Muse's Memory Mystery

Mar 5th, 2017
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  1. >You are... someone.
  2. >You honestly don't feel too sure as to who or where you are right now.
  3. >You kinda woke up in a forest at the edge of a town of sorts.
  4. >Nothing before waking up seems to be available in your mental archive, but you have a few things somewhat down.
  5. >1) You're a dragon.
  6. >It feels unnatural so you're assuming that some mystical, magical force threw you here like this.
  7. >2) You're a girl.
  8. >Same shit as the dragon part. It feels weird and off putting.
  9. >Why would a lizard have tits anyways?
  10. >3) This place feels alien.
  11. >Not alien as "I don't remember."
  12. >Alien as "This isn't where I'm from, I don't belong here."
  13. >Maybe the locals won't be too taken back by a dragon suddenly appearing from a forest and claiming to have amnesia.
  14. >There's one now.
  15. >A faint orange squiggle by a large red blur.
  16. >That's someone, right?
  17. >Maybe you should invest in glasses while sorting the memory thing out.
  18. >You psyche yourself up as you make your way over.
  19. >How to go about this without freaking out a local too much.
  20. >Talking, bipedal dragons don't exactly seem normal.
  21. >Or do they?
  22. >Details later, you've arrived.
  23. >It looks like a farm, or an orchard from all the green and brown you can see.
  24. >You can see the orange blob doing something while talking to a smaller yellow blur.
  25. >Yeah glasses would be nice.
  26. >"Ai'm tellin' ya! Ai saw somethin' fall in tha Everfree Forest! We gotta see it!
  27. >"Applebloom, things fall in there all the time. It's probably just some creature gettin' lost or somethin'."
  28. >The argument trails off as you start going another way.
  29. >Surely interrupting a very important argument for checking out a mysterious creature by being said mysterious creature is not a good thing.
  30. >Speaking of interrupted, your walking and avoidance was stopped by running into someone.
  31. "Shit! Sorry, I wasn't-"
  32. >You stopped as you looked at a red horse staring down at you in disbelief.
  33. >Apologizing to a horse, smooth.
  34. "Right. Sorry anyways. Apparently I can't see a big red beast three feet from my face."
  35. >And off he ran.
  36. >Spooking horses, just like a dragon would.
  37. >Now, where are the towns people?
  38. >You continue on your way as you look around the barn.
  39. >The red horse, now blob, is by the other blobs.
  40. >Yes equine lassie, show your masters where you found Timmy.
  41. >On his ass behind a barn.
  42. >You start making your way over to the other blobs and finally see what they are as things come into focus.
  43. >Multicolored horses, of fucking course.
  44. >"Iz'at tha dragon?"
  45. >"Big Mac, take Applebloom inside."
  46. >"But Applejack!"
  47. >You watch as the red horse takes the small yellow one inside, presumably Big Mac and Applebloom respectively.
  48. >What are these small horses able to talk?
  49. >Did you end up on the borders of a strange horse society?
  50. >No wonder this felt alien, since when were these things capable of speech?
  51. >"Okay uh... Who are you?"
  52. >You're still processing the conspiracy of a secret horse town and just shrug.
  53. >Talking appears to have left your registry of things.
  54. >"Oh. Okay then, where did you come from?"
  55. "The forest? Where am I exactly?"
  56. >"You're at Sweet Apple Acres, just outside Ponyville."
  57. "...Where?"
  58. >"Follow me."
  59. >She seems a bit frustrated as she took your hand and started leading you to the town.
  60. >Okay, winged lizards don't seem to freak out small pastel horses.
  61. >Good to note.
  62. >She eventually leads you to the town and straight through it.
  63. >There's more colorful blurs that you can see stopping as you pass by.
  64. >Okay so maybe dragons aren't so common here.
  65. >Maybe try to break the awkwardness of this situation with talking.
  66. "So, what's your name?"
  67. >"Applejack."
  68. "Where exactly are we going?"
  69. >"Just talkin' you to a friend that might be able to help."
  70. >You're eventually led to a tall blue... something. It looks tree-shaped so we'll go with tree.
  71. >The orange horse knocked on the door and waited.
  72. >Eventually, a purple horse, complete with wings and a horn, answers.
  73. >Because you know. That's also normal here.
  74. >"What is i- oh. Hello."
