID 0x100 (256) which orders Link to get the last item ID as the item instead as an override via procCoGetItemInit
  18. -Need to hit this point in the cinematic while skipping over any fopAcM_createItemForPresentDemo calls that can set the last item ID value properly as intended. This is done by skipping over the text that triggers this function via NPC callback
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