Jul 1st, 2017
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  2. USERNAME : @crybabyjoon
  6. FACE CLAIM : ysubini
  7. BACKUP FACE CLAIM : seul_p
  10. FULL NAME : Ahn Dae Hee
  12. — annie ; family & close friends, it's something that the younger children came up with and stuck to her, only close friends know of it
  13. — hee hee ; close friends, because she's such a bright person, and smiles often, she got the nickname
  14. — the pushover ; acquaintances, because of her kindness, daehee tends to be called the pushover by those that know her. not emotionally, just as another person.
  15. — lucky charm ; close friends, daehee somehow always brings the best to and for people, taking the nickname 'lucky charm' for many of her friends
  16. — daisy ; family, close friends, daehee was once friends with a forgeiner who called her 'daisy' instead of 'daehee'. earning her the teasing nickname
  18. AGE : 27
  19. BIRTHDATE : February 14, 1990
  21. BIRTHPLACE : Seoul, South Korea
  23. NATIONALITY : korean
  24. ETHNICITY : asian
  26. HEIGHT : 160 cm
  27. WEIGHT : 50 kg
  30. PHOTOS :
  31. ysubini —
  32. —
  33. —
  34. —
  35. —
  36. —
  37. seul_p —
  38. —
  39. —
  40. —
  41. —
  42. (hopefully I linked it correctly?? I prolly didn't but it's the thought that counts sometimes)
  46. DURING HIGH SCHOOL ; daehee was someone that everyone could go to when they needed help or some cheering up, she was that bright person that you just HAD to see because she cleared up your day or made you feel sure about having a good one. she was someone that held everyone's worries, spoke to them about it and helped many emotionally. she was ALWAYS there for everyone, no matter who they were. her close friend or an underclassmen that heard about her great personality and how she gives strength to people with just a pep talk. daehee wasn't a girl that held grudges, she didn't talk badly about anyone, wasn't annoying and gossiping like other girls would. she was just, there. she'd catch attention, on a daily actually, because of how great of a person is. but, did anyone try to even help her out or ask if she was okay? answer is, no. pushing all the POSITIVE things about daehee, let's move to the negative. daehee didn't talk to anyone about her feelings, she was QUIET and MUTE when the topic jumped to her. she felt rather awkward about talking about herself, even to the closest of people. this type of side to her made people distant, of course they loved her being such a sweet and caring person but she always declined on being friendly like everyone else. she was bright and talkative yet glum and mute at the same time. though she was HAPPY with the idea of helping people out, she was SCARED at the fact that they wanted to know about her. she didn't want to be close to so many people, she didn't want to be clustered with so many friends that she'll have less oxygen and space to breathe in. she was scared of socializing at a certain point and even scared of people, making her fall into short times of loneliness. where she didn't even let her family talk to her because she was so overwhelmed.
  47. AFTER HIGH SCHOOL ; daehee was still the same person, helpful and kind. she'd do anything to help someone else, as long as it wasn't life threatening or odd. she gave pep talks, she'd be a millionaire if giving them paid. everyone knew and loved her for the girl that helped wholeheartedly, yet didn't let bullshit go pass her. unlike in high school, she would call people on their actions and actually give them a scolding instead of a pep talk. daehee was still as bright as ever, but becoming an adult does tire everyone else, so she'll have her small tired moments and just 'eh' everything her way. always smiling and making sure to make those glum and sad happy again. though she is a bit more social, has a bigger friendship circle and way more contacts on her phone, daehee ignored everyone's cries to have a night out with them. she still doesn't like being as social as a woman her age should be, publicly and physically not on the internet, and would rather sleep her day off than hang with a couple of gals. daehee has her negative moments where she just CAN'T anymore with all the people she knows, she's still afraid of answering every message sent to her and having to reply back yet again– it seeming like a never ending cycle. she CAN'T anymore with all the people that call her, expecting her to pick up yet she instantly drops her phone, waiting for the buzzing to end as she prays for them to never call again. she CAN'T with all the people that expect her to be different, that expect her to be so suddenly open and free. daehee's still socially scared, but can take an offer on eating out with a couple of friends everyone no and then.
