Jun 14th, 2015
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  1. Loadse mods:
  4. CCB bubble removal:
  7. JTera PC voices:
  9. Preview for the voices:
  11. Extra voice #3 a cutest
  13. Up to date decensor and bikini mods:
  16. Preview for some mods:
  18. Feel free to post some that I couldn't, ie the scarf ones and dharkan wing fix.
  19. Invisible mounts need no preview obviously...
  21. bunny/Lingerie Black Skirtless/ - The EMP innerwear is switched to a new Japanese black lingerie
  22. bunny/Lingerie White Skirtless/ - same as above but white
  23. bunny/PC_Event_09.gpk - old school uniforms have no skirts and have cute kitty socks
  24. bunny/PC_Event_11.gpk - Elin Duckie Swimsuit is topless and duckiless
  25. bunny/PC_Event_19A.gpk - 2014 maid outfit is pink and more revealing
  26. bunny/PC_Event_32.gpk - removes the stars from the Castanica Demons outfit
  27. Face mods/ - Various face mods. Currently freckles for face and red lips for adornment
  28. Japanese NPC voices/ - Japanese NPC voices, unpack into \TERA\Client\S1Game\CookedPC\Sound_Data\Packages
  29. reaper stance and animation swaps/ - this speaks for itself
  30. Striped scarf blue/ - same as above
  31. Acc_146.gpk - pink eye rose patch is actually pink
  32. Acc_273.gpk - scarf
  33. dharkan wing fix.rar - makes the wings more transparent
  34. Event_BaseBody.gpk - needed for everything that's nude related
  35. Pantsu by Horoko.rar - Pantsu by Horoko!
  36. PC_Event_12.gpk - Removes the mechanical armpiece from the steampunk costume
  37. PC_Event_16.gpk - corset and garterbelt removed for devilicious
  38. - same as above but with metallic latex
  39. PC_Event_19A.gpk - 2014 maid outfits have frills removed and white pantsu
  40. PC_Event_20.gpk - Elin CC Dragonfall, Sisters of Frost and Val Kaeli SoC uniform has nipples showing and removed skirt
  41. PC_Event_22.gpk - fishnet removed, oily skin
  42. PC_Event_22A.gpk - nude elin beach hostess
  43. PC_Event_30.noskirt.gpk - rare assassin costume has no skirt
  44. PC_Event_30.rareswap.gpk - regular and rare assassin costumes are swapped
  45. PC_Event_30.rareswapnoskirt.gpk - the two above combined
  46. Popori_F_Head.gpk - Updated ears and tail mod
  47. Scarves by Horoko.rar - Scarves by Horoko!
  48. SteelVehicle.gpk - EX-TRM is invisible for excellent buttshots
  49. Tera Scarf Color - various scarves
  50. UnderWear00.gpk - Full body nude for grey innerwear
  51. UnderWear01.gpk - Bare chest, black pantsu
  52. Vehicle_SportCar.gpk - Invisible sports cars
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