Pinkie Sense

Oct 10th, 2018
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  1. >Twitchy foot, scrunchy nose, tingly teeth
  2. >Your eyes open
  3. >It's dark in your bedroom, and you're a very sleepy sis
  4. >It had been a long day, a hard day
  5. >One filled with parties and way too much cake
  6. >You were pretty sure you had set up a pin the tail on the donkey game somewhere along the way
  7. >And the punch
  8. >Oh by the party gods, you drank so, so much punch...
  9. >It was a hard life, but someone had to do it
  10. >You blinked the crust out of your eyes, looking around
  11. >Something was happening that went against all that was fun and happenin'
  12. >You didn't know WHAT exactly, not yet, but your party senses were tingling
  13. >And your party senses were never wrong
  14. >Except that one time when you accidentally crashed someone's bar mitzvah
  15. >Party sense didn't work good with jews
  16. >Who knew?
  17. >You sure as sugar didn't
  18. >Thankfully, everyone there had liked your cookies, so you had gotten out of that pickle without much trouble...
  19. >You shifted your weight, bumping into something behind you
  20. >It was your bestest boy buddy, Nonners
  21. >Like he usually was, the big green guy was snuggled up against you
  22. >You could feel his face buried in your curly hair, his hot breath sweeping into his scalp
  23. >Almost immediately you could tell that he was awake
  24. >His hands were wrapped around your tummy right under your boobs
  25. >He only did that when he was awake
  26. >Or when the two of you were hugging
  27. >Or taking a shower
  28. >Or whenever you talked him into cooking with you
  29. >Or when he wanted to surprise hug you
  30. >...Well, he did it a LOT, but in this particular instance he was awake
  31. >You couldn't help but smile, placing a hand over his arm
  32. >Nonners could act like a tough boy all he wanted, but he was the biggest cuddle bug in the world
  33. >Luckily for him, you match him cuddle for cuddl--
  34. >A noise filled the air
  35. >A bad noise
  36. >Something that made any true party girl's blood freeze
  37. >A sob
  39. >This was bad enough, but since you and Nonners were the only ones in the room--you hadn't checked for ninjas lately. You should probably do that--the suspects were really narrowed down on that end
  40. "...Anon?"
  41. >Nonners tensed against you
  42. >You could hear him sucking air through his teeth
  43. >He went still a second later, obviously trying to pretend to sleep
  44. >A different girl might have just ignored the sob and went back to bed, but Momma Pie didn't raise no girls that took the easy way out
  45. "Nonners, I know you're awake," you said, rubbing one of his hands. "Is something wrong?"
  46. >Anon didn't say anything
  47. >You frowned, noticing a wetness dripping from your hair onto your neck
  48. >You weren't sweaty, and you made it a point to blow dry your hair after showering everyday...
  49. "Anon, if you keep being quiet I'm gonna have to take drastic measures."
  50. >Silence
  51. "Are you sure you wanna go down this road, buster brown? You know I can be drastically drastic when I need to be."
  52. >Again silence
  53. >This was more than a little worrying
  54. >If he was just playing around with you he'd have started giggling or said something by now
  55. >Did your Nonners have a nightmare?
  56. >Did you sleep on his arm and now he couldn't feel it, so he was freaking out?
  57. >You tried to grab Anon's arm when his grip on you tightened
  58. >You grunted in surprise
  59. >He wasn't hugging you hard enough to break ribs, but he was a TEENY bit hard to breath
  60. "Come--ugh1--come on, Nonners. Just tell me--uhh!--what's wrong."
  61. >You wiggled and squirmed in your boyfriend's grasp
  62. >He was shaking
  63. >You could feel him shaking even as he held onto you
  64. "Alright... no more Misses... nice Pinkie..."
  65. >You sucked in your gut, giving you JUST enough room to squeeze past Anon's arms
  66. >He tried to grab onto your butt and legs but you were a master of escape
  67. >With a twist and some purposeful hip thrusts, you were straddling Nonners, a grin on your face as you looked down at him in the darkness
  68. "Hah! Now whatcha gotta say about that, Mr.--"
  70. >The smile drained from your face, the rest of your sentence forgotten
  71. >Tears were streaming down Anon's face
  72. >His face was contorted in an expression of pain, and he looked as miserable as you've ever see him
  73. >Your heart jumped to your throat, and you could feel your stomach do a flip
  74. "...Anon? Anon, what's wrong?"you asked
  75. >You cupped his face
  76. >Anon twitched at your touch, shutting his eyes tightly
  77. >"I-I'm sorry," he whispered
  78. "Sorry? What are you sorry about, silly?" you asked
  79. >A sob wracked Anon's body
  80. >"I'm sorry,"he said again. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."