  49. BACKGROUND : daehee was born in a caring, loving family. they knew how she was, very bright and happy yet socially scared and intimidated of crowding places, they never dared to push her into what she didn't want to be into– they took her in the way she is. she wanted to change that a little bit though, becoming a cheerleader for her school, it did make her a little but more comfortable with the public and talking to others more, but she always went back to being fearful. daehee was somebody that could INSTANTLY brighten someone's day, just by saying something sweet like "haircut? you look really pretty, it's styled perfectly", ending with a beautiful and breathtaking smile. but, daehee was also somebody that when asked about herself, she would run away or make up reasons to not answer, "awh, thanks daehee, you're so sweet. oh, new shoes? they're so pretty, when and where'd you buy them– daehee?" "gotta go, I have cheerleading practice today, bye! look for me if anything is needed". in high school, she was cared for because of her caring personality, she'd never hurt anyone as everyone could clearly see, she was somewhat popular because a beautiful girl on the field as a cheerleader? how could you mis her? but she wasn't those snobby, popular, rude type that would give you a disgusted glare for no reason. she was a genuine angel, yet, daehee did have certain people that would focus on her every move and tease her a little. "hey, princess, wanna give me a pep talk on how to cheat on a test?" she wanted to be helpful towards everyone, "huh? cheating? that's, it's wrong. you shouldn't–" "are you gonna help me or not?" after a small, hesitant, scared nod, the jokesters laughed their asses off. "man! we're just playing with you, what a PUSHOVER!" she wasn't bullied, but she felt like it, she didn't like having her kindness being taken for granted but what could she do? she was too scared to speak up for herself and she was too scared to even look directly in the eyes of many people– even those that were completely harmless. she'd lock herself out from people yet give them a warning smile every morning, she was very close yet so distant, it made people feel as if maybe she wasn't who she was? but it was all dropped because she never talks about herself. in conclusion, daehee was loved and adored from many yet they questioned and questioned yet never got anything out of her, making everyone distant just like she was with at a certain time.
  51. FAMILY :
  52. — ahn hyo sonn / they have that type of father and daughter relationship you see on family tv shows, perfect / market owner / 100%
  53. — ahn hee young / they both have difficulties in speaking emotionally, since they're both socially unstable / maid / 78%
  54. — ahn dae hyo / speak about anything and everything, they're unbelievably yet cutely close / university student / 100%
  56. OCCUPATION : child psychologist
  59. — kids ; she thinks they're the most innocent and cutest things on earth
  60. — movie theaters ; they're quiet places yet entertaining at the same time
  61. — calming sceneries ; believes that nothing's better than a beautiful AND calming scenery
  62. — being helpful / useful ; enjoys being busy because it gives her a sense of being something
  64. DISLIKES :
  65. — being called a pushover ; she simply wants to be the friendliest with everyone yet once she's called this, regret is instantly used
  66. — ignorance ; especially when it's purposefully, if she's honest, she expects honesty back
  67. — when being pestered continuously about herself ; can't people understand if she doesn't want to speak about herself? take a hint
  68. — how socially scared she is ; all she wants is to actually be HAPPY, genuinely, but her fears don't allow her to
  70. TRIVIA :
  71. — she decided on becoming a child psychologist because she strongly believes that children are easier to speak with, deal with and figure them out, unlike adults / teens.
  72. — also, she has a very huge soft spot for children, they're the cutest???
  73. — watches cartoons every morning while getting ready for work and did that all throughout school as well
  74. — though socially awkward, she really likes going to gatherings having to do with her close friends and supporting them
  75. — lives on netflix (since she doesn't really go out as much)
  76. — was a cheerleader in all her years in high school
  77. — joined the the cheerleading squad not only because she wanted to be more social irl, but because she found joy in practicing
  78. — is a dancer, though she hasn't preformed in front of many other than her family and extremely close people, it's a sercret towards many and would surely surprised them because she seems someone that doesn't do much
  79. — likes keeping snacks or treats for the kids that visit her and do good, have a good personality that day, or have improved
  80. — really likes makeup and fashion, one of her hobbies is buying either of the two
  81. — has to have her morning bowl of lucky charms or else she won't feel complete
  82. — is actually a really, genuine, bright person. just her social problems get in the way at times
  83. — likes pet names like 'baby' 'babe' 'honey'
  84. — other than children, she really likes dogs and cats but has never taken care of one on her own
  85. — though a dancer, she can always get tired easily after / during dancing a cover to whichever dance
  86. — has only ever used apply product devices her whole life, making her confused to other product devices
  87. — eats lots of ramen, doesn't remember the last time she had a proper meal by herself
  88. — forgetful at times
  89. — accidentally misplaces a lot of things
  90. — still has a really bright, heartwarming personality even at her current age
  91. — really like hazelnut flavored iced coffee
  92. — though she's quiet herself at times, she isn't really fond of others being quiet because she instantly start worrying about them
  93. — thinks the number 4 is her lucky number
  94. — wanted to become a webtoon artist
  98. ▬ both being with bright personalities and dazzling smiles, their friends tried pushing them into a relationship that neither– more like daehee –weren't comepletely fine with. so they decided to just make their friends stop pestering them about the idea of them getting together, or at least having a date. that is, till hoseok heard rumors and slightly fell for the girl, thinking she was amazing, he lied about needing advice on something. it was something obviously ridiculous, yet daehee talked with him, how could she keep such a straight face about trying to get hoseok's game console back from his father? sooner or later, after hoseok swiftly becoming friends with daehee, they fell into a relationship.
