Caohite's Rite of Nascency

Jan 4th, 2020
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  1. Location: Ancient ravenwood amidst a half-ruined garden.
  2. This corner of the temple is helplessly overgrown with wyrden flora, all manners of shrubs, ferns, vines, mosses and brambles covering every inch of ground. Climbing wyrden rose vines cling to the half-ruined stone walls, permeating the air with their lovely, dark scents. The western wall has been broken through by an ancient ravenwood, the gnarled tree even bursting through the temple roof. Though smaller than its father, the Master Tree, this ravenwood's swarthy bark crawls with shadows, and its clacking, iridescent-mauve leaves sing a wyrden melody as wind whistles through the jagged gaps in the stone it has caused.
  4. Date: 24th of Roarkian, 549 years after the Coming of Estarra.
  6. Esei draws a simple circle in the layers of dirt and dust upon the stone tiles. Then, they pull out a pouch and flips it open, scattering Wyrden soil over the area. They throw twigs and small bones in a seemingly random pattern, murmuring soft words under their breath.
  8. Esei steps into the ritual space, surveying it with a critical eye.
  10. Esei turns to Caohite, nodding. "Join me, Nascent," they say softly, beckoning with one hand. "With your Visions witnessed, you are ready to proceed into your Awakening. As such, we shall call down the Hallowed, for the path will remain in shadow without their guidance and blessing. Let us beseech them, and hear their name for you."
  12. Caohite steps forward into the circle, moving to stand beside Esei.
  14. Esei begins to murmur softly once more, head tilting back to the dark sky. "Mother Night, Brother Crow, we search for Your blessings during this Rite, so that this child of the Wyrd may find her way within the shadowed paths of the Auguries."
  16. Esei's lips curl into a soft, small smile. "Black Idols, Dark Spirits, another seeks her tah'vrai and would ask for Your guidance, in face of all hardships, so that she may serve the Wyrd."
  18. Esei says, "Shadowbeat, Voice of Mahalla, another searches for Your rhythm so that she may be guided by You, even in the darkest of times."
  20. Esei reaches a hand toward the shadows and they respond, delivering a small, furry creature of darkness into their outstretched grasp. With a gesture, they shred the flesh from its bones, which they then drop to the ground.
  21. Each of the bones tumbles; they land in a sprawl, each touched to the other, their lines spreading out like sprawling vines.
  23. Shadows begin to swirl behind Esei that casts everything in darkness. A shadowy figure steps from behind Caohite, as the bones clatter across the ground, delivering them into the figure's hands. Shadow envelops the bones, wreathing it into an ethereal shape.
  25. They drape it around Caohite's neck, shadows swirling as they take steps toward Esei and murmurs something into their ear, before stepping away into shadow again.
  27. Esei's eyes open, taking the shadowy necklace into account. It becomes more clear - a necklace made of ivory, kissed with the low light of dusk and shadow. Before long, the necklace evaporates from Caohite's neck, the shadows dusting past Caohite's cheeks as if to kiss them.
  29. Esei asks, "The Dark Spirit says your name would be Umbrated Ivory. Shall you accept this?"
  31. Her breath catching in her throat, Caohite nods with a slow nervousness, it takes a brief second for her to find her voice, "Yes, Seer. I accept this as my own."
  33. Esei nods solemnly.
  35. Tilting their head back again, opening their arms, you say, "We thank you, Hallowed, for the honor of being answered and guided by You. May we honor You always, and may Your favors ever be with us."
  37. Esei says to Caohite, "Welcome to your Awakening, Proselyte."
  39. Caohite lifts a hand to her throat, fingers uncertain as they search for any reminder of the gift, "Thank you, Seer. I am happy to serve the Covenant."
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