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  1. Checks and counters:
  3. Arceus forms -- Specifically Arceus-Rock, Arceus-Steel, and Arceus-Normal walls are the largest threats to Arceus (even the CM/Judgment/WoW/Recover sets) since these Arceuses can easily take an Earthquake, and Willowisp then Recover stall. If they outspeed, then SD Arceus is even more useless. Arceus Fighting is also a massive threat, since it can take an Extremespeed and OHKO (or near OHKO) back. Arceus can also Roar or Perish Song.
  4. Dialga -- Scarf Dialga plays a similar role as Terrakion, although Aura Sphere or Draco Meteor cannot OHKO. However, it is a reliable check and can deal a hefty amount of damage. To completely check Arceus with Scarf Dialga, you need some hazards up and preferably previous damage done to it.
  5. Ferrothorn -- Toxic or Thunder Wave/Leech Seed/Power Whip all can help to weaken and cripple Arceus. Protect gives Ferrothorn recovery, and helps either Toxic stall Arceus to death or weaken it to a point where it cannot complete a sweep. Since Earthquake is more common, Ferrothorn can take a few hits, and even if Arceus carries Brick Break, recoil damage will wear Arceus down.
  6. Giratina-A -- The common Rest/Sleep Talk/Will-O-Wisp/Roar is a very good deterrent to standard SD Arceus. If Arceus carries Lum Berry, it could become a problem, but defensive Giratina can still WoW again and cripple it.
  7. Gliscor -- Sub/Protect Toxic stall Gliscor, while rare, is a very legitimate threat to Arceus. It is slower, so once Arceus is Toxic'd, its basically over. Even Gliscor without Protect is a threat, and this is much more common.
  8. Groudon -- Defensive Groudon can phase Arceus-Normal once while getting up Stealth Rocks, or on the rare occasion, Toxic or Thunder Wave which can cripple Arceus. Unlike most other walls, Groudon can only come in once. Rest/Sleep Talk/EQ/Roar checks Arceus well, but it is generally outclassed by a standard support set unless you really, really hate Zekrom.
  9. Ho-Oh -- 248 HP / 176 Def / 84 Spd Bold Ho-Oh checks Arceus very well in the sun if there are no Stealth Rocks up. A 50% burn chance is reliable, and worth the risk, especially when it deals >50% anyways and Ho-Oh can take any hit from standard Arceus.
  10. Kyogre -- Defensive Rest/Sleep Talk/Scald/Roar Kyogre is a decent check. It can phase once like Groudon, or spam Scald and hope for a burn. Unlike the standard support Groudon, Kyogre can rest off. In practice, this set is much better than RestTalk Groudon.
  11. Lugia -- With access to Reflect, Roost, Sub, Dragon Tail, Whirlwind, and Toxic, unless Stealth Rocks are up, Arceus is going to have a hard time breaking through this set. While Lugia is somewhat frail and can be 2hko'd by +2 Extremespeed (iirc), it is still very viable.
  12. Mewtwo -- With 176 speed evs and a Timid nature, 252 HP Stall Mewtwo can beat SD Arceus one on one with the combination of Taunt and Will-O-Wisp, and then Recover stall.
  13. Sableye -- While Sableye isn't going to be able to repeatedly take +2 Shadow Claws or Earthquakes, it does have the benefit of almost a guaranteed burn due to Prankster. Once Arceus is burned, depending on Sableye's HP it can can Taunt then Recover spam, use Foul Play, or Substitute, stopping Arceus's sweep.
  14. Skarmory -- Overheat Arceus can't break through this beast in Rain, and Life Orb Brick Break can't at all. Skarmory can set up hazards, Toxic, Roost, or phase.
  15. Terrakion -- Scarf Close Combat OHKOs Arceus after SR. Sacred Sword can be used if you will have to take two Extremespeeds and don't want the defense drop.
  18. Combination: Thunder Wave Ferrothorn + Specs Dialga or Giratina-O is another reliable check.
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