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  1. This guide will take you step by step to rescue all the survivors in Still Creek, AND, as a nice little bonus, unlock all the Achievements for Dead Rising 2 Case Zero in a single playthrough. You’ll be swimming in PP by the end of it, and be locked out at level 5, with the bar filled to get you to level 6 easily once you start the main game, giving you a pretty significant headstart.
  3. Of course, the timing is fairly tight, but you should have ample opportunities to complete everything. Case Zero is equivalent to half a day in a standard Dead Rising game, which equates to about 1 hour real time of game play, excluding loading screens and cutscenes. It’s an intense hour to complete all achievements in one go, but it is possible. There is very little downtime here, and you have to constantly be on the move. You have to constantly be transporting survivors, gathering bike parts, or farming kills and money.
  5. The two most difficult achievements to get in this playthrough are Zombie Exterminator, where you must kill 1000 zombies, and Small Town, Deep Pockets, which requires you to spend 100,000 dollars at the pawn shop.
  7. These two are going to be the make it or break it factors of your playthrough. Doing them in a separate playthrough may be advised depending on your skill level. I would advise you to do these after an all survivors playthrough, as the go-to strategy for Zombie Exterminator doesn’t work too well until after you’ve leveled up and gained an Attack Upgrade. Small Town Deep Pocket’s also requires farming 100,000 dollars, and your money and level will carry over to a new playthrough making it significantly easier to get through. If you’re going for it in a single go, every zombie kill and every dollar is important.
  9. At the start of the game, watch the cutscenes if you wish.
  11. Route 1 - Game Start, Combo Weapons and Zombrex
  12. Once you gain control of Chuck, immediately pick up the Baseball Bat, and the Box of Nail’s in front of you. Combine these at the work bench to make a Spike Bat, and get the first achievement: A taste of things to come.
  14. Now, exit out into the scrapyard, and pick up the Whiskey on your left. Continue left, and make your way to the restrooms, save if you wish, and exit out to Still Creek.
  16. Head straight across the street past the white van and pick up the Paddle by the building. Pocket it, and use your Spike Bat to kill any zombies that get close to you. Make your way towards the Zombrex Marker, but hold to the right side. Again, kill anything you come across, because kills are important here.
  18. Once you reach a green dumpster, turn to your right. Jump onto it, then jump over the fence. Continue along this alleyway, killing any Zombies you come across and enter the door at the end.
  20. Head up the stairs, kill the zombie here, and pick up the shotgun on the desk. Now head back downstairs.
  22. Pick up the newspaper on the desk, discarding your Spike Bat. Unlock the door to the Sheriff’s Office and exit onto the street. Use the shotgun liberally here, but don’t run out of ammo. Continue along the right side towards the marker until you reach the maintenance room on your right.
  24. Enter, and assemble a Molotov with the Whiskey, and Newspaper in your inventory. Immediately turn around and throw it.
  26. Now assemble an IED, by using the propane tank, and box of nails in this maintenance room. Turn around and throw it, and then blow it up with your shotgun.
  28. Exit the maintenance room, and turn left into Big Buck Hardware. On the right side, pick up a Pitchfork, and then grab a chainsaw. Return to the maintenance room.
  30. Assemble a Boomstick by using the pitchfork and shotgun. Pocket it, then assemble a paddle saw by using the chainsaw and paddle.
  32. Run towards the Marker, and use the Paddle Saw. You’ll get a cutscene and end up on a truck. Jump down, and use the paddle saw killing zombies until it breaks.
  34. You should get the killing 100 zombies achievement around here.
  36. Then run towards the tents in the quarantine zone. PIck up a Pylon, or Orange Traffic Cone, and then head towards the Ambulance. Use the 2 snacks here to heal if you want.
  38. Examine the Ambulance.
  40. Now push this utility cart back to the Safe House. Try and kill as many zombies as you can, but it won’t be very effective at taking any down.