  75. "Hi."
  76. >"Twilight, mind helpin' this dragon 'ere with her memory?"
  77. >"Well how bad is it?"
  78. >"Ask her some questions. I'd love to help but I've been behind on the harvest all day and I need to get that done."
  79. >With that, Applejack runs off.
  80. >Now that just leaves you and this purple freak of nature, staring awkwardly at each other.
  81. "So should I let myself in or?"
  82. >"Please, come in."
  83. >The purple mutated equine who will now be called Twilight leads you through this... tree.
  84. "What exactly is this place anyways?"
  85. >"This is my castle, here in Ponyville."
  86. "I mean more than just Ponyville. Where is that?"
  87. >"In Equestria. I know the Dragonlands are far but you should at least know where Equestria is."
  88. "Dragonlands?"
  89. >The two of you stop and Twilight looks you over.
  90. >"Oh my, how bad is your memory? Did you forget your name too?"
  91. "Guilty as charged."
  92. >"Well I need to call you something in the event magic can't solve this."
  93. >Magic exists?
  94. >Wait, right. You're a dragon.
  95. >Of course magic exists.
  96. "How about Muse?"
  97. >"Where'd you grab that one?"
  98. >You shrug. You know it's not your name but it seemed like a decent replacement.
  99. >"Alright then, follow me Muse."
  100. >You stop in a very large room. Shelves line the walls with splashes of color in them that you assume are books. This seems a bit excessive for a library.
  101. >Just how big is this crystal tree thing to have halls and a library this big anyways?
  102. >It doesn't make sense from the outside.
  103. >"Take a seat."
  104. >You do as instructed. Twilight takes a deep breath as her horn starts to glow.
  105. >Your head is coated in a faint purple glow as you feel something start poking around in your mind.
  106. > Then, you're falling. Falling backwards and towards the sky.
  107. >Below you is the forest you woke up in and above you is a circle of clouds starting to form as you pass through.
  108. >As you gradually get closer to the clouds, you feel something pulling you down until you reach them.
  109. >Then, you're back in the castle. Twilight's panting hard and all you seemed to learn is that you fell from a ring of clouds.
  110. >"Sorry, it looks like some sort of magic is keeping your memories hidden."
  111. "Oh. Well that's uh... Wait why are my memories locked?"
  112. >"I don't know. Maybe someone doesn't want us to learn why you're here."
  113. >Of course it wouldn't be this easy. Why would it?
  114. >Magical horse land, where mutated equines can do magic, but it's still not enough.
  115. >"We can try again later, but for now I need to take a break. I know this must be very disorienting for you. Is there anything I can do to help?
  116. "Glasses would be nice. Also somewhere to stay."
  117. >"Oh that's easy."
  118. >She conjures up a pair of spectacles that you very quickly put on.
  119. >Jesus christ, this place is even more grand now that you can see it.
  120. "Oh!"
  121. >"Better?"
  122. "Very much so."
  123. >"That's good. I'll have Spike show you to your room. I'll need to look for stronger recall spells to try and help you."
  124. >What kind of horse is named Spike? All these horses had less aggressive sounding ones so far.
  125. >"SPIKE!"
  126. >A small purple and green dragon opened the door.
  127. >From where you were sitting, you could tell he was about half your size.
  128. >At least the name makes more sense now.
  129. >"Yeah Twilight?"
  130. >"Spike, this is Muse. She's going to be staying with us while I help her with her amnesia. Can you show her to the guest room?"
  131. >You wave at him awkwardly.
  132. >"Sure. Right this way."
  133. >He holds the door open for you as you make your way over. What a gentleman.
  134. >After a bit more walking and you gawking at the crystal halls, you are eventually in your room.
  135. >Oh yeah, this place is crystal. You can't get over that now that you can finally see.
  136. >"If you need anything, just call for me."
  137. >He closes the door and walks out, leaving you in this room all on your own.
  138. >Of everything that's happened so far, things could've gone worse.
  139. >You woke up in a forest with memory loss and now you're in a room in a crystal tree that happens to be in a town inhabited by smart horses.
  140. >Yeah things could be a lot worse.
  141. >As you look around the room, you notice a mirror. You never really got a look at yourself before all this. Might as well get that vanity out now.
  142. >Let's see, what observations could you really make about yourself other than lizard tits and nice egg laying hips.
