PEEP Lyrics

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  1. none
  5. ♕ (prod. Drixale)
  6. Animatia Erroria, the Princess of Errors’
  7. Her life is a secret you been blessed to share in
  8. Now /mlp/ don’t impress their parents
  9. But some strange events need intense repairing
  10. Like in 2013 on the first of March
  11. While the world starts to rumble and the herd departs
  12. An anon had finally recognized her - it smarts
  13. That they don’t know Lesson Zero yet, merge their arts
  14. For PE 101 - S2E3,
  15. The Magic Kindergarten, look next to the seat
  16. With Twilight in it, [wait a minute, that kid has wings]
  17. Another alicorn with all the fan shit that brings
  18. And pretty soon lil Erroria was noticed abound
  19. Any spot, thought, gag - she was known to be found
  20. Like Apple Bloom when she was leaving all the foals going wow
  21. Or Cheese Sandwich when he’s sliding that accordion out
  22. So the mystery was never quite solved but they knew to guess
  23. The little filly fame hard-won through the gets
  24. Little 4chan humor, little Woonaquest
  25. And maybe get a little art if people do requests
  27. They couldn’t say her name for their life, it’s a shame
  28. It’s Alula with the Ruby Pinch, Liza for days
  29. They didn’t know her name for an age, but it’s fine
  30. She can reign on the site, made a place in the times
  31. They couldn’t say her name for their life, it’s a shame
  32. It’s Alula with the Ruby Pinch, Liza for days
  33. They didn’t know her name for an age, but it’s fine
  34. She can reign on the site, Tracy Cage on her side
  36. Not on the moon but the filly flew far though
  37. Little blue marble is still a true marvel
  38. Made herself a house, turn computers into bricks
  39. Godhead guaranteed long as usefulness exists
  40. Oh, no , evil lords of war got out
  41. She’s probably worried more to get this book report locked down
  42. Anons leave worship more to the warlock crowd
  43. But when they comb through, the filly’s 404 Not Found
  44. And then they’re crying out, fuck, not glory enough to sate em
  45. Erroria remains with her origin much debated
  46. And by now the way to win in the war of interpretation is
  47. To put your own Princess Erroria in their playlists
  48. Yellow coat, light mane, starry in eyes
  49. Forever deep in intrigue an apartment provides
  50. Peep imaginary friends and you’re hardly surprised
  51. She’s often in her own world, you’re just part of it, guy
  53. They couldn’t say her name for their life, it’s a shame
  54. It’s Alula with the Ruby Pinch, Liza for days
  55. They didn’t know her name for an age, but it’s fine
  56. She can reign on the site, made a place in the times
  57. They couldn’t say her name for their life, it’s a shame
  58. It’s Alula with the Ruby Pinch, Liza for days
  59. They didn’t know her name for an age, but it’s fine
  60. She can reign on the site, Tracy Cage on her side
  65. 🔍 (prod. Prefuse)
  66. Team Three recorded the anomaly’s apartment
  67. Alula Stars long been the target of marksmen
  68. But civvies fail to notice any margins of darkness
  69. Miss Apple Stars been a guard then regardless
  70. To guard in her heart any part we could bargain
  71. Wall-to-wall Rainbow Dash memorabilia
  72. Filled shelf with strange old crafts then as a filly does
  73. Mostly of an unknown pink thing, I don’t get it
  74. No better hope than to scope her and -
  75. (Wait, I can’t read anything I just wrote.