  99. ▬ they were known as the couple you despised, they were perfect as individuals, imagine together? many people were envious at how one ended with the other yet they received such good supporters as well. hoseok and daehee were unbelievably cute, having the relationship of as if they were childhood best friends and though they were dating, they were friends overall. many did have their fair share of seeing them couple-like, but they were almost always shyly pushing at each other, as if they were friends that liked each other secretly.
  100. ▬ they dated for half of their four years in high school (over here where I live it's 4 years, not sure how it's gonna b set up in your af tho), for two years they kept a strong bond as boyfriend and girlfriend.
  101. ▬ "daehee, we need to speak" was hoseok's text message, of course that message would alert anyone, but daehee knowing how hoseok is, she thought it was all a joke or a surprise he was planning for her. though, as she arrived at the park they agreed to meet at with refreshments and a wide smile, she regretted even agreeing to meet. hoseok looked serious, holding a face that daehee never saw towards herself. as she awkwardly placed herself beside him on the bench, she pushed the refreshments towards him on the wide space she left. for some reason, she could feel it already? the feeling of sadness and a sob already bursting in the back of her throat. "I, I think maybe we should end this? our relationship, i mean. it's not you, you're perfect like always. it's just, maybe we're better off as friends? we don't even seem as if we're dating..." and she was right, the feeling of sadness instantly took over her, she instantly remembered why she didn't like the idea of being social. though she wanted to cry out, she only smiled and spoke as sweetly like always. "it's alright, hoseok. I understand how you feel, i am always being asked if we've ended it or not, now I can say we have... well! see you at school tomorrow, kay? drink the refreshments, your favorites!"
  102. ▬ hoseok was torn, though he was about to tell the girl he knew was right for him that he doesn't think they should be together anymore, he still wanted to somehow be with her. stuck by her side and just, take care of her. though, when she gave him her breathtaking smile, rubbed his shoulder in the friendliest way, he couldn't help but think if maybe he shouldn't have done what was already done. was it just something easy for her to take or did she go through many breakups? he asked himself once she was gone, he didn't know if he ruined it all or if he just simply made the write choice, all he wanted was to know she was okay. daehee was the saddest she's ever been, he knew everything about her yet he ended it so easily? he didn't even apologize completely or looked her in the eye when doing so, he just...ended it? she didn't dare to hold her tears as she walked home though, she smiled her best as she walked backwards from where she came from, giving hoseok the biggest smile and the most enthusiastic wave. but once she made it far enough to where he couldn't hear or see her, she started shaking, hot tears rolling down her face. she was confused, not sure of what to do next. tell her closest friends that it ended or let people figure it out themselves? that wasn't her worries at the moment though, he worry was to get home as quickly as she could for she could cry to her heart out into her pillow.
  103. ▬ hoseok knew what he wanted, he knew he didn't want to be entitled as "daehee's cute boyfriend" anymore, but he still wanted to be there for the girl. a friend, someone she could look for when she was feeling like obvious shit– he understood her and he knew how she was deep inside, reason why he NEEDED to stay with her. he simply did everything they did when they were dating, he walked her to her classes, sat with her at lunch, talked to her friends about everything, and bumped his shoulder with her when they were walking side by side. but, once he saw how she seemed somewhat annoyed with him around, seeming as if he was pestering her, he noticed that she seemed more sad with him around, so he decided that maybe just stay out of her sight was what's best. so that's what he did, he hung with his friends from morning classes to the bell rang singling to go home, he stayed away and he didn't even dare to speak about her– he even stopped any connection with her. daehee tried her best to ignore him, for if she didn't, the feeling that grew in her heart would continue and continue. though she didn't say anything out of the ordinary, or about her position, to hoseok when he acted the same the day after they broke it off– she unintentionally always held a saddened face with him around. she herself didn't know that she suddenly became sad when he would be around, all daehee knew is that she tried her BEST to smile and be the happy and go lucky daehee. though she promised she'd see hoseok as just a friend, wouldn't hold any more romantic feelings for him, she felt incredibly sad once he started to actually stay AWAY from her. she expected it to happen some day, but she wished it never did.
  105. REUNION :
  106. ▬ both daehee and hoseok simply went to the reunion because they wanted to see what their classmates were currently up to with their lives, wanted to talk with the people that they somehow lost connection with, and low key wanted to feel young again as they giggled along or exageratedly react to certain things with their friends about the easiest of things.