  143. >You notice the horns on your head. They look like two spikes sticking out from your head and straight behind you. Let's not mess with them, seems sharp and you don't want to get cut.
  144. >Wait, you have scales. Nice blue scales coating your entire body with a lighter blue going along your neck and covering your stomach.
  145. >Following it along you see that you have a tail. Hard to miss yet you somehow forgot about it. Speaking of hard to miss...
  146. >You try extending the wings on your back. Something crashes as you hit a shelf.
  147. >Note to self, fix that and also try flying. You withdraw the extra limbs for now and continue the observations.
  148. >You start looking deeper into your eyes this time.
  149. >Two shiny, yellow eyes stare back. Glasses rest on your muzzle as you start playing with your face.
  150. >You look into your mouth as well to see a large row of sharp teeth. You could bit one of those horse's heads off.
  151. >Nah, they're helping you. Best not to piss them off. Or kill them
  152. >Well, there's not really much to do now that you've gotten somewhat used to what you look like.
  153. >So you lay on the bed and stare at the ceiling.
  154. >Here you are, an amnesiac dragon that fell from the sky.
  155. >How did you not break your wings?
  156. >Maybe you'll go and talk to some of the people you met earlier at some point.
  157. >Thanking Applejack would be a good start.
  158. >Also Twilight.
  159. >Spike as well.
  160. >Just thank everyone for helping and try getting to know how the town is.
  161. >You are gonna stay here for a bit.
  162. >This continued mental monologue continues until you finally drift off to sleep.
  163. >Tomorrow will be an adventure.
  164. ---------
  165. >The sun hits your eyes as it rises.
  166. >You decide to finally get up and stop milking sweet sweet sleep to notice something off.
  167. >You're not in the crystal room like you were before. You're in a bedroom, your bedroom.
  168. >There's no doubt, this is your one-roomed fortress in your old house. Complete with shitty computer and repulsive odor.
  169. "Feels good to be home."
  170. >You take a look out the window to see if that could help jog some things. What greeted you was nothing.
  171. >A vast white space going on for what seems to be an eternity.
  172. >Its only purpose being to shine light into the room through the window. Staring at it makes you feel unnerved so you decide to close the blinds and turn around.
  173. "Okay, we're not home. Close enough though."
  174. >"Is it, Anon?"
  175. >You turn towards the chair by your old battle station.
  176. >It's you. You think it's you. He certainly looks familiar.
  177. "Are you me?"
  178. >"You from... about a day ago? I can't remember how long ago that fall was."
  179. >Yeah, that's you. You recognize that shit eating grin. Feels weird being on the other side of it.
  180. "So what happened, exactly? You're me from the past so you should remember that stuff from before, right?"
  181. >He rubs his chin and thinks for a bit.
  182. >"So here's the rundown. You've been sent here on a mission to infiltrate the dragons and learn their trade."
  183. >"Then, from the inside, you're to... take them down? I don't fucking know."
  184. "Skip the jokes, tell me the facts."
  185. >"You're talking to yourself in a dream. Said self had no fucking clue about anything going on."
  186. >Well gee, that's helpful. What other bits of insight will this mental reflection of you provide about things.
  187. >Because you remember human and notice that he's the first you've seen since you came here.
  188. "Know anything about where I am?"
  189. >"Oh, Equestria."
  190. "And that is..?"
  191. >"A mystical land in a children's cartoon. Where mythical creatures roam like the normal citizens and ponies, including unicorns and pegasi, are the main rulers."
  192. "You're making this up, right? That's pretty bullshit."
  193. >"Nah, say what you will about the children's cartoon part to ease your upcoming existential nightmare. Point is, magical shit is everywhere and you're gonna see a lot of pastel ponies."
  194. >He's joking. He's not joking. You're stuck in a children's cartoon. You're probably gonna show up as some one off or running side character, aren't you?
  195. >Maybe you should try waving at the camera, for shits and giggles.
  196. >"Anyways, that's all the time I have. You're waking up in about ten seconds."
  197. "Wait what?"
  198. >"Nine. Give or take."
  199. "Why am I here?"
  200. >"Eight. Dunno. Seven."
  201. "Can I get back to wherever this home is?"
  202. >"Five. Probably not. Four.
  203. "Am I going to see you again?"