  42. Stop by the casino and do a quick lap around to collect the money on the ground. You won’t have a weapon capable of smashing the machines, so don’t waste your time, just grab the cash you can.
  44. Return to the utility cart, and push it back to the Safe House, you’ll encounter a cutscene.
  46. Now you’ll need to gather bike parts. Before that though, turn around to the back room of the Gas Station and climb the ladder to access the roof. All you need to do up here is grab the spray paint and head back down. Restock on Orange Juice if you’re damaged. This cooler has unlimited orange juice.
  48. Return to the workbench, and combine the Pylon and Spraypaint to make an Air Horn. Discard this, it’s a terrible weapon and not worth wasting time using.
  50. Make another Spike Bat, and head back outside. Save if you wish.
  52. Route 2 - Dick, Hint, Electric Rake and Engine
  54. You’ll get a cutscene here about Queens. I won’t be mentioning it as it is randomized, but any time you see a queen, it is worthwhile to kill the zombie, and pick it up. You can use it immediately or in a more densely populated spot. This is a very easy, and efficient way to rack up on kills. Do this for most of the queens you see.
  56. Head forward and clear the Zombies around Dick on the white van by using the Spike Bat, or Boomstick. Once clear, jump up and talk to him, and agree to follow him to the pawn shop.
  58. Drop down, and grab another paddle before following Dick, killing as many zombies as you can along the way with your boomstick and Spike bat.
  60. Dick will stop at the pawn shop, talk to him and you’ll be teleported inside.
  62. Talk to Dick again, and purchase a hint for 1000 dollars, which will give you some insight, and an achievement, Clueless No More.
  64. Also purchase a Moose Head for 500 dollars.You’ll need to spend 100,000 dollars at the pawn shop, so you can keep track of your purchases if you want.
  66. Run across the street into the casino. Hold X to do a charge while wearing the Moose Head. This increases your movement speed significantly, as well as kills zombies fairly effectively.
  68. Run around like a bull in a china shop and smash all the machines in the casino, and looting the cash before leaving.
  70. Charge through to the maintenance room on the right side. Stop at the Hardware Store to grab another Chainsaw. Craft a paddle saw here. Kill zombies in the immediate area until your paddle saw has worn out. Then head left and enter the movie theatre.
  72. Use your spike bat to smash the slot machines here, and collect the cash. Then head to the back of the theatre, and unlock the door on your right.
  74. Exit, and climb onto the dumpster and jump over the fence. Head left, and follow this path to another dumpster. Jump onto it, and grab the Battery. Run it back towards the maintenance room.
  76. Place it on the work bench, and enter the hardware store on your left. Grab a leaf rake, and combine it at the work bench to make an Electric Rake. Use this on zombies in the immediate area until it breaks. Now head into the alley across from the maintenance room, and pick up the Engine, the first bike part.
  78. You can’t pocket this, so you have to carry it back. Once you’re carrying it, ignore zombies, and just hoof it back to the Safe House. You can use it to smash anything that gets in your way, but you’re better off avoiding combat here.
  80. Once inside, head to the bike chassis and place the engine. You’ll get the achievement “Part way there”.
  82. Build a new spike bat, and restock on Orange Juice if you need it. Save if you want, and exit the Safe House.
  84. Route 3 - Shed Key, First Survivors, Gas Can
  85. Now we need to rescue some survivors. First things first though. We need to pillage the casino every single time we return from the Safe House. It’s the only way to get enough cash to complete the achievement in a single run.
  87. Head to the Pawnshop, buy a moose head, and go to town in the Casino, and loot all the cash.
  89. After you’re done, exit and turn right twice. Climb up the dumpster onto the building and talk to Bob. Bob will periodically tell you about survivors in Still Creek. He’ll mention a couple in the bar. Ignore it for now, instead head to the back of this building and jump across the gap, and over the railing, then jump into the window of the second floor of the Still Creek hotel.