  107. ▬ though daehee felt the same twinge at her heart she got when she saw hoseok as she walked through the hallways during high school, she didn't feel all the sadness. it was more of a twinge at her heart because, truthfully speaking, because she missed him. she didn't fake a smile, it was a genuine one and she waved the same she did before with such enthusiasm, yet mature at the same time. for once, daehee felt as if she was someone with a normal social status. she spoke freely and was friendly like it was nothing. she didn't feel even a slight bit of negativity or fear, though, every time she laid eyes on the boy she had fallen deeply for before, her heart throbbed. hoseok, on the other hand, was hesitant about even looking daehee's way. he wasn't sure if doing so would trigger feelings, not only hers but his as well. he won't deny it, he had some feelings deep within him, but he wasn't sure if those feelings should be said out loud or said so easily. though under all the hesitation and nervousness, once he finally got closer and decided to give her a warm greeting, he was extremely happy when she gave him a smile that he knew for sure was genuine. the fact that he knew that daehee's smile was genuine made his heart want to burst out his chest, he knew her that deeply yet he let that bond go because of some silly thought he had when younger. though he had a pleasing and innocent smile the whole time, his thoughts were filled with how he should talk to her, if he should place his hand on her shoulder or elbow softly or not at all. he thought if maybe telling her his feelings and asking about hers would be the right thing to do, but he didn't want to ruin the widest and most beautiful smile he had seen on her.
  109. STATUS :
  110. ▬ BEGINNING — when they met at the reunion, hoseok made sure to ask for her phone number and almost any type of social media she had, anything for they could keep in touch. their relationship as two people started all over again, it was a simple friendship between two people that were trying to get to know each other– just all over again. they decided to somewhat ignore the fact that they were a THING before, that they dated for two years and held a bond so strong that it seemed as if it would never break. it wasn't ignored, just not brought up, so it made things easier on both sides. it was just innocent chat and though they weren't as close or friendly like before in high school, they got along amazingly great.
  111. MIDDLE — they were closer than when they met again at the reunion and when they were messaging about their days to one another. they actually met up from time to time, hung out like friends and would always introduce each other as their 'close friend' to friends or people that would guess they had a romantic relationship. of course, the awkwardness about knowing they were boyfriend and girlfriend before was still there, but during this time they would talk about it as if it was something easy. they would always comment on what they did on dates or how they treated each other, the smallest of things made them relive their younger days. they weren't completely serious about talking about what happened or why, though they did have their little serious times where they spoke about what happened or how they felt after things were broken off. they've gotten closer, grown into each other, though that feeling of emptiness will always be between them because they were past lovers.
  112. END — they were always asked if they would ever get back together, or if they were thinking of each other differently now– romantically speaking. neither of them had the guts to be public or completely honest with the idea of actually getting back or if they saw the other differently. they did talk about it themselves though, they'd be at one of their houses, just sitting around anywhere as a movie or television series played on the tv and would suddenly start talking about how it felt like a date. there were feelings there, feelings that neither had the guts to speak about it loudly enough for the other to hear clearly, yet they both knew that the feeling was there. it was obvious, they weren't distant or awkward anymore. heck, during this time, it was probably the time where they were the closest. maybe it being the fact that they were older and matured, or maybe they both grew confident enough.
  113. ▬ honestly? im not sure if they'll end up getting back together aHa. of course I love happy endings and whatnot but damn, the sound of realistic shit happening sounds even better? like, if they do end up back together, I want that shit difficult and the process long. not some "oh yes I still love u" kinda stuff bc,, not realistic??? omg not telling u wut to do tho, just placing what I thought :) tbh, I'll be happy if they do, bc wow what a couple, but if they don't I also will be (maybe less but still happy right??) bc i DROP MY SHIT FOR REALICT STUFF. aka angst :)
  115. SHIT DOWN.
  116. SCENES :
  117. — in which they actually have a serious genuine talk about how they're feeling, doesn't have to be romantic feelings or such just something simple like how stressed or tired they are.
  118. — at the reunion, either one being slightly clingy bc wow they miss the other person badly, but like low key badly
  119. — whoop whoop jealousy because one of them was talking to a smokin hot person and the other got offended and threatened bc wow look at the hottie talking to another hottie (ok but did that make sense??)
  120. — daehee awkwardly asks hoseok to go out, high key making it sound like just a friend thing yet low key signaling something else, because her family desperately wants to see the boy again but in a not awkward way
  122. MESSAGE : yEHET we've never ever talked before but let's change that aye!! ok but I'm gonna b stupid and ask, is your name rlly zyrin bc damn that name hella lit. and even if it ain't, just a nickname u know, it's still hella lit. btw,, I love the concept and them of this book!! it's so amazing, filled with angst, it made my heart tremble when I first jumped into it bc wow rachel never messes with sadness :). it's such a good book and I'm always threatened bc my af author skills aren't as gr8 as yours,, but I shall learn from the best. I hope my form is at least a lil good and I hope you have great success in this book!! hope this ain't weird but, ily <3!!
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