  204. >"Three. Two. No."
  205. >There's no fade out or world fading. You just open your eyes.
  206. >Crystal bedroom, broken vase from a shelf.
  207. >Yeah, you're awake this time. Who knew the magical crystal bedroom would be the reality that's actually normal?
  208. >You get up and put on your glasses again. Your mind is buzzing about that dream. It's probably your best and only insight to anything that's happening and all you learned is that you're in a cartoon.
  209. >Maybe you should tell Twilight about this.
  210. >Or maybe not. Fourth wall break on anyone would probably crush them under some existential crisis.
  211. >You're soon broken from your musings to the sound of knocking at your door.
  212. "Come in."
  213. >Spike walks in with a plate of sparkling pancakes and an apron on. If he wasn't a dragon, that'd probably register as cute.
  214. >"Morning Muse. I didn't know if you knew where the kitchen was so I brought breakfast. Made it myself."
  215. >Comes to the mutant's beck and call, makes and brings breakfast, looks to be a fucking kid.
  216. >He's a butler the size and age of a toddler. Is child labor something that's allowed in magical cartoon land?
  217. "Oh thanks. Just uh.. set it down on the desk. I'll get to it."
  218. >"Alright then."
  219. >Spike does so and steps out of the room.
  220. >You've got too much on your mind right now to eat. Maybe at some point.
  221. >For now, you want to try and make sense of that dream. There's got to be something hidden between the lines in there.
  222. ------------
  223. >You are now Twilight.
  224. >Due to recent events with a dragon being brought to your doorstep, you're looking up memory spells.
  225. >Very powerful memory spells.
  226. >You've spent almost all night working on this and finally found results. It's gonna take a few things, but you're a princess. This should be easy for you.
  227. >Maybe you should update Muse on this. She's sure to want to hear the good news.
  228. >You make your way to the guest room and knock.
  229. "Muse, I found a memory spell that should work better. We're going to try it later today so meet me in the library tonight."
  230. >There's no response.
  231. "Hello? Did you get all that?"
  232. >She doesn't reply. You try opening the door and find it locked.
  233. >Didn't want to be rude, but now she's forced your hoof. You teleport inside.
  234. >Muse is at her desk and furiously writing something. Cold pancakes sitting next to her as she slowly builds a pile of balled up paper.
  235. >It reminds you a bit of yourself. What's she working so hard on anyways?
  236. "Muse, I found a memory spell for you! We're gonna try it later today!"
  237. >She almost fell out of her chair once you spoke.
  238. >"Don't you know it's rude to barge in on people!"
  239. "I tried knocking but you didn't reply."
  240. >You try looking over Muse's shoulder. She covers up her papers quickly.
  241. "What are you working on anyways?"
  242. >"I'm uh... writing a book!"
  243. >A dragon writing? Last you checked, they all were more focused on the power struggle.
  244. "I didn't take you for an author."
  245. >"It just came to me! In a dream! Right, I remembered writing a book in a dream!"
  246. "Wow! Have you been published? What do you write about? Can I read some of it?"
  247. >Before you could ask your next question, Muse leads you out of the room. Unlocking the door and everything.
  248. >"No. Fiction. When I'm done."
  249. >Then she closes the door on you. Maybe you were prying a bit. Then again, you've never met a dragon who makes stories.
  250. "Make sure to meet me in the library so we can try the spell tonight."
  251. >"Got it."
  252. "And make sure you eat, too."
  253. >"...Oh right, I should do that."
  254. >You chuckle a bit. Just like how you were.
  255. >And off you trot to start picking up components for the spell.
  256. >You are Muse and you've just screwed yourself over.
  257. >You've known this pony for a net time of a day and you can tell she won't stop hounding you until she gets something.
  258. >Meaning you're going to have to write. And that look in her eyes, it has to be good or that lie won't work.
  259. >Last you checked, your skill set was at zero.
  260. >You sit at the desk again and slam your head down. How to bullshit out of your first lie in this cartoon.
  261. >Cartoon. The dream! You could use something like that.
  262. >You clear the desk of all paper and start making something. Good or not, you gotta make something.
  263. >Please the host, keep up the lie, regain memory...
  264. >Figure out where to go from there.
  265. >Easy enough.
  266. >Oh right, eating would also be important. You get to that first.
  267. --------
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