  91. Head to the back room, and grab the shed key. Now exit out the same way you came.
  93. Hop the railing and jump across to the building. Now on your right pick up the construction helmet. Then turn left and make your way across the building. Climb onto Bob’s Fish N Hunt and drop in. Smash the register, and grab a broadsword if you have the inventory space.
  95. Now exit, and head straight into the bar. Talk to the survivors.
  97. Gemini will join almost immiedately. Fausto will require 2 drinks, so grab some beers for him from the bar. Also take a beer for yourself, we’ll need it shortly.
  99. Take this survivors back to the Safe House by cutting through the Gas Station. Kill as many of the zombies here as you can, destroying whatever weapons you have. Pick up teh Gas Cannister by the pumps oince you’ve broken your weapon.
  101. Then head back into the Safe House.
  103. Gemini will give you 15,000 dollars for your trouble. That puts a pretty significant dent in the 100,000 we need which is nice.
  105. Drop whatever you have to pick up a Drill, and a Bucket, but keep the beer and construction helmet in your inventory. You’ll be able to pick these things up again shortly, don’t worry.
  107. Drop off the Gas Cannister at the Bike. Then combine the Beer and Construction Helmet to make the beer helmet. Also combine the Drill and Bucket to get a Drill Bucket. These should be the last combo weapons you need, and unlock the achievement “A Bigger Taste”
  109. Restock as needed. Orange Juice from the Cooler, and another Spike Bat.
  110. Save, before heading out to Still Creek again.
  112. Route 4 - Zombie Kills, Bike Fork
  113. Cross the street and grab another paddle since we’re headed to that maintenance room.
  115. Use the Drill bucket on a Zombie, and then proceed with business as usual.
  117. Head to the pawnshop, buy a Moose Head. Cross the street to the casino. Loot all the machines.
  119. Then head to the maintenance room by the hardware store. Grab another Chainsaw, and make a Paddle Saw by combining the Chainsaw and Paddle.
  121. Kill Zombies with the Paddlesaw in the immediate area until it breaks. Then, use the shed key on the shed near the maintenance room to unlock it. This should unlock the achievement “Locksmith”. Truly a master of unlocking.
  123. Inside you’ll find the bike fork. Pick it up.
  125. You can’t pocket this, so we have to haul it back the old fashioned way. Make your way back to the Safe House, avoiding combat.
  127. Place the Fork with the Bike and then restock if you need to on Spike Bats or Orange Juice.
  129. Head out, but make sure to talk to Gemini. She’s having maritial problems and wants her precious gemstones. Exhaust her dialogue, before saving, and exiting out to Still Creek.
  131. Route 5 - Gem Quest, Rescue Girls in Bowling Alley
  132. Again, we’re headed back to the maintenance room, so grab a paddle.
  134. Then do the standard business, buy a moose head from the pawn shop, and pillage the Casino.
  136. Then head over towards Bob. Climb the building and then talk with him. He saw a group of girls in the bowling alley. Jump off the building, and head there now, it’s on the right side, on the way to the maintenance room.
  138. Enter the bowling alley, and talk to Tia. Exhaust her dialogue. If you don’t talk to her, you won’t be able to find Sharon.
  140. On your way out, smash the ATM and the snack machines for some more cash. Then head towards the hardware store, pick up a Chainsaw.
  142. Enter the maintenance room, and make a paddle saw.
  144. Head towards the Quarantine Zone. Cleave through the zombies here with the Paddle Saw until it breaks, then switch the the Spiked Bat.
  146. You’ll find Gemini’s Gems by a broken down yellow car with no door. Pick them up, and pocket them. Head into the Quarantine Zone.
  148. In the tent at the back you’ll find Sharon. She’s been bitten, and will need a Zombrex.Give her one, and she’ll join. She’s injured so you’ll have to carry her to transport her effectively.
  150. Head back to the bowling Alley by staying on the left side. Enter, and talk to the girls to get them to join up with you.
