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Oct 3rd, 2020
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  1. REQ - index
  2. 1 domain name needs to be indexed immediately. How can I do this for free?
  3. ++++++++++++++
  4. list of top cheapest host http://FreeList.top
  6. Top 200 best traffic exchange sites http://FreeList.top
  8. free link exchange sites list http://FreeList.top
  9. list of top ptc sites
  10. list of top ptp sites
  11. FreeList.top
  12. FreeList.top
  13. +++++++++++++++
  14. You can mash several pictures together with collage and you can customize it how you want which is not possible in most of the photo editing tools.
  15. 13. Recite
  17. You can create beautiful visual quotes with Recite. It offers over 42 different pre-made templates where you can create images with the desired text on it. You can’t customize text, font, style and placement. If you can get the right template for your quote, your image will look nice.
  19. Features:
  21. You can easily turn quotes into images.
  22. If you’re running a meme or quotes related website, this tool is just for you.
  23. There’s a ton of quote templates (predefined) that you can use to turn your text into images.
  24. 14. Pikiz
  26. With Pikiz, it is so easy to create and share viral images from anywhere.It allows you to add text to any images and transform any text into images from any website.
  28. Features:REQ - index
  30. You can create engaging images with free online image editor.
  31. It lets you to monitor the performance of images you have created. You will also get the report and metrics about it.
  32. You can add your own logo to images and build brand authority.
  33. You can optimize your images for better search engine ranking and add a personalized call to action button to convert everyone who view your image.
  34. It allows you to edit and add templates, collaborate on images creation and share your account.
  35. 15. Picozu
  37. It’s a photo retouching application and an online drawing tool based on HTML and CSS3. it provides an easy way to edit your photos and draw using various brushes, layers, filters.
  39. Features:
  41. It has many editing tools such as color fill, selections, cropping, magic eraser and freehand selection.
  42. You can edit as many images you want without subscribing.
  43. It has image retouching functions.
  44. You can import Adobe photoshop PSD files and edit them.
  45. You can work on multiple images in the workspace and has dynamic color swatches.
  46. You can integrate all your social media accounts to share your created images instantly.
  47. Top 10 places to find free stock images
  49. Alright, so far we’ve discussed some of the best photo editing tools for bloggers. Now where to find free stock images for your blog posts or websites? Thankfully there are so many websites that offers beautiful stock photographs. But most of them are not available for free.
  51. Where to get stock free images?
  53. Here are few incredible places where you can get free stock images:
  55. Stocksnap.io : It has wide variety of beautiful free stock images and with high resolution. It has a search feature that makes it easy for you to browse through the vast collection of images. No attribution required, all the photos are released under creative commons public domain.
  56. Burst by shopify: This is from Shopify that provides free stock photos for entrepreneurs. Burst main aim is to help entrepreneurs to create better products, websites and marketing campaigns. You will find all original photos which are themed under various business niches
  57. Gratisography: .It offers very high resolution images that you can use for both personal as well as commercial purposes. Every week, they add awesome images and they are free of copyright restrictions.
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