  76. Holy shit is that Banana Sundae?)
  80. 😊 (prod. Technickel Ted)
  81. So, she’s not a pony but a demigod
  82. Least to people in the know, isn’t many-odd
  83. Folks, but the many odd folks have gotten grand on the grind
  84. From demanding the lines of her tangents align.
  85. Being seen out in public in her form has a price
  86. She can play earth pony, has a horn if she likes
  87. No lore yet derived for to bus her to kingship
  88. Just mass guesses that one word extinguish-es
  89. Not thinking that this is art or a battle plan
  90. We’d see her chilling on a cart with the apple fam
  91. Trace a tree, kids bettin on a pony race
  92. Sisterhooves with Cloud Kicker each year, won’t be ace
  93. Like she could win it if she wanted it, capiche
  94. But she doesn’t have the nerve for all the bawling in the streets
  95. As in crying -- the crawling indiscreet leet nature of
  96. Her dream scene capers for the office of a queen -- we’ll
  97. Bequeath scenes later - now she’s got a bigger fish
  98. Went around the world checking flowers for a little bit
  99. Then she shook her head, too suspicious and a little stiff
  100. Isn’t like a giant bouquet makes for a simple gift.
  102. So just the letter, then - but where’s the mailmare?
  103. Given the recipient, delivery’s a fail there.
  104. She gotta jump to Chaosville for her grail, mare
  105. Flailing in despair, prayers maybe got prepared
  106. They relocate, Animatia is off with the card
  107. But quadruple check the syntax is proper to parse
  108. And the checkmarks are both clearly labeled with the right terms
  109. She tried rewriting it once but couldn’t find words
  110. Picture talking to Diamond, “So maybe, like, dur
  111. You could be my special yeah whatever, it’s alright.” Yearn.
  112. Won’t be avoiding that as time turns
  113. She not tardy, just high-fliers glide first
  114. And now this one is partly cresting
  115. This filly is what happened to the R.D.F.C.
  116. And hella making snowmen in Christmas stories
  117. With so much to break, nothing’s listless, boring
  118. Laughing at the puppet shows, eating all the ice cream
  119. Laughing at the puppet shows of people and their life-dreams
  120. Laughing at the puppet shows, scheming from inside memes
  121. Laughing, what you know about a filly who defy queens
  125. none
  129. Most historians will note that it’s important that we know
  130. That all the notes are fucked, real truth can only be supposed
  131. Up in Cloudsdale, Young Filly Flier Competition
  132. With the rainbow hair, there’s one really wired on her vision
  133. To become the best, incidentally there’s also a giant magical
  134. Battle with a mad sorceress who loves revenge
  135. So while they’re cheering for the rainbow one to come ahead
  136. The gods fight to see the universe turn to dust instead
  137. A young Alula learns the power of the hands of fate
  138. It’s instantiated up in the stands she’s aided
  139. By being hit by a loose burst of eerie spellfire
  140. She’s falling off a cloud, bones weary, she felt tired
  142. So let’s review: something really wrong with the last act
  143. Now Alula’s down tumbling and falling and that's bad
  144. She’s not a good flier, wouldn’t be bad if she had Dash
  145. But getting saved by her’s a Rarity half-passed
  146. Ground’s up on the way, really wish for a take two
  147. But overhead there comes a bright light and a Rainboom
  148. She looks at it, shit it’s quite nice - in the same move
  149. There’s a glowing on her flank, time flies when you make do
  151. Then suddenly she slams and it’s not on the ground
  152. She’s up examining the stars hella hopping around
  153. And it’s the astral plane, filly has a fun new intro
  154. To another world, full of as yet unused windows
  155. For another girl, filly gotta hunt through mist she going
  156. What the heck, Dithy gotta RUN through Cliffnotes
  157. The cutie mark an error sign, magic mixed her story for
  158. Anothe, forced ascension to Erroria.
  162. 📖 (prod. Prefuse73)