  152. Run them all back to the Safe House now.
  154. Now, return the gems to Gemini to receive another 15,000 dollars for your trouble.
  156. If you need to restock, make another Spike Bat, otherwise, save if you want.
  158. If it’s before 3PM the next set of survivors will not have spawned. This is an opportunity to just grab another set of cash and farm some kills. Head to the pawnshop, buy another Moose Head, run it to the Casino, smash everything, and loot the place. Then run back to the Safe House because it’s probably 3PM or later by this point.
  160. Route 6 - Bike Handlebar and Survivors
  161. Same steps as last time to start with. Run to pawnshop, buy a Moose Head, pillage the Casino.
  163. Now head up to Bob and he’ll tell you about some bikers in the parking lot behind the Department Store.
  165. Head there now. However, you need to make a detour to the Bob’s Fish and Hunt and pick up at least 1 Broadsword. You can also grab another Moose Head off the wall. Once you have the sword, head out, and cross the street to get to the deparment store. Head through it, and exit onto the parking lot.
  167. Clear the zombies here, a queen is the easiest way, otherwise just be careful. Jason won’t give up the handlebar until you give him a sword. Make the trade, you’ll get the handlebar and Jason and Archie will join. Grab your moose head again, and go through the department store. Turn right, and cut through the Gas station until you reach the safe house.
  169. Now, go drop off the Handlebar, and restock on supplies if you need to. You’ll want to save this time, before exiting out onto Still Creek.
  171. Route 7+ - Killing Zombies, Looting Casino
  172. There’s nothing left to do in town until 7PM and later.
  174. You need to use this time to farm cash, and kill zombies if you want to complete all the achievements.
  176. You simply want to run a loop. From the safehouse, use the moose head and run to Bob’s Fish and Hunt killing anything in your way. Refresh the moose head, and do a wide arc around the gas station killing anything in your way. Make your way to the pawn shop now. Buy a fresh moose head, before crossing the street to the casino, and looting all the machines there.
  178. Once you’re done, exit the casino, and charge back to the Safe House. Once you’re inside, immediately return to Still Creek and repeat the process.
  180. If you’re reasonably quick, and have been diligent about kills and collecting money along the way, you should have ample time to farm the 1000 kills and 100,000 dollars in this timeframe. Just continue following the loop until you gather enough kills and money. Obviously, if you finish off kills first, just skip Bob’s Fish and Hunt, and head straight for the Pawn shop and Casino. Likewise, if you finish money first, just do laps between the safehouse and bobs fish and hunt.
  182. Hopefully you’re done this by 7PM. You’ll get the the Zombie Exterminator Achievement.
  184. Once you get the 100,000 dollars you need to start a shopping spree at the pawn shop. You have to buy 1 wheel, and 1 Zombrex before anything else for the best ending. Make sure you buy the wheel, and a zombrex. I had 105,000 on me, so I just bought the wheel and 4 zombrexes. If you have less, just purchase some of the combo weapons and leave them to rot on the ground. Once you’re done and get the Small Town, Deep Pocket’s achievement, head back to the Safe House with your wheel and zombrex.
  186. Bring the Wheel to the Bike for the achievement Ready to Ride.
  188. There’s nothing left to do until 7PM. Use your remaining time to make preparations to fight Jed, the first, and final boss of Case Zero.
  190. You can run to the bar and mix a couple of Painkiller’s using 2 beers but it’s not necessary. Jed isn’t the easiest psychopath, but he’s not super difficult either. A few guns may also be useful here to gather, but that’s your choice. I find him easy enough just with OJ and Spike Bats.
  192. Once your preparations are done, save your game, and wait until 7PM to administer the Zombrex to Katey. You’ll immediately be thrust into a psychopath battle.
  194. Jed Boss Fight
  195. Jed isn’t terribly difficult. If you’ve been following the guide you’ll be maxed out at level 5. With some basic dodging, and a fully stocked inventory, you should be fine to take him down with just a nailbat.