  81. >You weren't the smartest girl in the world, or the smoothest, or the best at talking to boys
  82. >Maybe if you were Twilight you'd be able to use some science-y stuff to figure out what was going on
  83. >If you were Rarity you'd probably be able to make whatever was hurting your boyfriend go away
  84. >But you weren't either of those two
  85. >You were Pinkie Pie
  86. >So you did what only a Pinkie could do
  87. >Rolling off Nonners, you wrapped your arms around him, pushing his face into your chest
  88. >While you were at it, you hooked a leg between his so you could pull him as close to you as possible
  89. >Ultra hug activated
  90. >You nuzzled the top of his head
  91. "I love you."
  92. >Anon crumbled like a stack of wet toilet paper
  93. >His sobbing came freely now, barely muffled by your chest
  94. >He held onto you so tightly that it hurt, shaking like a leaf
  95. >You just held onto him, rubbing a hand through his air, trying not to cry yourself
  96. >It took awhile, a really long, really horrible while, but Nonners eventually tired himself out
  97. >The tension left his body and his breathing went steady, though he didn't take his face from between your boobies
  98. >Your son calls me mommy too
  99. >You reached in between your boobs, placing a hand under his chin and making him look up toward you
  100. >Now he looked miserable and ashamed
  101. >Horse hockey...
  102. "Anon?"
  103. >Nonners tried to look away from you
  105. >"I'm s-sorry, he said, sniffling. "I didn't m-mean to wake you up."
  106. "Don't worry about that, silly. Lets worried about what's making you cry like this," told him. "Did someone say something at the party? Did Rainbow try to touch your butt again?"
  107. >Anon shook his head
  108. >"N-No..."
  109. "Then what's eating you up, buttercup?"
  110. >Anon sniffled, looking away from you
  111. >"It's nothing, r-really," he said. "I just h-had a dream."
  112. "About...?"
  113. >Nonners face scrunched up
  114. >"About.. you leaving me," he said, struggling through each word
  115. >Your eyebrows furrowed
  116. >Leave you?
  117. >Why in the name of pie would you leave Nonners
  118. > "I know it's silly,'s just you're..."
  119. >Anon closed his eyes again, on the verge of breaking down
  120. >"Y-You're so beautiful and funny and a lot of f-fun to be around and you could have any guy in the world that you wanted but you picked someone like me, who's not any of those things. I just... I'm s-sorry..."
  121. >...
  122. >That...
  123. >That is...
  124. >...
  125. >You weren't a egotistical girl, but that right there would have made you stand up a little straighter in any other circumstance
  126. >It would have also earned Nonners the kind of lovin' that would have left him bowlegged for the better part of the week, but that could come later
  127. "Hey. Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey," you said, giving him a pat on the cheek.
  128. >You continued patting his cheek until he looked at you
  129. >"Do you wanna know why I love you so much, Nonners?"
  130. >Anon dryly swallowed
  131. >"W-Why?"
  132. >You kissed him
  133. >You kissed him so hard that you needed to lean into him
  134. >Anon tensed for a moment, but soon relaxed
  135. >Nonners always loved your kisses
  136. >He said that your lips tasted sweet
  137. >Both sets of lips, girlfriend
  138. >You broke the kiss after several seconds, giving your boyfriend a smile
  139. >"I might love making everyone smile, but you know what? I love making you smile more than anyone else," you told him. "I've loved it the second I saw you, and I'll love it for..."
  140. >You giggled
  142. >"Well, forever I guess. And whatever Pinkie's gotta do to keep you happy I'll do it."
  143. >You nuzzled his cheek
  144. >"And I'll keep doing it, you silly boy. You got that?"
  145. >Anon didn't say anything
  146. >He just sniffled, burying his face back between your boobies
  147. >Heh
  148. >Nailed it
  149. "Love you."
  150. >Nonners wrapped his arms around you
  151. >"Love you too."
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