  163. Erroria not known to quake when the trouble comes
  164. But four Princesses came for the Summer Sun
  165. I f any knew that she was strange they could fuck it up
  166. Playing it cool, but on the stage there is something - what?
  167. Another alicorn they can’t see, he
  168. Notice her, shout his name’s Leon, speak Fancy
  169. But also just a foal, starts to respond - she can’t see
  170. A magic force grabs him and moves for her, Plan B
  172. Magic moved fast so she aimed to withdraw
  173. It follows her, now she has to stay away from her mom
  174. She figures out it prolly takes a god to prey on a god
  175. Twilight takes the throne tomorrow, she is greatly involved
  176. A backdoor into the dream realm, cut the pursuit
  177. Erroria shuts it behind her, make a jump to the moon
  178. She gets about five minutes there to slump and recoup
  179. Before the Nightmare spirits come to fuck with her too
  180. Something’s up, what to do, an interruption
  181. Another alicorn can turn spirits to mush then
  182. She says her name is Skyla, her eyes look so tired
  183. And they fly through  the horizon of night for the spires
  184. A second Crystal Empire, hidden from view
  185. And Skyla hints that alicorn kind’s getting reduced
  186. There’s something happening, wonder if they’re found out
  187. Always gotta keep out of the public or they’d bow down
  189. They said hey we need a council, they got a point
  190. So if you got wings and a horn then you gotta join
  191. Hidden chamber of disputes and a lotta noise
  192. She was attacked, she got info she oughta voice
  193. She does - also hears some intense kinda rumors
  194. They lost Skyla’s sister, Princess of the Future,
  195. Don’t remember her name, seems less of them knew her
  196. Or someone’s interfering inside heads for the humor
  198. But none of them believe her that Twilight’s a culprit
  199. Her magic would leave a huge aura, there’s none, kid
  200. Plus Twi’s a project the Council’s not done with
  201. So if Erroria breaks the masquerade, they’ll come in
  202. Animatia’s face is in a dumb grin
  203. Wants to be a Princess, that’s the way for some kids
  204. But if stuffy ponies’ll threaten her then she must win
  205. Try to capture her, they make mistakes, she jumps quick
  207. Dawn of the Final Day, she’s heading for Twilight
  208. Who’s with the other Princesses prepping for limelight
  209. Erroria’s hesitant, form can presently hide light
  210. But stepping inside cus she has questions and time’s right
  211. Two Sisters shocked, Twi scared then the twist comes
  212. Cadance is there, her horn flares, they get picked up
  213. Erroria was right about the threat, but not which one
  214. Cadance is a glitch like the rest, she just picked Love
  215. Edited some memories as if she always knew Twi
  216. Ponies still subconsciously shuddering when she move by
  217. Wants to make a dynasty, she’s getting to an early start
  218. And overcame the Princess of the Future, call her Flurry Heart
  220. No monologue, time that all their minds were erased
  221. And Twi’s violent, bout to cry about the size of mistakes
  222. And that’s the why for the change, the youngest flies in her face
  223. And breaks the magic off, Princesses rise to occa-sion
  226. ‽ (prod. Greg Hoffman)
  227. So really it’s her universe
  228. And we just live inside of it
  229. Fuck it, though, where the fuck does that get us?
  230. Gonna guess she’s a god
  231. And it’s nice to have a kid who never
  232. Grows into depression and the black leather
  233. But her origin is moot, really
  234. Even Moot nearly gave her the boot for being too silly
  235. Talk about her profoundly as you might dare -
  236. Still be laughing in the crowd in your nightmares
  238. Yeah, a little Anthony Fremont
  239. At least she doesn’t care how you’re handling each thought
  240. In fact from her we can derive several
  241. Principles of life that are   handy when redrawn:
  242. Sadness can help if they laugh at it
  243. The secret of art’s you can half ass it
  244. Violent mistakes awesomesauce
  245. Better pocked with flaws than ever Posh and Lost
  246. Quite hot to trot, she’s her own free agent
  247. And in our human future I’m hoping maybe
  248. When we contrive new conflict it’ll have a fun element
  249. And be more inconvenient than anything - like, fun errors.
  251. And when she’s laughing at them fearing stuff
  252. Maybe that’s a sign that they oughta be cheerin up
  253. And from the divine they think people’d clearly love
  254. A life led in living in the world that merely was
  255. But one lesson wroth the most
  256. Lofty power don’t correspond to lofty goals
  257. And problem foals often turn to terrors
  258. To linger on that longer is an error.
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