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  1. <b><color=#FF0000><size=40><align="center">The Official EU-SOUTH SCP Secret Laboratory Server!</align></color></size></b>
  3. A dedicated and non-toxic community filled with cheerful and helpful people! Welcome to the official South European SCP Secret Laboratory Server! Our server is situated in Bulgaria in the south-eastern region of Europe. Have fun!
  5. For any questions related to this server please send an email to or  send a message to k0vac#4739 in the official SCP:SL/Official EU-South Discord server and expect a reply in 1-12 hours.
  7. We are currently hiring helpers to moderate the server! Apply now*
  8. * - Must be 14 and older to apply
  9. To apply go to the official SCP:SL Discord with this link: and contact @k0vac#4739 or @Takail#6969 for more information!
  11. Donate €1 or more for the rank Rich Bois AND a reserved slot! More info in the #donators-wall channel on Discord.
  13. Rules:
  14. 1. No Mic-spam or Earrape - Self-explanatory, Mic-spam or Earrape even for a second and you will be punished.
  15. 2. Don't be Card Greedy - Having 3 or more cards in a room with 2 or more players that have no cards is punishable, there is no excuse for it other than being an asshole.
  16. 3. No Hacking - We maintain a 0 hacks policy here.
  17. 4. No Begging - Don't beg admins for Items, Classes, Admin Passwords, Weapons or anything unless the admin is giving away items to everyone.
  18. 5. No Trolling - This includes trapping people (Except SCPs) in rooms, burning cards in 914 or spamming the warhead lever on and off constantly.
  19. 6. No Evading - This means using other steam accounts or other means to get around bans, you will be banned forever.
  20. 7. No Cross-Teaming - This only counts between SCPs and Humans, we do not permit this behavior, it's not fair.
  21. 8. Don't stall - Needlessly extending the round pisses people off and will result in you getting kicked.
  22. 9. No Discrimination - Hate against any age, gender, nationality, race and such will result in severe punishment.
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