  197. If he’s far, he’ll shoot at you. If he’s moderate range, he’ll attempt to run towards you to stab you. If he succeeds, you’lll take a bunch of damage as he fires tons of bullets into Chuck.
  199. He’ll also attempt to stab you at close range but if you stay to his side, he’ll usually whiff his swings and its a good opportunity to take him down.
  201. Guns can be a reasonable option here. There’s a lot of tanks that can be shot and exploded to damage Jed. After staying out of side for awhile, Jed will go to look for Katey. This is a prime opportunity to shoot him in the back or run up to him to get close.
  203. There is a ton of cover in this battle, so if you ever need to heal, just run behind some cars to hide and swig an orange juice, or some of the whiskey around the area. Be very careful about consuming too much alcohol, especially if you still have the beer helmet, it’s very easy to make Chuck sick. If he gets sick Jed gets a whole lot harder as Chuck pukes constantly letting Jed get free hits on you.
  205. Jed’s not terribly difficult, you should be able to kill him on your first attempt, or a subsequent attempt. I had a terrible fight this time and still won easily. The faster you do Jed the better, since it gives you more time for earning money, or killing zombies if you haven’t quite finished yet,
  207. Beating Jed will net you the Chop Shop achievement. Only two more to go.
  209. Final Route - Rescue Bob and Darcie, purchases from Dick
  210. After killing Jed, go ahead and save. All we have left to do is rescue Bob and Darcie.
  212. If you’re still short of the 100k, you can go ahead and do another lap of the casino. Otherwise, climb up to Bob. Talk to him and he’ll say Darcie is in the hunting store. Head there, and talk to her. She won’t join until Bob is with her. Head back and talk to Bob again, and he’ll join. Now head back to Darcie and talk to her. She’ll be reuinited with Bob and she’ll join up.
  214. Grab the Moose head one last time, and charge for the Safe House.
  216. Now just get inside once Darcie and Bob are close. You’ll get the achievement Still Creek Savior. Only one more to go.
  218. Save if you want, and then jump on the Bike to start the finale.
  220. Escape Still Creek
  221. All you have to do is get on your motorcycle… and escape…. Still Creek… Don’t worry man… you can do this.
  223. The escape is pretty easy, no need to rush, a moderate pace is fine, you have ample time. Just follow the obvious path set out for you that’s marked with flares. Eventually you’ll reach the tunnel and you’ll get the final achievement, We Ride to Fortune City.
  225. Congratulations, that’s really everything to do in Case Zero completed in one playthrough. No need for silly running around with bins for half an hour to kill 1000 zombies… who thought that was a good strategy?
  228. Bonus: Zombie Exterminator and Small Town Deep Pockets
  229. Zombie Exterminator must be done in a single playthrough. It’s not overly difficult and the main go-to strategy is to start a new game, and play until you reach the Zombrex in the ambulance. Affterwards, you’ll find the Bike Chasis and throw it into a bin. This bin is indestructible, meaning you can use it indefinitely, but you’ll lose it as soon as you zone into the Safe House. What most players will do for this achievement is just run this cart around for about 15 to 25 minutes killing zombies as they run laps around Still Creek.
  231. It’s an easy way to get this achievement, but man, it’s dull.
  233. Small Town Deep Pocket’s may be persistent between playthroughs. It will be easier to accomplish in a dedicated playthrough. Smash every single ATM, Slot Machine, and Cash Register you come across. You’ll need all the money you can get. The easiest way to accomplish this is just to run between the Safe House and Casino, smash all the machines, collect the cash, and then zone back into the Safe House.
  235. This takes a lot of “real time” as it requires 2 loading screens, but you should be able to get the remaining cash you need fairly quickly. Then once you’re finishing farming the 100,000 just buy items from the pawn shop. For efficiency, just go ahead and buy Zombrex, since it’s 25,000 a pop.
  237. -end-
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